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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Godfather's Pizza

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I just wanted to relay that I had a really good experience with Godfather's Pizza. I found it using a registry in my area, and then visited the website beforehand. Their management has all attended Celiac Awareness training, and all of their gluten free pizzas as prepared at a dedicated facility and shipped to the store.

They were very nice about it, and assured us they take special precautions. We were able to see from our table and they cooked it in a special container, and used special utensils and sterile technique when cooking it.

It was very good,and just tasted like a normal pizza. My husband is a expert pizza eater, and he even enjoyed it. They come in 6 options, and we tried the meat combo, which was amazing. My only complaint is that they are small, like a personal pan size, and they have just the one size. So it is slightly expensive for the size we got, but it was worth it.

Highly recommended, and makes me happy that I can still have pizza on occasion.


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