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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Cyclobenzaprine From Aurobindo Pharm

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My Pharmacy just changed suppliers on one of my meds. The new suplier is Aurobindo Pharm. and I am wondering if anyone here has taken it, without any issues.

I have been trying to reach them for about an hour, been transfered 3 times and they end up transfering me somewhere else. :angry: No one seems to be able to give me a response, so I am weary to take it.

It is the generic for Flexeril. The pill itself looks completely different a lot bigger,orange color, triangular on the right, and straight on the left, with a letter "D" and a number 87 on one side. It is the 5 mg.


-Miriam :blink:

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You might want to check http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com/ I find it helpful in checking various medications

Hi Sylvia,

Yes I checked there first, but wanted to make sure with the actual company that makes the medicine.

On the glutenfreedrugs website it lists flexeril and cyclobenzaprine as gluten-free, but on the generic it only lists 3 manufacturers, and Aurobindo not being one of them, I wondered.

Good news however, they called me an hour ago, and it turns out that in fact it is gluten-free.

Thanks again,


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Glad you found out it is gluten-free, Miriam! In very rare instances (like an excruciating toothache with a scrip for an antibiotic and vicodin), I've also asked to see the printout of the meds to check the ingredients as I had just come from the dentist and needed something fast. Not my preferred way of doing it but I didn't have time for the pharmacist to check with the manufacturer.

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