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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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What To Do Now?

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I guess I am just mostly venting because I'm frustrated that I can't figure out what is wrong with me. Last fall I was having gastro issues (bloating, D, cramping) and also some skin issues - severly itchy bumps that would come and go. I went gluten-free (I realize now that was dumb before seeing a doctor) and the GI issues resolved almost completely except I was still having loose/soft stools and occasional undigested food. I went to a GI doc because of these issues (at this point it had been going on for about 3 months and I also still had random itchy bumps) just to be sure there was nothing else wrong and she couldn't find anything. Obviously she didn't do any celiac tests because I was still gluten-free at that point. She did say I had a slightly elevated folate level which could indicate bacterial overgrowth and also I was slightly deficient in vitamin D. Ironically by the time I had my GI appointment (literally that day), I had a "normal" stool and did for the couple days after. I had also cut out dairy for the past month or so.

So, I decided to start eating gluten again because I really didn't have any reason not to. Yes I felt better without it but I also thought maybe it was just a virus or bacterial infection or something that took a long time to get rid of. I am not so concerned with a definite diagnosis if it is celiac but I am more concerned with some diagnosis if it is NOT celiac if that makes sense, so I am back on gluten just to try to rule it out as a cause. I am still off dairy because I don't want to add both back in at this point, although I have had a little greek yogurt and small amounts of hard cheddar.

So here's what has happened over the past 10 days eating gluten. I have no pain really, but some bloating. I don't know what is "normal" for someone's stomach to bloat after they eat but in the morning my waistline is about 27 inches and then after breakfast it is about 29 1/2 - 30 inches. I have been eating Cream of Wheat for breakfast but this morning I had just a piece of whole wheat toast and a smoothie and my tummy was 30 inches.

I still have "loose" stools and I only go in the mornings. Usually the first one is just loose and unformed and then I may go again once or twice and those are considerably looser, and usually very thin.

I still have the itchy bumps but they are coming in different forms now. I still have the tiny blistery types ones occasionally but I am now getting bigger more bug bite-looking ones. I have two on each arm now and had one on each side of my abdomen earlier this week. They do not look like typical DH but I have no idea what they are. They have sort of like a little indentation in the middle and after they itch/burn they are also sore.

So I guess I am just confused and a little worried because obviously something is not right. It doesn't appear to be celiac but also there doesn't seem to be anything else wrong that shows up on any tests. I am temtped to go back to being gluten-free but even then I had the loose stools and tiny bumps. Maybe I didn't wait long enough? But if it is gluten wouldn't I be having more severe reactions now?

I know this is all rambling but it helps to just get out my frustrations!


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I would consider seeing a dermatologist at this point, your rash does sound like DH. I would ask a Dermatologist to biopsy it...I would tell them you had GI issues for months/years, and that they were unable to determine a cause, and that you went gluten free...and now that are adding it back in your rash is changing/worsening. Ask them to biopsy it (they should biopsy it along a active lession). I would also ask the dermatologist to do the blood test for celiac, a FULL panel.


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I would consider seeing a dermatologist at this point, your rash does sound like DH. I would ask a Dermatologist to biopsy it...I would tell them you had GI issues for months/years, and that they were unable to determine a cause, and that you went gluten free...and now that are adding it back in your rash is changing/worsening. Ask them to biopsy it (they should biopsy it along a active lession). I would also ask the dermatologist to do the blood test for celiac, a FULL panel.

Thanks for your advice! And thank you for reading my long post! :)

I think I will try to make an appointment with a dermatologist.


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    • Very interesting. However, my positive on the DGP test is on the combined assay. When separated into IGA and IGG they are within normal range. Twice the IGA was a point or two above normal range, which can be easily disregarded per University of Chicago.  Much of the research done on NCGS is showing activation of cells which are different then in celiac. Placing it still in a gluten related illness spectrum, but an entirely different kind of mode of transport, if you will, then celiac disease. Odd, because I am pretty sure I read that 1st degree relatives of celiacs have a higher prevalence of NCGS suggesting it is, in part, that they are related. But I cannot recall where I read that.  I think my specialist doc is following the right track given that all of this began at the tail end of a 6 week challenge in 2015/16 and I have an increase in IELs.  which, as I've stated before, is a very non-specific finding however. Symptoms continued On a gluten free diet for me months after.  however I was only on it for that 3 months after they found some inflammation. So maybe I didn't give it long enough.  Or like I said, maybe it's something else. We shall see! 
    • Thank you for your replies, everyone! It was very helpful. I don't think I am comfortable with passing the whole gluten introduction diet again and getting that rash. Or, even getting the rash on my face flared up again. It actually might be a good thing I got 'glutened' at that bd party so I could finally make connection with all the symptoms. As I thought back about my 'allergy' rashes I start wondering if it could be related to gluten all those years but no one even suspected. For example, at some point I started getting itchy rash around my knees, spreading down to ankles (front of the legs) in summer. The dermatologist and GP said it is 'sun allergy'. The usual allergic treatments helped for the itch and the patchy scales slowly healed but it flared up on the same place during the summer multiple times. The strange thing is that it never flared up when I went hiking, or walking in the sun in the city (I have extremely low vit D levels and I need to supplement, so it was no-no to stay completely covered no matter the rash...I needed my natural vit D). The rash only appeared after beach visits. At some point I started washing and drying my skin with a towel every time I went out from the sea, the rash still appeared but I was able to control it so it showed up on day 4-5 when vacation was almost over. Then, last summer after I was completely gluten and dairy free for approximately 9-10 months, and I was annoyed of washing my skin each and every time and getting those weird looks on the beach, I stopped doing it. I was prepared with medicine and creams for that rash but guess what - my 'sun allergy' was mysteriously gone. Not a single blister, not a patch of itchy skin, nothing. Another 'allergy' case of mine is that I found from my own bad experience I got very bad rash from red dyes (in food or cosmetics). If it is food it shows on my face, if it is cosmetics (soaps, perfumes)...whenever I applied it. I am now reading that people with dh should stay away from red dyes. Mere coincidence? I don't know, I am more and more suspicious I could have this DH thing going on for years, if that is DH. I am just annoyed that all the dermatologists I went to during all those years never made connection. No one even suspected. It was the usual path - cortisone creams, pills, etc. At some point cortisone creams were no longer working so they started prescribing some mixtures made in the pharmacy specifically for me with sulfur. That worked like a charm but I couldn't walk around all covered in white cream looking like a mummy (long sleeves in summer here where I live and summer = 35-38 C, is not fun). Then, I tried homeopathy....it worked like a charm but of course those rashes kept appearing and disappearing, I was only able to control the itchy skin so I don't scratch, scratch, scratch...looong, long journey! Sorry about my rant...and, one more time thank you everyone who found the time to reply and share your opinion! Much appreciated!
    • Found this old thread when researching for my daughter who might be having an endoscopy in September. I'm curious to know what the results were?
    • Actually "flour" is not a common ingredient in soy sauce.   Accusing a manufacturer of "lying" about ingredients is a serious charge.  If you actually have proof that this company is not listing ingredients, you should report it to the FDA.
    • Ok guys, I messed up. I ate a bag of marshmallows the same day... low and behold, with wheat starch. I did not expect that. Sneaky sneaky marshmallows with with wheat starch. fml
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