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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Two Questions

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Two questions:

1. Is it possible that (inadvertantly) eating (minute quanities) of gluten can cause migraine-like headaches and ZERO energy? I'm thinking I need to go see a doctor, because after years of no headaches at all and an abundance of energy, since going gluten-free, I've been getting terrible headaches, and getting laid out for days with no energy at all. But it ALWAYS happens after eating something that I didn't prepare myself. I'm being careful. Or rather, I'm trying to be careful, but I think there must be gluten in things that I think wouldn't have gluten, like sausages, or.....I don't know. I can't even think right now.

2. If, after going gluten free (it's been nine months for me), what does it MEAN that I seem to be quite sensitive to even minute amounts of gluten? If years of eating gluten only caused tolerable (though persistent) problems, now that I've eliminated it, after a period of several months of feelings gloriously well, now I seem to have reactions to all sorts of things. Isn't that worse for my body than what was going on before? I mean, if my system was so overwhelmed with gluten that it couldn't react properly, now that it's reacting, isn't that doing even MORE damage?


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I've been gluten-free for ten years now & I find I'm so much more sensitive to gluten now than the beginning....You are still healing being gluten-free for only 9 months. It can take several years for some people to heal.... You also need to become more aware of what you are eating. Become a label reader, hidden gluten is in loads of things....

example: some restaurants put pancake flour in scrambled eggs to make them more fluffy, who would ever guess that...

Plus have you had a good medical work-up done lately? B 12, Vit D, glucose, thyroid panel, metabolic panel & so on....

Another thought is are you reacting to other foods that maybe don't have gluten ie: milk/dairy, soy, corn.....

Hope you feel better soon....


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I didn't realize my migraines were caused by gluten until I went gluten-free. I used to get them for about 2 weeks of the month and now I'm down to just a few days. The two times that I did get glutened (in the first month or so) I ended up with a migraine that lasted a few days and I was tired, so I know for me that there is a definite link.

And yeah, many sausages have gluten filler in them. Not all, but many. :( I hope you are feeling better soon.


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I had some fatigue and lack of energy. I found out I had had both corn and wheat. Things I was eating were cross contaminated.


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Is it possible that (inadvertantly) eating (minute quanities) of gluten can cause migraine-like headaches and ZERO energy?

I live in a household of 5 and until I separated all gluten stuff - bought an island on wheels for their bread etc. and designated the rest of the kitchen gluten free - and also bought all my own bakeware, strainers, measuring cups, etc. I was sorta ill all the time. I had headaches & joint aches, not necessarily the big stomach issues I get if I ate gluten. One day I made gluten cookies and got flour in the air and my sinuses went poof! and I had a mega headache for half an hour - felt woozy. It was an eye opener ! And weird.... I think little amount accumulate and make you feel ill, then make you feel like a big gluten attack.

Yeah, & brain fog !

If, after going gluten free (it's been nine months for me), what does it MEAN that I seem to be quite sensitive to even minute amounts of gluten?

I have been gluten-free for 10 years & I am very sensitive. I no longer handle gluten at all- my kids do the baking and clean up (and not on my counters!). A tiny amount makes me miserable and out of it, a small amount makes me sick.


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I also get a migraine and never connected the two until about 2 months ago and everytime I review what I've had to eat it is from the potential of CC.

And yes, I will react to a crumb now. I even reacted very nastily to driving thru a barley field dust cloud during harvesting, I could taste it in my mouth.

In a way, I'm kinda thankful for the migraine because it let's me know that I have to stay 100% diligent with my food choices, like shared lines in a facility.

Living and learning.



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    • Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if red rose tea bags were gluten free? I have been drinking this tea for years now and the past few weeks I have not been able to drink it. I get cramps in my lower abdomen and this morning I got nauseated. I was wondering if this is something to do with the tea?
    • @LouiseBea Welcome!  Has celiac disease (dermatitis herpetiformis, skin version) been ruled out?  DH treatment requires a life-long gluten free diet.  
    •  I'm a new member and totally frustrated with Dapsone which has done absolutely nothing for my autoimmune skin disease.  This is a condition where the white blood cells attack the skin, and it's been on-going for 6 years.  Only 1 in 2,000 have this rare disease so zero research has been done unfortunately.  My dermatologist put me on a stronger dose which merely worsened it.  So back to the drawing board of what to do.  Redirecting the white blood cells must be an impossible task to figure out, but in this age of technology surely some doctor, chemist, etc., could come up with a solution? I've read where many people become antibiotic resistant and this may have happened to me.  I'm sick to death of my problematic skin, and any suggestions would be helpful.    
    • Hello and welcome It's true that there's a connection between thyroid conditions and celiac.  Loose stools and other digestion issues can be symptoms of celiac and you should definitely explore this issue with your doctor. This is the full celiac panel, try and get as many of these as available to you: Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA
      Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG
      Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA
      Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA
      Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG
      Total Serum IgA You must be eating some gluten each day up to the test date for an accurate response.  Here's some more info. Also check out the forum FAQ   Best of luck    
    • This is a really good serum for moms to reduce dark circles and Puffiness.My mom really liked it and she uses it everyday. I thought it might feel sticky as it dries or sinks in but it doesn’t.It minimizes the dark circles under your eyes and its results get better over time.You don't need to use a lot, a tiny amount will do. If you use too much it could feel sticky. Overall, Excellent product for sensitive skin! And its fragrance free. Very happy with dermalmd's serum and would recommend it to anyone with skin that tends to react to most other creams
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