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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Waiting For Results From Enterolab

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I just did the stool test with Enterolab and I am waiting for my results tell me if I am the only one who has felt like this before....

--I am 24 years old and I have been sick for the last 10 years of my life, with the past two years being the worst. I have been to doctors and had tons of test run on me, They thought I had Lupus and so on....

--I just heard about celiac a few months ago and tried gluten-free to see if it would help me feel better and it did. Then I went off the diet for a few weeks to get tested my blood work came back negative. I then stayed on my gluten-free diet because it made a difference and now I am doing the enterolab.

--I am waiting for the results and part of me says yes please just say that this is what is wrong with me so I can get on with my life....

--The other part of me is saying please don't let this be what is wrong....

I guess I am scared that it will come back negative because all the other test that I have taken come back negative and after 10 years I almost expect it.

--I know someone has felt the way do, just wanting to know what is wrong with me.




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Kayjay, I hope you have better luck with Enterolab. If you had been gluten free before your blood tests and were only on gluten for 2 weeks before testing, the results would definitely be skewed. I takes several months to rebuild the antibodies in the blood. Enterolab should give you better results. Count yourself very lucky if Celiac is what you have, that it's not something a lot more serious. This diet may be difficult at times but much better than the alternative of many things that could be wrong with you. Good luck. Shirley


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Hi Kayla, Shirley is right, if you do have Celiac be thankful, there are far more serious things out there that you could have! At first going gluten-free can be overwhelming but it does get better, just hang in there! Stick around here and you will find out what foods are gluten-free and wonderful gluten-free recipes!!!! :D


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Definitly I feel thankful if I only have Celiac I am 100% medicine free right now for the first time in years and I love it. I don't mind eating gluten-free I think it is healthier anyways. I just want to know what is wrong I self diagnoised myself and I am just nervous about if I was right. I want to be done with all the symptoms, testing and not knowing.

thanks, I love this website

tonight we are having Rice Pizza I have been craving pizza for weeks :)




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    • Hi Stephanie, I'm also from the UK, I've found this site more helpful than anything we have!  As already mentioned above, in my experience it could depend on what and where you were drinking. Gluten free food and drink isn't always (not usually) 100% gluten free as you may know, maybe you have become more sensitive to even a trace of gluten that is probably in gluten free food/drink. Is it possible you have a problem with corn, particularly high fructose corn syrup that is in a lot of alcoholic drinks? This was a big problem for me and the only alcoholic drinks I can tolerate are William Chase vodka and gin. I contacted the company last year and all their drinks are 100% gluten and corn free, made the old fashioned way with no additives, so maybe try their products if you like the occasional drink and see how you get on. If you drink out, not many pubs sell their products but I know Wetherspoons do and smaller wine bars may too. l was never a spirit drinker but I must say their products are absolutely lovely! Very easy on a compromised gut too considering it's alcohol. I second the suggestion on seeing a natural health practitioner. I've recently started seeing a medical herbalist, as I've got nowhere with my now many food intolerances since going gluten free last year and I've noticed a difference in my health already. 
    • Sorry for the very late reply and thanks for the replies, I didn't get a notification of any. In case anyone else comes across this and has been wondering the same as I was, I did try a vegetable broth and I did react to it in the same way as if I'd eaten the vegetables.  As for the candida, I've been using coconut oil and am seeing a medical herbalist for this and leaky gut. It's only been a few weeks but I've noticed an improvement all round.
    • What did you drink and where did you drink it?   NOTE if you drink something at a bar using their glasses your asking for trouble BEER IS EVERYWHERE in most bars and a CC hell.   If it was at home and a non grain based liqour then I would be really concerned that it might just be alcohol. I personally can not really drink much of anything any more. I love rum, and I cook with it sometimes in sautes. I also have rum extract/butter rum extract/and rum emulsion I use in shakes, homemade keto pudding/ mixed into dishes. and even add some to drink to give it a rum flavor lol.
    • I can only think of two things, 1 something you put on your potato was contaminated like the butter container could have crumbs in it or something like that as mentioned before, and you could be having a reaction to dairy or what ever was put in it.......IF it was just plain potato and you reacted with bloating and cramping you might have a carb issues, tad rare and most associated with additional auto immune diseases but could be in which case a diet of fats and protein would be your answer much like it is for me now days. What all have you eaten in the privous 8 hours including beverages, condiments, spices and foods?
    • They are gluten-free.  Did you use butter that might have gluten crumbs on it?  For me , it takes more than 2 hours to feel the effect of gluten- maybe something you ate before?  Maybe  stomach virus?
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