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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Changes Or Improvements You Noticed............

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Gemme    2


Going Gluten Free, What were the first few changes or improvementsyou noticed. ?

Happy and speedy recovery for all

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nvsmom    332

Over the last 2-3 months since I went gluten-free I noticed (in approximate order):

  • no stomach aches after I ate
  • no nightime bloat andassociated pains
  • migraines are 0-1 a month instead of a few days a week
  • stomach flattened out noticeably
  • lost 10-15 lbs
  • some new hair growth
  • less muscle cramps at night
  • less problems with plantar fascitis (sp)

On the other hand I also have:

  • more fatigue
  • more/new joint pain in my hands, elbows, shoulder (shoulder is a carry over)

...but I have a another AI that could be causing that. :rolleyes:

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luvrdeo    1

Unfortunately...no good changes for me yet! Still have stomach aches (D), increased joint pain, increased fatigue, hungry all the time, gained 5 lbs...it's been fun!! <_<

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kittty    22

I've only been gluten-free for five months, which is still early days, but have seen lots of improvement.

After the first week there was noticeably less diarrhea/stomach cramps, and no more migraines!!! The migraines had developed to multiple times per week, and now I haven't had one since that first gluten-free week. I still have the diarrhea, but it's much less frequent. It used to be multiple times per day for over a year, and now it's only a few times per week.

After a month I was able to eat dairy again in small amounts - although that is bothering me again now. Not sure why.

After two months the anxiety was noticeably relieved, but it came back again after a glutening about a month ago and it stuck around for weeks. That anxiety is my nemesis.

Also around two months my blurry vision began to improve. This wasn't something I noticed right away so it could have happened sooner. I renewed my drivers license in March, not long before going gluten free, and almost failed the vision test. I knew my eyes were sometimes blurry, but this was a wake up call. Now my vision is absolutely fine. I can read the Netflix descriptions again without straining my eyes! :D

I still have some other symptoms, like cramps, pains, and balance issues, but I'm checking them off one at a time.

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shadowicewolf    166

regular BMs (yay!)

no more vomiting

my skin has been clearing up, but still has some issues

i've maintained and lost a tad bit more weight (not a bad thing, i'm nearly to what i should be though)

My knees only hurt when a storm is coming in or if i've walked to much

my axiety has went down majorly

I feel good and can generally go from 6am to about 11pm without a nap (when i don't have a stomach but)

i can concentrate better (yay for good grades!)

My GERD is now under better control (i can't help but wonder if there was gluten in the pills i was taking).

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4-5 months gluten free.

I just realized that I went all through August without aching feet. That hasn't happened for the last 5 years until this one. I also suffered from plantar fasheitis, but haven't had that this summer. I did have some when I went grain free.

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