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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Probiotics - Which Brand And Do I Have To Worry About Gluten?

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I have taken Probiotics in the past, even before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I was taking 15 billion organisms and when compared to my new dosage of 100 million I realize how well the 15 billion was working for me. I am realizing that I really need Probiotics, because they did seem to help. I think it was a Vitacost brand (been awhile).

I was wondering do I have to worry about Gluten being in Probiotics? I previously read some threads out here about Probiotics having gluten in them. Is this true?

And does anyone know if Vitacost is okay? Can anyone recommend a 10-15 billion organism probiotic that is $15-$20 that is Gluten-free?



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I can't recall hearing of probiotics containing gluten. Wondering whether it might've been in a combo pill as opposed to a 'just probiotic'.

They really can make a noticeable difference, can't they? I remember being glad to have something as clearcut as it was for me, otherwise buried in so many wishy-washy inconclusives re pills, treatments, other (non-gluten) foods.

I don't know Vitacost brand, but I think there are many good options.

I've seen it said that occasionally changing brands is recommended, as the gut appreciates the variety, but I can't say whether it's true or even generally thought to be true. I'd like to hear what others w/ more experience would comment on that.

I ended up finding that brands grown w/ dairy affect me, but as it's not really an ingredient, doesn't need to be on the label. :(

Lately I've been using one labeled 'Vegetarian Formula", which is manufactured some other way. At Whole Foods, I get the green-lidded PB8 - their regular one has a blue lid.

Says 14 billion. I'm not sure what significance there is to some being refrigerated in the store & some not. These aren't tho I keep 'em in the fridge at home.

But my main point is that I think you'll find there are a lot of good choices for gluten-free probiotics.


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I've taken a few different ones but the one that is now working the best for me is Align. My nutritionist was the one who recommended it...it is a bit higher in cost than some of the others but my God, it is great. You only take it once a day and it has definitely helped my system get more balanced. I have a standing order placed with a big online retailer and it comes in at a little over $20 for a 28-day supply. I've just found out my BJs is supposed to carry it in a big pack so I'm going to check the price there.


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    • I used to worry I was having a heart attack. The symptoms, a pressing, intense chest pain on left side of chest lasting several minutes sometimes. I went through extensive cardio tests and when they turned up negative was told to live with it. I had bouts of it through my life until I went gluten free for entirely different symptoms. Getting rid of those pains was an unexpected but welcome side effect. It's unpleasant and scary but at least if you know that's the case you have an explanation. Don't let that stop you from seeking medical advice if it persists or is different in any way however.  This is, as ever, good advice: Just think about a busy pizza place on a weekend. Flour in the air and on the hands of kitchen staff. Someone phones in an order. Are they 'really' gluten free or just (insert stereotype) hipster posers impressing their friends with their fad diet. Either way no time to change gloves or use different tools. etc etc. It's a high risk environment.  It sucks, but in these first few months particularly you're better errring on the side of caution.   
    • ???? Lundberg do not use oats in ANY of their products. check the grains section http://www.lundberg.com/products/grains/ I guess try lotus if it still bothers you.....you might be like me and all grains/carbs cause some kind of gut issues. I had to go paleo/keto.....thought for years it was just bad gut bacteria but ended up being another AI issues that reacted to carbs.
    • Unfortunately I have a intolerance to oats so Lundberg bothers me. Thanks so much though. 
    • Thank you guys! Great info and I'm researching your suggestions RIGHT now. I am sure I will have questions - I will ask my doc about vitamin deficiency testing and I will NOT do that gluten challenge!
    • Oh wow!  I haven't been here in days because I have been POURING over the most recent SIBO literature!  Have you heard of Dr Nemechek?  https://www.nemechekconsultativemedicine.com/ His approach is very simple and essentially you STOP using probiotics and start taking Inulin.  It is all very fascinating and falling in with what we are seeing with our daughter. In a nutshell he says that the bacteria that has overpopulated is "damaging" the system (second brain).  That they are meant to stay in the colon but start to grow out (for multiple reasons) and expand into areas of the intestines that should be populated by other area specific bacteria.  They slowly take over and expand out further.  Probiotics feed EVERYTHING and make the SIBO worse and Antibiotics kills EVERYTHING and does nothing to solve the problem either.  There is one antibiotic - Rifaximin that stays in the colon and does not permeate its walls.  Other than that he suggests that you FEED the good bacteria and allow them to thrive and naturally win back the territory.  Inulin is the food that they eat and taking Inulin (Chickory root fibre) will nourish the healthy bacteria.  3 months ago we stripped away Gluten and dairy and saw HUGE results and then lost them.  We also introduced a very high quality multi-strain probiotic.  Dr Nemechek says that the fact that some people see gains when they go gluten-free/DF because they essentially "starve" the bad bacteria and there is a bit of a dying off.  But it is not fixing the core issue and often you can see food intolerances and symtoms worsen even though you are still gluten-free/DF.  This is EXACTLY the dynamic we are seeing with our daughter.  She is eating AIR but is still in pain and now her Sensory issues seem worse than ever (thanks to the probiotic maybe)? He also says that the healthy bacteria secrete an acidic compound that kills off the bad bacteria which also explains why some people feel better when they consume ACV. I find the entire thing fascinating!  
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