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Aurobindo Amoxicillin

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So on Tuesday I had a tooth extraction and proceeded afterward to the store to fill my prescriptions for an antibiotic and painkiller. All I could think about was how it was starting to hurt and how much I wanted to be at home with my lortab, it didn't dawn on me to check on the gluten free status of my antibiotic. (I already knew this pharmacy is safe for lortab.) So I get home and take my medication and don't really think about it again. Well that night I start getting super dizzy suddenly and just feel weird. I figured it was the lortab and went to bed. The next morning I felt much better, and since I was working didn't take any painkillers, just the amoxicillin. Again, within a few hours I was feeling weird again and by early afternoon the spouts of vertigo were so bad I didn't feel like I could drive. Suddenly it dawned on me around 4ish that it felt like the fog I'd spent years in. I quickly jumped online and couldn't verify that it was gluten free and couldn't call the company because the only phone number I could find was international. I quit taking it, got a new prescription I filled where I knew it was safe and have felt fine since. I've examined everything I've eaten since then and the only thing I can narrow this down to is the medication so I just thought I'd give a heads up on it. The manufacturer is Aurobindo and it's the 500 mg capsules. I'm certain this contains gluten as there is absolutely nothing else that I've eaten or taken that would coincide with when my symptoms started and cleared up.


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