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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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One Year Later - Have Questions

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I stopped eating gluten March 2011 following "borderline" blood test. My response to the diet was incredible - depression lifted, anxiety reduced.

So...it's a year later and I've learned A LOT from these boards and my own reading. I've started taking the following supplements: 2000 C, 2000 D, multivitamin, 1 tsp. omega 3, and a probiotic. My questions are, does it matter what time of day I take vitamins? Should I take them all at once or spread them out? Should they be taken with certain foods? Right now, I take all of them after eating my breakfast and take them with some orange juice.

I'm also wondering if anybody has ever forgotten to take a vitamin for, say, a week, and noticed a difference in their mood? I forgot to take omega 3 for a week and felt really terrible (depressive), remembered to take it again then felt better. I didn't put it all together until after I'd felt better for a while.

My other question is about my reaction to glutening being different now than it was in the beginning. The gas/bloating reaction happens first (as usual) but the depressive symptoms (feeling down/tired/brain fog) may not kick in until the next day. Is that normal?

I ask because sometimes the gas/bloating may not be that bad and I won't even realize I've been glutened, but then the next day I feel depressed and tired and my gut hurts (I describe it to others by saying that my gut feels bruised - familiar to anyone?). Then I say, "Oh, I must have been glutened yesterday". Sometimes I feel like I'm just blaming gluten for a bad mood or depression. When I come out of the fog though, I always realize that I wasn't myself and that it had to be gluten. While I'm in the gluten fog (for a day or two) I find myself questioning. Anybody else experience this type of thing?

I'm not questioning whether or not I have celiac, it's just that this can be such a frustrating thing to deal with. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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You should take your supplements with a large meal. Particularly in the case of w3's, this promotes storage. You want to be as anabolic as possible.

It shouldn't make a large difference, but taking them with your evening meal promotes storage since your body is repairing itself while you sleep (there is a large GH pulse).

Now I have a question for you :). How soon after going on gluten-free did your symptoms (depression, anxiety) clear up?


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You should take your supplements with a large meal. Particularly in the case of w3's, this promotes storage. You want to be as anabolic as possible.

It shouldn't make a large difference, but taking them with your evening meal promotes storage since your body is repairing itself while you sleep (there is a large GH pulse).

Now I have a question for you :). How soon after going on gluten-free did your symptoms (depression, anxiety) clear up?

Thanks for your reply.

Within 24 hours of not eating gluten the depression started to lift. By day 4 I actually said aloud that I felt somewhat better and other people were noticing that my mood was improving, that I seemed lighter. (This was after 6 months of treatments with SSRIs to which I was unresponsive.)

The depression continued to lift each day for several months. I got stronger and stronger. Today, while I do have moments of stress, I no longer live with constant anxiety that spirals out of control. I haven't had a panic attack since going gluten-free. :)

When I accidentally consume gluten, I get a headache, brain fog, and feel down/depressed for 24-48 hours. It all makes sense now.


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    • I am writing for a friend of my daughter. 34 year old male - who somewhat suddenly developed chronic abdominal pain about 6 months ago. The symptoms progressed to include chronic fatigue.  While he had insurance he had CT, Colonoscopy and Endoscopy - routine labs -  nothing found - he had a celiac test - but not sure he followed the diet correctly before the test and there is also a type of Celaic that does  not test positive. In short this person has been able to work during the last 6 months and has since lost his insurance and has been denied for medicaid. I got a list of his symptoms  - and am hoping I can get some feed back from people with this disease to if his symptoms match up to this disease. Any input will  be greatly appreciated ! >>> thanks Rob. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can only eat a few foods and once used to them cannot switch diet with out pain.
      When stomach pain is bad it is always associated with bad back pain and leg pain. 
      Extreme weakness/feeling faint if goes too long without food General fatigue
      Very easily fatigued after any physical activity
      Intermittent malaise
      Core muscles weakness Lacy (spotty) apperence on skin seemingly associated with any physical activity No ability to regulate temperature.. Overheats very easy... Over heating seems to lead to extreme weakness/feeling faint/fatigue/malaise type feeling
    • Thanks everyone for the advice and info! I've never really considered joining a support group before but its pretty cool to get intouch with people who understand what you're experiencing. For years everyone would just tell me I was a  hypochondriac but after I learned that I might have this disease and researching it these are all the symptoms I've been having! I finally don't feel crazy anymore! 
    • I decided to go Gluten Free out of support for my daughter and because I do struggle with digestive issues and my energy level isn't consistent.   I expected that I would feel better but I didn't truthfully expect a BIG difference.  In the month that I have been gluten-free I have twice consumed ONE bite of Gluten foods (a pastry once and then a bite of a mini muffin) because I had a brain fart and wasn't thinking.  Both times within 8-10 hours the stabbing stomach pains returned and irritability etc even though mentally I never gave either bite another thought.  I thought the first time may have just been a coincidence but I realize now the connection.   I have also had painful carpal tunnel for years.  Two days ago someone asked for an update on my daughter and I told her that she is now Gluten Free.  She remarked that she has been gluten-free for a few years and that she used to have painful wrists and now it is just gone.  I must be an inner cynic because I still assumed that her issues were not true carpal tunnel? LOL  The very next day I was grocery shopping with my daughter and when she picked up items she would wince and for the first time ever complained about the shooting pains in her wrists.   I am researching and reading about this so much now and I read about infertility and all these issues connected to gluten intolerance and I am SHOCKED that potentially I have been struggling with Gluten all this time and just really had no idea!
    • I am going to Mass General in Boston to rule out celiac. I picked it because one of the docs is a lead researcher and it is a 5.5 hour drive. Plus they did a virtual visit with me which was great.  Admittedly, my first actual visit was short and it felt like a long haul for a quick 20 minutes. I spent about $250 on hotel, gas, food and tolls. I stayed right outside of Boston and booked the MGH rate. I am looking at other options if I go again.  I was gluten free at the time so there was not a lot to do at the appointment. My insurance also would not pick up $125 of the visit for some reason.  I cannot give you an overall about time, money etc. as I am still waiting to hear if we are doing another endoscopy. I am hoping they rule it in or out as it has been unofficially diagnosed by two local docs and it is starting to get very frustrating for me as others say it is not celiac and I still feel badly. I do really like the nurse who calls me. She is very receptive.  I can keep you posted! I also looked at Columbia as I live in NY but they did not accept my insurance and Boston is actually just as easy of a drive for me. 
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