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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Updated gluten-free List From Heinz Corp.

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I got this email yesterday and thought I should share:

May 23, 2012

Dear Katie,

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Please find below Heinz products that do not contain gluten ingredients:

Heinz Ketchup

All sizes Ketchup

All sizes No Salt Added

All sizes One Carb

All sizes Reduced Sugar

All sizes Organic

All sizes Balsamic

411000 Hot & Spicy Flavored Tomato Ketchup

Baked Beans

1300000450 Heinz Vegetarian Baked Beans

1300050540 Heinz Homestyle Molasses & Pork

1300050500 Heinz Homestyle Brown Sugar

1300050510 Heinz Homestyle Maple Flavor

1300050570 Heinz Homestyle Chipotle BBQ style


4112907700 Fire Roasted Tomato & Garlic

4112907762 Four Cheese

4112907702 Italian Sausage

4112907722 Mushroom and Ripe Olives

4112907782 Roasted Garlic

4112907742 Spicy Red Pepper

4112907775 Spicy Tomato & Pesto

4112907776 Spinach and Cheese

4112907755 Sun Dried Tomato

4112907712 Tomato & Basil

4112927445 Cabernet Marinara

4112907785 Triple Mushroom

4112907790 Traditional Sweet Basil

4112907705 Vodka Sauce

4112963110 Spicy Tomato Basil

4112963210 Carmelized Onion & Roasted Garlic

4112963180 Organic Tomato Herbs & Spices

4112963000 Organic Spinach & Garlic

4112926000 Marinara w/ Plum Tomatoes & Olive Oil

4112907764 Roasted Garlic Alfredo

4112907769 Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo

4112927463 Four Cheese Alfredo

4112907763 Creamy Alfredo

4112907765 Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo

4112916000 Mushroom Alfredo

4112941140 Light Creamy Alfredo

4112941145 Roasted Poblano Alfredo

4112900005 Basil Pesto

4112900006 Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

4112900005 Garlic Bruschetta

4112900006 Basil & Tomato Bruschetta

Heinz Heritage Gluten Free Retail Products

309610, 306910, 303570 JD Original #7 BBQ Sauce (all sizes)

309640, 009680, 009760 JD Honey Smokehouse BBQ Sauce (all sizes)

406950, 306930, 303790 JD Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce (all sizes

309630 JD Spicy BBQ Sauce

306530 JD Masterblend BBQ Sauce

306490 JD Steakhouse BBQ Sauce

520510 JD Marinade-in-Bag Smoky Mesquite

526570 JD Marinade-in-Bag Classic Steakhouse

520610 JD Marinade-in-Bag Honey Teriyaki

520710 JD Marinade-in-Bag Garlic and Herb

006460 JD Original Steak Sauce

006470 JD Smokey Steak Sauce


1300000182 Heinz Balsamic Vinegar

1300000176 Heinz Gourmet Garlic Wine Vinegar

1300000179 Heinz Gourmet Malt Vinegar

1300000175 Heinz Premium Red Wine Vinegar

1300000178 Heinz Premium Salad Vinegar

1300000177 Heinz Premium Tarragon Vinegar

1300000814 Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar

1300058160 Heinz Distilled White Vinegar

1300057700 Heinz Apple Cider Flavored Vinegar


1300000112 Chili Sauce Retail

1300000113 Seafood Cocktail Sauce

1300000170 Zesty Cocktail Sauce

1300000314 Heinz Horseradish

1300000307 Tartar Sauce

1300052130 Sloppy Joe Sauce

1300052680 Heinz Traditional Steak Sauce, all Sizes

1300000680 Slow Cooker Sweet & Tangy Sauce

5160022002, 51600800002, 5160022003, 5160022001, 5160022004, 5160080004, 5160000024, 5160022024, 5160000220, 516000301 L&P Worcestershire Sauce (all sizes)

5160000250 L&P Reduced Sodium Worcestershire

5160022501 L&P Chicken Marinade

5160000210 L&P Thick Classic Worcestershire Sauce

5160000207 L&P Traditional Steak Sauce

5160000230 L&P Roasted Garlic Worcestershire Sauce

1300000558 Baby Kosher Dills

1300000656 Bread & Butter Sandwich Slices

1300000506 Processed Dill Pickles

1300000547 Kosher Dills

1300000548 Kosher Dill Spears

1300000579 Hamburger Dill Chips

1300000520 Genuine Dill Pickles

1300000551 Bread n Butter Slices

1300000539 Sweet Cucumber Slices

1300000597 Sweet Gherkins

1300000592 Sweet Midget Gherkins

1300000555 Polish Dill Spears

1300000558 Baby Kosher Dills

Heinz Consumer Products

1312001365 Ore-Ida Grillers, Original Think Cut Potatoes

1312001366 Ore-Ida Grillers, Seasoned think Cut Potatoes

1312000800 Steak Fries

1312000828 Shoestrings

1312000286 Golden Crinkles


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