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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Gluten-free Glutton: Don't take advice from Miley Cyrus - Florida Times-Union

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admin    195

Gluten-free Glutton: Don't take advice from Miley Cyrus

Florida Times-Union

I was forced into a gluten-free diet when I was diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition that causes damage to the intestines when ingesting gluten. The only treatment for the disease is a diet without gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley ...

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IrishHeart    1,634

I am sorry the author finds the diet "quite depressing at times" :(

and I have no kind comments regarding "Miley and Kim" (because really? who gives a rat's butt what they are doing?)

but more importantly, what's wrong with trying a gluten-free diet if you have serious symptoms? There are no adverse health effects (and maybe some positive benefits).

I do not think it helps our cause that celebs use it as a "fad diet" but there are people who try it because the have troubling symptoms, yet doctors do not think it is a "medical necessity."

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Darn210    174

Wow Irish,

I had a total different take on this article.

I thought it was stressing the fact that the gluten free diet is not a fad weight loss diet. If you need it for health purposes, wait until you have your testing done or you'll negate your results. Gluten free in a restaurant is totally different for someone who needs it medically than for someone who's using it as a weight loss diet (as we have seen being hammered out in the Domino's Pizza thread.)

He has one line

Actually, I find the diet quite depressing at times when I think about foods I love that I can’t eat anymore.

which I think comes across as honest but not a death sentence. My daughter has been on this diet for 5 years . . . she still gets sad about a couple of her favorite foods (particularly Panera Bread cinnamon crunch bagels).

I did not find it to be a negative article at all.

Just my opinion.

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IrishHeart    1,634

Upon rereading it, J-- I do see what you are saying.

I thought he sounded negative.

You're right; maybe he is still mourning those foods.

I also thought he suggested a gluten free diet was only for those with a "medical condition" and many people on here can't seem to get any doctor to agree their symptoms ARE a "medical necessity" and so, they remain ill, even after negative testing.

I'll edit my more "grouchy-sounding" comments. :huh: It's not like me to be so irritable. I am probably still pissy about the Domino's fiasco.

I view being gluten-free differently, I think because I was very sick for so long and I welcomed it as an answer. I do not miss any gluteny foods at all.( That's just me, though)

I DO miss the convenience of walking into any eating establishment and ordering off a menu without fear I will suffer drastic consequences.

Thanks for getting me to take another look at it, J. :)

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Menic    21

Unfortunately, any kind of diet that makes a person pay attention to what they are eating can promote weight loss. I think a lot of people unnecessarily go gluten-free, stop eating donuts and cheeseburgers and bagels (even though you can get gluten-free versions of those anyways) and lose weight. You could probably invent a diet where people can't eat foods containing the letters A,B, and C and someone would lose weight on it, just because they are paying attention to what they are eating.

The author says not to go gluten-free if you don't have a medical condition requiring it, but as diagnosing the condition isn't possible for everyone, I'd say that if you do the diet and it helps with your stomach, fatigue, joints, ADHD, migraines or whatever, then good for you. Is it really solving your problems? Maybe, maybe only indirectly by having a better overall diet. But I guess if you get results, you can't really argue the process, at least on an individual basis.

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Coolclimates    14

I think he wrote an excellent article. In terms of him being depressed about the gluten-free diet, at least he's being truthful! I'm sure many of us (me, included) feel pretty depressed at times about this diet. Or having Celiac Disease. He's just being honest and talking about his real feelings, although I'm sure many of us can relate.

However, I think that is secondary to the main message that he's trying to convey: celebrities who go on the gluten-free diet because it's the latest "trend" and who use it as a vehicle for weight loss and other outcomes, therefore trivializing it for those of us who are really sick. They are hopping on the gluten-free bandwagon and it's making the whole thing look like a "fad" diet. Just yesterday on the Today Show, Dr. Keri Peterson said that Celiac Disease is "trendy" and "easy to address." Since when is a disease "trendy"?

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IrishHeart    1,634

Just yesterday on the Today Show, Dr. Keri Peterson said that Celiac Disease is "trendy" and "easy to address." Since when is a disease "trendy"?

A doctor calling it "trendy" and "easy to address" is exactly what's wrong with the way celiac disease is perceived by the medical community at large. I hope she was inundated with irate letters from celiacs.

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Coolclimates    14

contact Dr. Keri Peterson (the "doctor" who made the "trendy" comments) and bombard her:


Twitter: @DrKeriPeterson



Keri Peterson, MD

110 East 59th St.

(between Park and Lexington)

Ste. 9C

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-583-2962

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    • I would not eat there either for many reasons listed already. But what is wrong with yeast?
    • Hi,  I just wanted to add some insight to my question on the test results.  I am 58 experiencing stress fractors to the foot without any extra activity.  I have osteoporosis and the thought process of the doctors is that I have another cause besides age for the osteoporosis.  The foot is not healing after 11 weeks in a boot.  Ortho sent me to Endo.  Endo did blood test.  Hormones normal and received the below results on Celiac.  I have had osteoarthritis since 21, Was diagnosised at 29 as being allergic to wheat, symptom was I lost my voice after having my first child.  Had my second at 32 and magic I could eat wheat again and not lose my voice.  Last year I was tested autoimmune because of lung issues; MAC and bronchiaestasis.  IGA was high then but no further testing.  I do not have digestion issues except lactose intolerant.  I do have low values on vitamin D. I do not go back to Endo until 2 weeks from now.  My sister is fighting her own issues which is pointing to autoimmune but drs. have figured her out yet.  My mom as MS and her mom died of ALS, Dad's side had Lupus.  Any thoughts?
    • Sometimes this happens, odd as it might be, you have to be eating gluten for the test first off daily. We call it a gluten challenge. Second some people due test negative on the blood test but can have celiac which is why we consider the endoscope and biopsy the golden standard. Also the gluten test back when you had it done previously was much less accurate then it is now days or at least it seems.  Do you have your numbers? We have had many cases where the doctor said it was negative...and the idiot could obviously not read the test cause when member posted their lab forms we can see it obviously positive. What ever the case we know what the issue is now and your on your way to getting better. Unlike most AI disease we know the cure and fix for celiac is a strict gluten free diet. So you can now begin you road to healing......and yeah I know that feeling of finding out the nerve issues....sadly nerve damage is VERY slow to heal unlike gut damage. But it has it's odd messed up benefits, I have most coordination back but it comes and goes in waves. Funny thing, I can grab stuff out of the oven or burn myself and the reaction to it delayed or non existent pain wise. So they do not bother me. I can cut my hand and go "oh look I should super glue that back together" without the pain, I just logically deal with it and do not have much panic or pain unless it is VERY deep.
    • This has been my life for the past three years! Oh man! I have had every muscle and nerve test known to man and...nothing. The doctors finally stopped trying and just referred me for cognitive behavior therapy.  I'm still confused about the negative blood test though?
    • Thank you @Megamaniac - I don't hear about chest tightness as a symptom of being glutened, so it's good to hear of someone else. My current symptoms aren't bad, just annoying. It's hard to tell if it's anxiety tightening my chest, or something else. But since it's only been happening since I ate that damn tortilla, my guess is it's gluten-related. My doctor made me have an echocardiogram and stress test to rule out cardiac issues before he would do the endoscopy (this was a couple of years ago). I learned that telling a doctor "my chest tightness gets worse when I walk up a hill" makes everything else grind to a hart until the heart gets checked out!
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