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A Thank You To Dieticians

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mushroom    1,205

Many of us on the forum have in the past, myself included, been somewhat scathing about the help rendered to celiacs by dieticians, and their lack of knowledge of the celiac diet in general.

Now, while I know there are many out there who are pretty useless, I wanted to single out for praise a couple of hospital dieticians who who were able to cater to my needs (with my husband's help) when I was not able to do so myself (being intubated and in an induced coma.) With my multiple food intolerances I had to be one of the toughest challenges they had faced. They managed to come up with a tube feeding formula (from reading the labels) that did not make me sick, and then when I was finally able to resume eating orally, the dietician worked out meal plans for every meal with me for every day I was in the hospital (all 21 of them) from what was on offer in the kitchen that day -- with a few additions and substitutions tossed in here and there, and she worked with the kitchen staff to make sure they understood how to prepare my food.

I later made a special trip back to the hospital to thank her, and she had a student trainee with her so I am sure that that young lady also got special training in gluten free (and other free).

This was in a hospital that has special diets for practically every condition you can imagine, EXCEPT gluten free. :blink:

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shadowicewolf    166

waaaait coma what when where :blink:

I hope you are doing better :)

At any rate, it can be a pain. I haven't had to stay in a hospital since i was a toddler (had flu really really bad).

I'm glad to see this :)

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Wow, that's amazing, so glad they were there for you at the right time.

I agree we need to mention good healthcare as well as bad.

Extra glad they managed to sort you out. This disease is unbelievable.

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GF Lover    201

Wow Mushroom, I hope you have recovered well. I agree with the kudos. Some are caring and knowledgeable. Just this last Wednesday, I was in the Hospital, the gal was bringing the tray cart in the room, another gal came right behind her her saying wait, wait. she grabbed the cart and apologized saying it wasn't double checked and was not gluten free. I had a new tray in 15 minutes from her personally. I was so impressed, I wanted to cry. She obviously took her job seriously and cared enough to run after my tray.

There are "Celiac heroes" as I call them and always thank them profusely. I'm so glad you went back to thank her. I'm sure you made her feel very good and feeling good is the goal.

Thank you for sharing that with us.


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GFinDC    609

Thanks for the positive story Shroomie! It's neat when people can make things work out for us. I hope you are recovering well.

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simon_n    0

Nice story! Hope you'll feel better soon!

My girlfriend is dietician and believe me, they focus on celiac disease, and other food intolerances, more than ever before. It will only get better :)

Nice you went to her again just to say thanks :) They love it and it makes them work even harder :D

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    • Hello, I have the same issue with the hair loss a few months after going gluten free, I have been getting the b12 shot and was also told to take Vit D and Calcium, Also told it was because my guts are still not happy after all i put them thru, It's very upsetting losing the amount of hair I have, my right side of my head is about 65% thinner then the left...Was told it see a Diet person right away. 
    • There is sort of a detox/withdrawal thing for the first few weeks for most. Keep a food diary, often after a glutening a new intolerance will creep up for awhile. Sort of your body associating another food with gluten, and or it just being picky while damaged. Write down everything you eat, how you fix it, seasonings etc. Change up the diet, and look for patterns.  My own gut is being picky today and had D after 2 meals so I am rotating up and narrowing down the culprit tomorrow myself....only see 4 common things in my food dairy.
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