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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Changes Or Improvements You Noticed............

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Going Gluten Free, What were the first few changes or improvementsyou noticed. ?

Happy and speedy recovery for all


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Over the last 2-3 months since I went gluten-free I noticed (in approximate order):

  • no stomach aches after I ate
  • no nightime bloat andassociated pains
  • migraines are 0-1 a month instead of a few days a week
  • stomach flattened out noticeably
  • lost 10-15 lbs
  • some new hair growth
  • less muscle cramps at night
  • less problems with plantar fascitis (sp)

On the other hand I also have:

  • more fatigue
  • more/new joint pain in my hands, elbows, shoulder (shoulder is a carry over)

...but I have a another AI that could be causing that. :rolleyes:


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Unfortunately...no good changes for me yet! Still have stomach aches (D), increased joint pain, increased fatigue, hungry all the time, gained 5 lbs...it's been fun!! <_<


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I've only been gluten-free for five months, which is still early days, but have seen lots of improvement.

After the first week there was noticeably less diarrhea/stomach cramps, and no more migraines!!! The migraines had developed to multiple times per week, and now I haven't had one since that first gluten-free week. I still have the diarrhea, but it's much less frequent. It used to be multiple times per day for over a year, and now it's only a few times per week.

After a month I was able to eat dairy again in small amounts - although that is bothering me again now. Not sure why.

After two months the anxiety was noticeably relieved, but it came back again after a glutening about a month ago and it stuck around for weeks. That anxiety is my nemesis.

Also around two months my blurry vision began to improve. This wasn't something I noticed right away so it could have happened sooner. I renewed my drivers license in March, not long before going gluten free, and almost failed the vision test. I knew my eyes were sometimes blurry, but this was a wake up call. Now my vision is absolutely fine. I can read the Netflix descriptions again without straining my eyes! :D

I still have some other symptoms, like cramps, pains, and balance issues, but I'm checking them off one at a time.


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regular BMs (yay!)

no more vomiting

my skin has been clearing up, but still has some issues

i've maintained and lost a tad bit more weight (not a bad thing, i'm nearly to what i should be though)

My knees only hurt when a storm is coming in or if i've walked to much

my axiety has went down majorly

I feel good and can generally go from 6am to about 11pm without a nap (when i don't have a stomach but)

i can concentrate better (yay for good grades!)

My GERD is now under better control (i can't help but wonder if there was gluten in the pills i was taking).


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4-5 months gluten free.

I just realized that I went all through August without aching feet. That hasn't happened for the last 5 years until this one. I also suffered from plantar fasheitis, but haven't had that this summer. I did have some when I went grain free.


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    • King Arthur Flour has excellent mixes and gluten free recipes if you enjoy baking.  If you live in a city, there are bound to be bakeries and cafes that make gluten free items and some groceries stores that stock them as well.  
    • You could have the full celiac panel done to see if any other numbers come up high. TTG IGA and IGG, DGP IGA and IGG, EMA. If your doctor is not a gastroenterologist then you can try going to one. They know what to test for. You could also simplify your diet and start a food log. Gradually introduce foods and when stomach pains start you can see what you ate in the last two days to cause a problem.  
    • I had the same issue with stomach pain after diagnosis and it turned out to be soy protein that was causing it.  I never ate much soy before diagnosis and gluten was keeping me constantly ill so I never realized it was an issue till I stopped going with foods with soy on the suggestion of good freind. Not saying that is the problem with you but thought I would throw it out there as a possibility. If you are eating oats you may want to drop those for a bit also since some of us will react to those even if they are gluten free. In addition is there any way you can avoid eating oput for a month or so? You may be getting glutened but not enough to show on the TtG. I could be wrong but I think the DGP tests are the preferred ones for checking with dietary compliance. You should also consider dropping dairy for a bit. Add it back in when you are feeling better starting with stuff like hard cheeses, yogurt and butter that have low amounts of lactose. Hopefully you will be able to figure out what is going on soon and get some relief.  
    • I was diagnosed with celiac 2 years ago and since have been gluten-free. When I started my ttg was 88. I just recently visited the doc because I still seem to suffer from almost daily stomach pain. My ttg came back at 4. The doc suggested I try Metamucil and next week give lactaid a try as I still eat dairy.  The metamucil I took one day and I had such bad stomach pain and loose bowel movements I felt too miserable to try it again. I haven't tried the lactaid yet but in the past I have and didn't see much difference.  Heres the other thing: I do eat out a lot. I try to stick with safe places but every now and then I play the odds. So I usually manage to get sick once a month (lately it's been more) so I went to the doc and had my ttg level tested to see if my body is still getting gluten and this is why I still feel horrible. But my levels came back at 4, so now I'm just wondering... what the heck? I'm feeling super discouraged and doomed to a life of unexplained stomach pain.    The annoying part is all my dr did is give me the results. Like "oh you're continuing to improve." Ok, but I'm in paid so what's going on? No answers, ever. It seems like I get suggestions, but they never do anything and I'm so fed up with my body. I'm tired of waking up frequently wondering what I could have ate that is bothering me. I had no idea two years later I'd still be struggling. Lately the stomach pain has increased and it's daily now again. I've been taking pepto for it and it helps a bit, but I don't want to live life digging in my purse for pepto everyday.   any advice or suggestions from anyone who has been through this are appreciated.  I get that celiac may not be the only problem but I don't know where to go anymore as I've been searching for 2 years.      
    • I agree that this article is a scare tactic.  Looks like this child was starved to death. Note the article states the parents did not seek medical help. Millions of children and adults have food allergies and intolerance but do not have this happen. Following a medical diet is a healthy choice for quality and quantity of life. These types of articles have no value in this place of healing.
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