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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Is This A Possible Glutening?

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abby03    2

I'm still very new to this diet (a little over 2 months, I believe) so I not sure if this is my first glutening or not? I'm about 99% sure that I haven't actually eaten anything with gluten but cross contamination is a possibility. I've just read a lot about people getting 'glutened' and a lot of peoples' symptoms seem to be worse than mine. But here are what I think my symptoms have been and when I think it started. I'm just going to run through each day of the week. Sorry if it gets too long but I just want to figure this out.

Last Saturday I felt a little bloated/gassy after lunch (could have just been too much salad dressing, cheese, etc.) I got hungry around dinner and felt fine for the rest of the night.

Sunday I was a bit constipated but I just blamed it on fact that for whatever reason my body sometimes doesn't care to go numero dos on the weekends. So weird haha... This threw my morning off a bit but after lunch I was completely fine.

Monday I was still constipated but otherwise felt fine.

Tuesday I was still C but my stomach still felt fine otherwise. I did get a headache in the afternoon which I found a little strange. Before going gluten free I got headaches around 4 times a week. Then I had headaches as I was going through withdrawal. After that, I was almost completely headache free until Tuesday. I should mention that on Tuesday night I also had a Udi's bun. I've found that the afternoon after Udi's I'm hit with fatigue, muscle pains, emotional moodiness, and sometimes nausea that ultimately knocks me out for 3 hours.

Wednesday was still C and I felt fine until around 2pm (Normal Udi's mystery reaction time)when the yawning started..then muscle pains...then the mood. Luckily it stopped there and I didn't have any stomach problems for the night.

Thursday I was surprised to still have the muscle pains and also surprised to see that they were getting more and more painful. My bones kind of felt like they were just going to snap whenever I stretched. By the afternoon, I felt a little out of it and was starting to have mild lower stomach pain. I was hungry for dinner though and ate with no problems.

This morning (Friday) I woke up and felt fine.. even a little hungry. I ate breakfast (same thing I have almost every morning so that wasn't the problem) and played with my cat and felt like I was going to have a good day. Now, about 2 hours later, I have mild D and my stomach is making noises and I don't really feel good at all.

Another weird thing is that it seems like every morning since this has happened, I've woken up at 4am like clockwork. I wake up for like a minute and fall back asleep. It's been very strange. I haven't eaten anything different than usual so I don't understand the constipation and the muscle pains from Udi's usually just last a few hours (If I pass out, it's gone when I wake up) so I don't understand why it lasted so long and got worse. Is this a possible CC reaction? Like I said, I'm still new so I don't know what my reaction would be.

Also, if anyone could answer these questions for me that would be great:

-Should I expect the D to get worse? It's just mild right now and I'm really hoping it doesn't get any worse.

-Does this sound like a reaction or just part of the ups and downs of the start of the diet? Could a mild reaction even last this long?

-Is there anything I can do to make the D stop? Are pepto bismol tablets gluten-free?

I told my mom that I think I'm having a reaction and of course her response was to tell me to just start taking the heartburn medicine that my doctor gave me that I stopped taking because it made me nauseous. So frustrating.

Ohhh and I should clarify what I mean when I say constipation. I usually go around the same time every morning like clockwork (minus the weekends..). This week I've still gone but it's been a very small amount each time, later in the morning, and it's been more difficult to go. I've also noticed a difference in the way the stools look this week (TMI TMI sorry) so I guess I'm not actually C by most peoples' definition but I didn't know what else to call it?

Thanks for any help and sorry this is so long and TMI!

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It could be...or you could be having any of the normal digestive problems other people have. It took me months to figure out most of my symptoms & their timing, and about 9 months before I had a full grasp on reactions.

Reactions are very specific to individual--including how long they last, if they get worse, if they change over the days, etc.

So...maybe! You'll really need more reactions to compare to. They will happen...and they may change a bit early on as your body adjusts to the diet.

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