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Gluten Free Since August 10 2012 - Feeling Tired

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Hello all,

I have had chronic rhintis for 5 years or so now and have been taking nasal steroids to deal with it. I wanted to be able to not have to use the nasal sprays so I did a sensitivity test on aug 10 and it came up with gluten as something I had a bad sensitivity too. I cut out gluten and other things right away.

So I tried not using the nasal sprays much while going gluten free so I could gauge what would happen. After about 4 or 5 days I felt absolutely wonderful. My sinuses were quite clear and I did not really have much brain fog which I used to get quite a bit. Although I did have licorice on August 19 which I did not know contained gluten until after I had ate it. I noticed I did not feel so great that night and the next day was really quite bad and I had a lot of brain fog. Since the licorice I have not had any gluten products that I know of and am rarely taking the nasal sprays.

The problem I am facing now is fatigue. For the last week or so, I have slept my normal 7 or 8 hours, but when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I have barely slept at all and I feel fatigued for the whole day. But I assume this is just one type of withdrawal symptom that is possible. I understand that my fatigue is supposed to go away eventually, but it is very difficult to deal with.


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It could be withdrawl but it also could be your body is still fighting the glutening you had. Some of us can take quite a while to go through the full cascade of symptoms that they get. And those symptoms can be different for different people. I was glutened about a month ago and just started feeling normal a couple days ago.


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One thing I feel about natural remedies like diet: If there is any reaction at all it is good. If you feel good or bad something is happening.

I had about a week of bliss before falling into withdrawl or foggy dizziness of dispair. I don't know if it was withdrawl or contact with gluten and other problem foods.

I was doing something right before I got off gluten. I was on an excellent diet and supplements. I had improved in health the past 5 years. I am only about 4 months grain free. I have had some really great days lately; I have had confusing bad days. I am always trying to figure out what went wrong. I believe my supplements are one of the reasons I am improving. I have 30 years to make up for.

My foggy dizziness left at about 3 months. My last reaction to somethingoranother resulted in no fogginess.

I am not saying that you will have the same results, but there is hope. Hang on for the ride.

I hope you can learn and stay on your diet. I hope you will soon be writing about an awesome day. But if you aren't (yet) hang in there because there is hope. You can write and tell if it seems unfair you are still foggy 3 months.

Lastly, I hope you can enjoy gluten free licorice one day.



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It could be withdrawal or it could be an intolerance. A lot of secondary intolerances pop up when going gluten free.

Dairy causes my sinus's to act up so bad my sinus's swell as well as the roof of my mouth swells and blisters pop up. When that happens I usually have about a week and a half of pure heck.


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    • thats so exciting! let me know if you need any help with finding gluten-free products or brands when you move here
    • I have had NO breath tests done. Just  blood, stool, colonoscopy and endoscopy. I'm sorry. I'm feeling so discouraged. I just know its going to be put down to IBS. And I personally feel  that IBS is a throw away diagnosis when no one wants to investigate further. 
    • Also, have you been tested for H. Pylori infection?  I think I have seen that many ulcers can be attributed to that. It is also diagnosed with a breath test.  Hang in there. Many people have been in your shoes.  I wish it were easier.  
    • Another thing to investigate is SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). It can cause all of these symptoms. There is a breath test to check for it which any GI doctor should know about, although you have a better chance of knowledge at a teaching hospital.  There's a lot of new research in this area. Here is more information: http://www.siboinfo.com/overview.html The current thought is that many IBS cases are actually SIBO. The treatment requires antibiotics (standard or herbal, both work) and dietary adjustments to reduce fermentable carbs so as not to feed the bacteria.  If it is very advanced, it can take multiple courses of treatment and for some people it seems to be chronic. There is always an underlying cause. Food sensitivities and malfunctioning migrating motor complex are the two big ones. Also structural problems with the intestines that slow motility is another.  There is a high prevelance of SIBO in gluten intolerance. My theory is that it is the neuro toxicity of gluten in susceptible individuals that slows gut transit and sets up a perfect condition for bacterial overgrowth.  But I'm not a doctor  I just have a daughter with chronic SIBO and gluten intolerance that manifests itself in neurological symptoms.   You might want to look into it.  The above website is a treasure trove of information. 
    • 1. My thyroid was tested and is in the normal range.    2. I'm not taking any medication so nothing to interfere with test results.  3.  My endoscopy showed multiple ulcers and that's what the GI chalked up to my very rare ibuprofen use. I use ibuprofen maybe once a month if that.  4.  I'll check into anything to figure out what's wrong     I got my Celiac test back today. It showed no evidence of Celiac disease. So I'm back at the drawing board. I did another stool test today also.   
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