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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Could My Symptoms Be Celiac?

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I've struggled for about 2 years on/off with bladder and digestive issues (feelings like recurring UTI's but there's never any cultures in the urine tests). I've had multiple urine tests all coming back negative, at first it was thought to be interstitial cystitis, but then that was cleared. I took prescription Vesicare for a while for it but that didn't help. My bladder was tested to see if its emptying properly and it was cleared. I have possible bladder spasms. My kidneys were also tested and cleared. I've had a blood test recently (not for celiac) with low counts of most everything except high CRPs (attacking something in my body).

I've recently, 6 months ago, started having pretty bad, itchy, red and dry breakouts on my chin and the antibiotic and topical gel from the doctor hasn't helped any.... dermatitis?? I'm not sure. I've had problems digesting protein for about 3 months, I cannot have any protein at all (I'm vegetarian so my protein is soy, pea and rice based) or my stomach gets extremely bloated to the point of discomfort and I get gas and have digestive problems. I couldn't eat dairy but am taking a daily probiotic so its now alright. The past week or so I've been SO lethargic, no matter how much sleep I get, dizzy when I get up sometimes, moody, with a really really foggy head and exhausted muscles. I usually have tons of energy. I have been gluten-free for two days just as a little experiment and I'm feeling a little bit better. I usually eat organic rolled oats for breakfast every morning, but I haven't been doing that and have more energy in the morning, but oats aren't gluten free?

I feel like my skin, my bladder and my stomach issues all have to be related, and the thing I keep coming across is celiacs. Can anyone off the top of their head tell if this sounds like celiac? thank you :)

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kittty    22

It could be celiac, but it could be many other things too.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause bladder issues, and a lot of the other things you're describing.

You mentioned that you're vegetarian, but do you eat any animals products such as eggs or yogurt? Vitamin B12 can only be found in animal products or supplements (or processed foods with those supplements in them), so a deficiency is common among vegans and vegetarians.

Have you tried any supplements?

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frieze    113

I don't eat eggs or yogurt, I do take a supplement though and I can't imagine a B12 deficiency could affect me for so long, could it?

Yes it could. B12 def. can be deadly. get tested, then supplement with methylcobolamin, on an empty stomach, the under the tongue sort adds a tiny edge, unfortunately they are compounded to be pleasing to the taste buds, so watch out for the additives.

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    • Eeh bah gum, ta JMG!  I find it fascinating that it has almost the same (or is it the same) colour label as Lea and Perrins?  I wonder which came first? Hopefully they have moved from the building in the photo as they are selling so many bottles that they need bigger premises.    Funny though - I thought you'd sent me a picture of a pub when I first saw it.  Bet it was a pub before they took it over!  
    • I would just generally eat healthy. Avoid milk and fructose for a while as they can be difficult to digest before your intestine heals.  Glutamine powder is a protein that is available in grocery stores. Glutamine is the main fuel for the cells that line the intestine, and it may help them grow back faster.  I don't know for sure about alchohol but I would avoid it. Gluten I think is soluble in high concentration alcohol. This may cause a more intense immune response. 
    • http://hypothyroidmom.com/10-nutrient-deficiencies-every-thyroid-patient-should-have-checked/ Here's an article that explains all the nutrients the thyroid needs to function properly and the consequences to the thyroid if there's a deficiency.   Some thyroid problems will correct themselves if existing nutritional deficiencies are corrected.   Check with your doctor to see if any nutritional deficiencies need to be addressed. Hope this helps.  
    • Thanks guys! Ill defintley ask about the full thyroid panel. I did antibodies for those thyroid ones a year ago do i have to get that again.  Thanks Ennis for those recommandations I will resort back to my food diary!
    • To add to the good advice above. I think your husband has to take it on himself to communicate with his parents that this is a serious, medically diagnosed condition that their grandson has to live with for the rest of his life. He needs them to back you up, be supportive etc. On no account should you be cast as the fussy daughter-in-law who has to have her crazy notions indulged - they need to know that their son is 100% on board with this and that the pair of you are united. Just one other point. It's very difficult for most people to conceptualise celiac, they tend to think of it as they would a problem with spicy food say. Something that you should probably avoid but a little bit now and then won't hurt. So without getting scientific, it would be good if your husband could get that key point across. That a little is just about as bad as a lot when the body's immune system is involved.  That there can't be any compromises or cheating. Even the suggestion will be harmful for your son in adjusting. Also that you understand that their house cannot be a gluten-free environment and you don't expect them to change their lives whilst your there - but that you need to take reasonable precautions to keep your son safe.  I think as long as people understand there's reasons for all the precautions etc its easier for them to accept. They may not agree with it or understand it but they can at least understand your thought process.  Finally, get as much of this communicating done in advance so you, your husband and your son can just enjoy himself without constant references to his diet.  Hope it goes well!
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