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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Cara in Boston

Stop And Shop Shelf Labels - New And Nice

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Just got back from the grocery store (Stop & Shop) and today they had tags hanging under lots of regular products that said "Gluten Free" in big, clear letters. It was not in the health food aisle, where the gluten-free "special" food is, but in the regular aisles to help with things like mayonnaise, salad dressing, salsas, chips, cereal, etc. It was really nice. Not sure how they determined which products to flag, as some salsas I know are gluten-free did not have the sign, but it is a step forward.

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They do that at Fry's and Safeway too. Problem is they have so many signs saying different things that the gluten-free gets lost in the shuffle.

And then, I see it on stuff I'm really unsure about and I hesitate to use it.

And, it isn't on stuff I know is gluten-free.

But they did put it on plastic containers of spinach in the produce section. Go figure.

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I have a corporate retail background and we charged vendors for everything! (They pay out the wazoo to be in a flyer and even more for the front or back page) I have a feeling that the food manufacturer has to pay extra for those labels to go there. They are wanting to target the gluten free customer. It isn't on some items but it is on others leading me to believe that they pay extra for the "gluten free" label under their item. But yes...I like it.

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I've noticed it seems to be different at every store. At Harmon's, they have a 2 aisle section for "health food" which includes a freezer on one side of an aisle and has all sorts of stuff that's "natural" or "organic" and some that's gluten free. They also label things on the shelves throughout the store. At Smith's they don't have a separate section but do have one three foot section of every aisle for "specialty" items. This includes all the same things, natural and organic and gluten free.

I've noticed though that at both of these stores if I shop the separate section things cost significantly more. Instead of $2 for a bottle of LaChoy soy sauce I'll pay $8 for a bottle that's specially labeled gluten free. Instead of a bag of chips that's $3 I'll pay twice as much because the bag has a big gluten free stamp on the front of it. It's ridiculous! I much prefer reading labels (which I do anyway, even if it says it's gluten free) and buying stuff for half the cost or less by shopping the regular aisles of the store. I do though love the little labels on the shelves as they can point me to something I may not have otherwise considered or have been having trouble finding.

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Whole Foods does this as well and I believe it is only foods labeled "gluten-free" on the package. They also have a dedicated gluten-free section, which annoys me as some things are in 2 places and some are just in the gluten-free area (like gluten-free oats).

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    • I never heard of goat butter but I guess I could make it if I had raw goats milk. Which I don't at the moment. I'd have to see if anyone has goat's milk kefir, billions of probotics would be good though! I've heard of ghee but I'll have to look up how to make it. It's interesting that you are okay on those items in moderation even though you can't have cow's milk. I'll have a look around locally and see what there is. I think I did read that when you make cheese or butter (or ghee) it greatly lessons the lactose. If I do try it it will be only really small amounts. Anyways, that's what I wondered, that some people can't have cows milk but can have goats milk products. So that's really interesting to me.
    • I'm not sure if it's lactose. If I experiment and still feel awful from it it might be that. And I want to try making those nut cheeses sometime soon. I ordered some cooking stuff and mesh strainers to try and make almond milk so maybe I'll try making some cheese at the same time. Coconut cheese sounds intriguing. I'll look that up too. Nut butters I over did and then didn't feel so great but that was over 6 months ago so I could try a little and see. I could just start with small amounts. I think too my stomach just couldn't digest fat at all before and it seems like it's a bit better now. Avocado I can do now! I couldn't before and I'm so glad it's back. But I've only sliced it into salads so far so avocado ice cream and guacamole sound crazy good to me right now. Anything I can make ahead and keep for a few days is good too. Avocado frosting - can I eat that just with a spoon? I know the thing about having milk from animals. I don't know if it really helps but when I have had any I try to find somewhere where it's not mass produced. Like there is a family near by that has some goats and you can have milk but they only do that in the spring and summer. The goats seem okay but I know what you mean. And it is pretty weird if you think about it. : (  
    • That would be awesome! We could go out for coffee or round each others houses and play some games or just chat like Ennis said. By the way I suck at most games except a few so you or Ennis are almost guaranteed a win! But I have fun anyways, haha.
    • Yeah, it's when too many things happen at once and you suddenly have to take all this time and thought to deal with them, plus the stress on top of it. That's a LOT you had in a very short time. I hope things settle down for you soon but I know it takes time to figure everything out. Omg, a vacation in Hawaii or something, lol, then I'll be okay! But I think what I'm figuring out is that you have to MAKE your own mini vacations every single day or you go insane. So the suggestions people made above are really good I think to redirect your attention to goals and actively DO something towards them. Even playing games and things like that can be a goal. There's goals inside the game and also the goal of giving your mind a break and treating yourself well. I don't do this at all lately and I'm feeling it. Just spinning round inside my head and I need to STOP that now. lol. Even though you have so much going on I hope you can find time in the day too to be good to yourself.
    • I react to any product derived from cows milk but i can eat small amounts of  goats milk cheese,yogurt and kefir. However i cant drink goats milk.I think you should try goats milk kefir, it has a good amount of fat,bilions of probtics  And butter! Contains small amount of lactose (especially when you make ghee from it)  i buy goat butter  from a certified gluten free brand ( I live in Turkey , though, I dont which brands are gluten-free in your country)
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