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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Kids Cold/pain Products!

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This process is infuriating!! I spent an HOUR and 20 minutes at Walgreens going up and down the isle, reading labels and searching on my phone for gluten free cold meds/etc for children. I want to have my cabinet ready for cold season, we've already had a couple sniffles circulate! I get ibuprofen at Target (their brand) that is clearly labeled gluten free, the children's dye free ibuprofen as well. I also verified with the manufacturer on a couple of Target OTC products. I wanted to have some Tylenol on hand even though if my kids have a fever I usually use ibuprofen- there have been occasions when dealing with a high fever or really sick kiddo, that my pediatrician suggests alternating the two. So, I cannot find ANY generic OTC acetemetephen that apepars to be gluten free- I picked up the grape Tylenol children's liquid- I could not verify online but past post searches suggest this is TESTED and IS confimed gluten free?

I also have a list from gluten free drugs, that lists Benadryl and Dimetapp as gluten free. (the liquids) I had Dimetapp in my hand (nighttime cold and cough) and put it back b/c Benadryl D allergy/sinus is the exact same but twice the potency so only 1tsp needed rather than 2tsp, and made it way cheaper. But on the Benadryl site, it says they do not test so they don't add gluten ingredients, but there could be due to manufacturing. I also called the manufacturer of Triaminic becasue I have som ein my cabinet- both orange cold/allergy liquid and the purple nightime cold/cough liquid. I was told the same thing, no gluten, but they cannot say about manufacturing because they do not test their procucts.

What do you experienced moms do with this issue----- do you safely use products that are gluten free but are not TESTED for the presense of gluten?

I have not opened the Benadryl cold/sinus-- was curious your thoughts on this, or if you moms have suggestions on using a safe cold medication- is Dimetapp better, for example?

I do not want to be in the kitchen trying to fgure out what to give my sick kid at 2am, which is why I was trying to get some safe products today!

I use Ricolla drops for my 8 year old as well, and at least their site says no gluten in any of their products!

I do not usually use medications on my kids, but I like to be prepared- last spring my kids got hand, foot and mouth diesase and I tell you what, my 4 year old was about as sick as they come, even had 2 ER visits. It was bad and I was glad I had what I needed- you just never know and I like to know that my products are safe- I have verified them for myself (also celiac) but my products are a bit simpler- I use ibuprofen/Sudafed (Walgreens brand labeled gluten-free, behind the coutner) and Benadryl ( I buy Walgreens brand which is labeled gluten-free) when sick!


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So, Tylenol replies that the gluten information for Children's Tylenol is not available, and they no longer have a gluten free list. They state that their testing used to be performed by an outside laboratory using the ELISA test kit, this only related to the products that they had tested. Which does not include the Tylenol.

I guess I will return that and keep searching for a gluten free alternative, or give up and use only ibuprofen if my kiddos get sick or fever.

Anyone out there have a comment, surely you have safe meds at home you have found!



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Yes, Dimetapp and Benadryl are on the list there (although they don't test)

Sometimes that's the best we can get from a manufacturer. I do use Benedryl occasionally without a problem.


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So there I was at Target today, and saw their brand of nighttime cold stuff (same as Triamic, Dimetapp, and the Benadryl cold/sinus stuff I had bought- all same ingredients. Only this Target brand, big green gluten free label! And it was under three bucks! So I returned the other stuff to my Walgreens and saved $16.

Lesson learned! You never do know! After the response from Tylenol and the lack of anything labeled or verified gluten free, I am likely to just stick to the gluten free ibuprofen I also purchased from the Target brand for my kiddos!


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    • Very interesting. However, my positive on the DGP test is on the combined assay. When separated into IGA and IGG they are within normal range. Twice the IGA was a point or two above normal range, which can be easily disregarded per University of Chicago.  Much of the research done on NCGS is showing activation of cells which are different then in celiac. Placing it still in a gluten related illness spectrum, but an entirely different kind of mode of transport, if you will, then celiac disease. Odd, because I am pretty sure I read that 1st degree relatives of celiacs have a higher prevalence of NCGS suggesting it is, in part, that they are related. But I cannot recall where I read that.  I think my specialist doc is following the right track given that all of this began at the tail end of a 6 week challenge in 2015/16 and I have an increase in IELs.  which, as I've stated before, is a very non-specific finding however. Symptoms continued On a gluten free diet for me months after.  however I was only on it for that 3 months after they found some inflammation. So maybe I didn't give it long enough.  Or like I said, maybe it's something else. We shall see! 
    • Thank you for your replies, everyone! It was very helpful. I don't think I am comfortable with passing the whole gluten introduction diet again and getting that rash. Or, even getting the rash on my face flared up again. It actually might be a good thing I got 'glutened' at that bd party so I could finally make connection with all the symptoms. As I thought back about my 'allergy' rashes I start wondering if it could be related to gluten all those years but no one even suspected. For example, at some point I started getting itchy rash around my knees, spreading down to ankles (front of the legs) in summer. The dermatologist and GP said it is 'sun allergy'. The usual allergic treatments helped for the itch and the patchy scales slowly healed but it flared up on the same place during the summer multiple times. The strange thing is that it never flared up when I went hiking, or walking in the sun in the city (I have extremely low vit D levels and I need to supplement, so it was no-no to stay completely covered no matter the rash...I needed my natural vit D). The rash only appeared after beach visits. At some point I started washing and drying my skin with a towel every time I went out from the sea, the rash still appeared but I was able to control it so it showed up on day 4-5 when vacation was almost over. Then, last summer after I was completely gluten and dairy free for approximately 9-10 months, and I was annoyed of washing my skin each and every time and getting those weird looks on the beach, I stopped doing it. I was prepared with medicine and creams for that rash but guess what - my 'sun allergy' was mysteriously gone. Not a single blister, not a patch of itchy skin, nothing. Another 'allergy' case of mine is that I found from my own bad experience I got very bad rash from red dyes (in food or cosmetics). If it is food it shows on my face, if it is cosmetics (soaps, perfumes)...whenever I applied it. I am now reading that people with dh should stay away from red dyes. Mere coincidence? I don't know, I am more and more suspicious I could have this DH thing going on for years, if that is DH. I am just annoyed that all the dermatologists I went to during all those years never made connection. No one even suspected. It was the usual path - cortisone creams, pills, etc. At some point cortisone creams were no longer working so they started prescribing some mixtures made in the pharmacy specifically for me with sulfur. That worked like a charm but I couldn't walk around all covered in white cream looking like a mummy (long sleeves in summer here where I live and summer = 35-38 C, is not fun). Then, I tried homeopathy....it worked like a charm but of course those rashes kept appearing and disappearing, I was only able to control the itchy skin so I don't scratch, scratch, scratch...looong, long journey! Sorry about my rant...and, one more time thank you everyone who found the time to reply and share your opinion! Much appreciated!
    • Found this old thread when researching for my daughter who might be having an endoscopy in September. I'm curious to know what the results were?
    • Actually "flour" is not a common ingredient in soy sauce.   Accusing a manufacturer of "lying" about ingredients is a serious charge.  If you actually have proof that this company is not listing ingredients, you should report it to the FDA.
    • Ok guys, I messed up. I ate a bag of marshmallows the same day... low and behold, with wheat starch. I did not expect that. Sneaky sneaky marshmallows with with wheat starch. fml
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