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Feeling Glutened After Ice Cream Cone

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pianoland    5

I keep a very detailed food log.. the only new thing I've introduced is Goldbaum's ice cream cones. After the first one I ate, I woke up at night from my stomach gurgling and couldn't go into work the next day I felt so ill.

Well here I am at 2 in the morning with horrible gas and stomach pain, after another cone. Say it ain't so.

I can't find a single bad review on these cones. Am I off the mark and it's the ice cream? (Perry's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, labeled gluten-free).

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IrishHeart    1,633

Goldbaum's is a dedicated facility, from what I have read, and I have indulged myself with one of their cones recently with coconut ice cream and felt no ill effects. And I am a "quick responder".

I have no idea if you can tolerate dairy, chocolate or peanuts, but a mix of ice cream flavors makes it really difficult to pinpoint what is making you feel ill.

Is there a big black G F in the circle on the Perry's, or just the words "gluten free" on the package? Are the various ice cream flavors run on shared lines?

Next time, try a plain flavor and no cone and see what happens.

More importantly, if you are newly diagnosed, anything could be giving you grief still. It takes a long time to heal.

Stick to a whole foods diet and no dairy for a few weeks and see if you feel better. Dairy gives those same symptoms you describe in a gut that is still healing. It cannot tolerate the lactose just yet maybe.

Just some thoughts!

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I just looked those up and they look delicious.

Even among super sensitives, sensitivity levels vary, so just because someone else can eat it doesn't mean that you can, unfortunately. I think that it can be difficult for dedicated facilities to get super pure starting food materials due to farming practices which can include crop rotation and shared equipment and facilities. I buy grains, seeds, and beans whole and sort and wash them before eating. I have found what looked like gluten grains in many places where they should not be.

Although you did post in the super sensitive section, I will add that I am sensitive to very low levels of gluten.

I hope you feel better soon.

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pianoland    5

I called Perry's ice cream and they assured me they sanitize the facilities every 24 hours and the gluten-free flavors wouldn't be contaminated by non-gluten-free ones.

I've been gluten-free for 11 months. Prior to healing I couldn't tolerate dairy, but for months I've been eating it without any issues. Peanut butter is fine. I'm not positive about chocolate and will keep an eye on it.

Dilettantesteph-- the cones are absolutely delicious. I've been looking for cones since my diagnosis and was thrilled when I found 12 for $3.50 at the grocery store. I am really hoping they aren't the culprit.

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T.H.    404

I called Perry's ice cream and they assured me they sanitize the facilities every 24 hours and the gluten-free flavors wouldn't be contaminated by non-gluten-free ones.

I'll be totally honest, a teeny, selfish part of me is hoping it's your ice cream. :unsure: I just bought a package of these cones today for my son to try, so I really don't want it to be them! I think I'll be calling them up to double check on processing.

I don't know anything about the ice cream company's facility. But there's a question that might be good to ask them: do they test for gluten cc for their gluten free products? Many companies in the USA do not, and if they don't test, and they don't have a gluten free facility, then there can be a slight risk of gluten cc.

Many companies have gluten free facilities instead of processing their gluten products with their gluten free ones. I imagine that this is because it eliminates some of that risk.

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Stu    11

Along with a sensitivity to wheat gluten, celiacs are often sensitive to other things such as annatto, a natural yellow food coloring that is often used in ice cream and yellow cheese, (Johnsonville Brats also contain annatto as a coloring agent, and I can't keep them down for 5 minutes!). Tartrazine, (FD&C Yellow #5) is another one that affects me, but it's made from coal-tar along with all the other AZO food colorings! Who would want to eat that, anyway? Unfortunately, it's very commonly used in foods, candy, medicines and vitamin pills.

Ask your doctor when it's a good idea to ingest petroleum distillates, and he'll tell you, "NEVER!". Then, ask him why they put it in the medicines he expects you to take....

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    • Yeah my family stopped doing gifts a few years ago when we had a grandparent on each side of the family die. After that no one meets up, no gifts, no one even does cards. I tried 2 years ago to give all my relatives gifts, hand written cards......None of them even said thanks. Next year I said I will not give out cards or gifts unless one of them send me something....and well I did not even get a card. Funny thing is my birthday falls on the 16th of Dec so nothing from any relatives for 2 years in the month of December hit me pretty hard. I know my disease caused me to burn bridges and be a bit more secluded but it was ridiculous to the point that the past 2 years I have been sending myself on vacation the same way, hotel, and location that my family used to spend on vacations when we were a family.

      Sorry for the self pity thing, I was just pointing out that my extended family other then my parents (they still help me out and care) do not care about the holidays anymore. And I consider several members here, as messed up as it might be a "I care about your health and life" more so  then my actual aunts, uncles, and cousins. So I figured I might not be rich but if we had a secret santa type thing I could at least afford to send one person a gift.

      Funny how this community is more family to me then the one I grew up in. I guess it has to do with relating to people here more, feeling of caring, and overall support.
    • This paper from 2015 suggests the opposite is true: High Proportions of People With Nonceliac Wheat Sensitivity Have Autoimmune Disease or Antinuclear Antibodies. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/26026392/ Of course correlation does not equal causation, but it is compelling and something worth watching. 
    • Thanks Matt again My Doctor just moved away so i dont even have a doctor at the moment, thats why its so hard, ill pretty much be going to some random doctor who doesnt know me at all and asking for a celiac test, hopefully i pick a good one ps you can have the ashes for being helpful    
    • Hello and welcome It can be scary and there's definitely a mental side to dealing with this which is at least as important as the physical. If available to you consider seeking out some counselling to help you process this. It was really useful for me, as were the people on this forum which is a great resource which you should use as much as you need to.  And, easy to say, try to be optimistic!  It may be that you've solved a huge health puzzle whilst you're still young and have lots of great years ahead of you, years which will be so much more enjoyable gluten free. Time will help you learn the diet and what at first seems impossible will become the new normal to the point where you won't have to think too much about it. We are an adaptable species and however hard it seems at the outset you will adapt and you will feel better. Best of luck!  
    • Hi again Long time since I lived down under but I'll give it a shot pending any Aussie members replying... Your naturopath has helped you and put you on what sounds like the right track, but now consider that you may be better off with a conventional doctor for the testing process.  Be wary of food intolerance tests. They are notoriously inaccurate and as you've found expensive. The first priority is to get a celiac diagnosis/exclusion, you can proceed better from there. The tests to request are:  Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG Total Serum IgA Some practices will only test one. Request a 'full celiac panel'. Before you see the doctor make some concise notes / bullet points that detail: Your past medical history Your positive initial reaction to the gluten diet Your wish now to seek a medical diagnosis and willingness to comply with any requirements That should be sufficient for a doctor to request a test.   No! Your naturopath doesn't know what they're talking about if they're talking about the accepted celiac tests. You'll need to do 8-12 weeks eating gluten to ensure an accurate test. Otherwise you're throwing money away.  A local doctor should be able to request the tests so if you have one you're happy with try there. Alternatively you can search to see if anyone within a reasonable distance is listed maybe with Coeliac Australia or via some of the links here https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/coeliac-disease Again, *good luck with it all and keep asking questions, this place was very helpful to me and I'm sure it will prove so to you also. Cheers, Matt                               *ps But bad luck in the Ashes to compensate  
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