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Test Results

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Feeling much better since being off gluten. It's only been a week. Here are my test results. Diagnosed with pernicious anemia about 10 years ago. My symptoms have been bloating, fatigue, abd pain.


GLIADIN (DEAMIDATED) AB IGA <10.0 <20.0 (Negative) U

GLIADIN (DEAMIDATED) AB IGG <10.0 <20.0 (Negative) U

Doesn't look very convincing. Where do I go from here?




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Welcome Dan!

This sounds VERY convincing to me:

"Feeling better since being off gluten. It's only been a week."

Continue to live gluten free - many times the test of removing gluten is far more accurate than any medical test.

Make sure you remove ALL gluten - it can be hidden in many, many foods.

Clean kitchen of all gluten - replace toaster, cutting boards, anything that can't be completely cleaned. Replace food items that could have been contaminated by gluten before you started the diet - such as mayo, peanut butter, etc.

Check out this link for much more info: http://www.celiac.com/articles/22060/1/The-Gluten-Free-Diet-101---A-Beginners-Guide-to-Going-Gluten-Free/Page1.html

The transition can be a tough one - this site is the best resource to ask questions/get support.

Make note of any changes in symptoms - sometimes you'll find something improving that you didn't even think was a problem.

Good Luck :)


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