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Gluten Free Since August 10 2012 - Feeling Tired

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Hello all,

I have had chronic rhintis for 5 years or so now and have been taking nasal steroids to deal with it. I wanted to be able to not have to use the nasal sprays so I did a sensitivity test on aug 10 and it came up with gluten as something I had a bad sensitivity too. I cut out gluten and other things right away.

So I tried not using the nasal sprays much while going gluten free so I could gauge what would happen. After about 4 or 5 days I felt absolutely wonderful. My sinuses were quite clear and I did not really have much brain fog which I used to get quite a bit. Although I did have licorice on August 19 which I did not know contained gluten until after I had ate it. I noticed I did not feel so great that night and the next day was really quite bad and I had a lot of brain fog. Since the licorice I have not had any gluten products that I know of and am rarely taking the nasal sprays.

The problem I am facing now is fatigue. For the last week or so, I have slept my normal 7 or 8 hours, but when I wake up in the morning, I feel like I have barely slept at all and I feel fatigued for the whole day. But I assume this is just one type of withdrawal symptom that is possible. I understand that my fatigue is supposed to go away eventually, but it is very difficult to deal with.


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It could be withdrawl but it also could be your body is still fighting the glutening you had. Some of us can take quite a while to go through the full cascade of symptoms that they get. And those symptoms can be different for different people. I was glutened about a month ago and just started feeling normal a couple days ago.


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One thing I feel about natural remedies like diet: If there is any reaction at all it is good. If you feel good or bad something is happening.

I had about a week of bliss before falling into withdrawl or foggy dizziness of dispair. I don't know if it was withdrawl or contact with gluten and other problem foods.

I was doing something right before I got off gluten. I was on an excellent diet and supplements. I had improved in health the past 5 years. I am only about 4 months grain free. I have had some really great days lately; I have had confusing bad days. I am always trying to figure out what went wrong. I believe my supplements are one of the reasons I am improving. I have 30 years to make up for.

My foggy dizziness left at about 3 months. My last reaction to somethingoranother resulted in no fogginess.

I am not saying that you will have the same results, but there is hope. Hang on for the ride.

I hope you can learn and stay on your diet. I hope you will soon be writing about an awesome day. But if you aren't (yet) hang in there because there is hope. You can write and tell if it seems unfair you are still foggy 3 months.

Lastly, I hope you can enjoy gluten free licorice one day.



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It could be withdrawal or it could be an intolerance. A lot of secondary intolerances pop up when going gluten free.

Dairy causes my sinus's to act up so bad my sinus's swell as well as the roof of my mouth swells and blisters pop up. When that happens I usually have about a week and a half of pure heck.


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    • I do not think anyone was discussing " formed chicken" here.  Obviously, that is a different food than plain fresh chicken.
    • Dermatitis Herpetiformis  can manifest itself in lesions anywhere, not just elbows and knees.  I have it and although gluten free, I still have severe itching and little bumps that itch.  I don't have the lesions any more, but itching can drive a person mad.  the bumps can be on buttocks, shoulders, etc.  Dapsone is the standard treatment, if you are not allergic.  I also use topical prescription creams.  I take 2 Zyrtec a day and benedryl at night.  Benedril spray helps with temporary relief.  Also am on hydroxyzine and doxepin.  Sometimes steroids like prednisone help, but can ruin ones blood sugar counts.  I use Grandma's Baking Soda soap.  Straw may certainly be a factor.  I must be coming in contact with a trigger of some kind even though I'm very careful about my diet.  Change your dermatologist and get a specialist in DH.  I went for years with all kinds of stomach and bowel issues and was 69 years old before being correctly diagnosed.  Don't let anyone tell you it's your imagination!
    • I can not help you except to offer some emotional support.  You are not crazy!  You can get glutened on a farm.  Here is a study: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc063112#t=article This topic has come up before: Hugs!      
    • I know I got glutened after handling some straw last year helping out decorating at the farmers market then going to eat something without washing my hands. I later learned it was wheat straw, some of them still had the heads on them and everything. Gave that area wide walk around after that, I did not have much issues with inhalation with it. But if your there with a thrasher running, down wind during the harvest.......I imagine it might be hell if your super sensitive. If you get skin reactions that easily from it I guess taking a vacation during harvest? Try staying indoors, dust mask, long sleeves and pants hope for the best.......I am just throwing some ideas out there. Maybe someone can help a bit more.
    • Hi i haven't been diagnosed yet. Bloodwork was negative (on gluten free diet) and I'm awaiting skin biopsy results  I have DH on the front of my thighs. The dermatologist says DH only happens on knees and elbows therefore I don't have it. It's itchy as hell, blisters, purple scans as It heals, migrates around but always in that spot on both legs. It takes 5 days after exposure to gluten for it to show up and it can last for a month. I throw up 24 hours after exposure, GI symptoms 36 hours after that last for about a week. I also will have a panic attack somewhere in that time.  I've been gluten free since December. Rash went away after a week of no gluten but came back after a few months (I ate a rice Crispie square)  My problem is this. I live in a farming community. I just filled my dogs kennel with straw not even THINKING about gluten. This was last week. All symptoms happened in order and now the DH is back. How the hell am I going to survive? I can stop using it on my property but what if it's in the air during Harvest time? I thought I had a mental handle on this but I'm devastated and terrified. My husband doubts it's possible the straw Glutened me but I know it did. What if this summer the air literally kills me? Has anyone dealt with this? I feel like I'm going insane, I'm so obsessed with this and now I'm itchy and sick too 😥 
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