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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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My Sister Is Having Testing Today

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She is having both done today. Hopefully, we will finally find out some answers for her.

When she saw my gastro three weeks ago (the first gastro, not the one I go to now....) I kind of told her what I expected would happen. He would take the bloodwork, then do biopsy. Well, when she went in to see him, he said he wasn't going to bother doing the bloodwork, just go straight to the endo and colonoscopy. Now, I am trying to figure out why. Is it because of the history of celiac in the family (me!), he figured the bloodwork wouldn't be necessary? I'm confused.....

Anyway, I am almost 99.9 percent sure she has it - and finally, after all the nagging I did to finally get her to go get tested, I hope we find out finally. By the way, she has the opposite main symptom than what I have, whereas I have chronic diarrhea, she is severely, chronicly constipated......

I will post when we find out......




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Thats good she is going to get tested.

I don't know why they would not do the bloodwork...that would have probably been a good thing to have done. Biopsies can be good but they can only rule celiac in with a positive and not out with a negative. If she has sporadic damage they could miss it or if she is in beginning stages and had no damage yet then it could also come back negative but that does not mean she does not have it.

I guess they are checking her for other things with the colonoscopy? Because that is not something to do for detecting celiac.


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    • Having this is so frustrating, my knickers are twisted up in knots. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one with multiple symptoms, most of which can be traced to gluten/casein. I have also spent a small fortune on digestive/weight loss supplements. Whats working now to improve my weight and digestion are being gluten/casein free of course, and cutting way back on red meat and alcohol. These two are also the worst for IBS, and really mess with the gluten compromised digestive system of an older person. I have found a store that carries Glutenberg beer, which is not bad but way too expensive. Guess I will stick to Coors Light for now.  The hard stuff really messes up my stomach. Happy summer everybody!
    • Do you have a copy of the lab report. If you post it here, maybe someone can decipher it for you.    
    • Tests to measure serum endomysial antibodies (EMA) and antibodies to tissue transglutaminase (tTG) were developed to screen for celiac disease in patients who are actively eating gluten. However, doctors often use them to monitor patients on a gluten-free diet. Now, making sure celiac patients are successfully following a gluten-free diet is important, as unconscious gluten ingestion can lead to complications over time. But how accurate are these tests for assessing gluten-free compliance in celiac patients? View the full article
    • The GP has sent me to the opticians for an eye test. My blood pressure is ok and my last diabetes test a year ago was absolutely fine. She doesn't think it sounds like MS although she admitted she wasn't sure about what else it could be.  Unfortunately I don't have much faith in my local doctors surgery. I've seen 7 different doctors the last 7 times I've visited. So you never get a chance to build up any kind of rapport or knowledge. This latest doctor was a locum and I don't think they want to commit to anything hence sending me to the optician. It's not the end of the world, I was due an eye test anyway, but no further along with an answer.  Indeed that is interesting. I'll add parasitic microbes to my list of woes  
    • Hi,  I have never posted here before but am having difficulty understanding my results. Based on the celiac panel my doctor ordered, everything was normal except for my IgA, which was too high. The other results I do not know the specific numbers of because the lab just reported >20, for example,  and not the actual number. I have a ridiculous amount of symptoms of celiac, and I have been totally cleared of everything else. Chron's and all of the IBD testing came back negative and I don't really have as many symptoms of those either. My doctor said I may still have a gluten intolerance though. I am quite honestly sick of feeling so unwell all of the time and there is no other explanation as all of my other bloodwork was perfect. Is it possible that maybe my body hasn't had enough damage from the gluten so the results were negative? I just want to understand what is going on and no one seems to know because other than these awful symptoms I am totally healthy. I just hope someone can provide me with some knowledge on this as I find it quite confusing. Should I just assume it is a gluten intolerance and cut out gluten or should I get retested? Thank you for any help. 
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