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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Anybody Else Have Endometriosis And/or Interstitial Cystitis As Well?

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Between being gluten free, allergic to nuts and eggs and sulfites and now the diets for endometriosis and IC, I have been rapidly losing weight and I truly feel that there is NOTHING left that I'm allowed to eat. Any tips on coping?

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Chiana    15

I used to have IC symptoms. I wouldn't really recommend the IC diet...it didn't help me at all. It operates on the concept that acidic is bad and basic is better, which is silly. Whenever I have symptoms and do a UTI test strip, my urine is invariably alkaline.

I just try to lay off the caffeine and booze and drink lots of water. In the long term, the gluten-free diet has helped *a lot*. If I've been glutened recently, I pee every five minutes and pass horrible, scary things in my urine. My advice is to stay worried about the gluten-free diet and it may sort out the rest of what ails you.

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Between being gluten free, allergic to nuts and eggs and sulfites and now the diets for endometriosis and IC, I have been rapidly losing weight and I truly feel that there is NOTHING left that I'm allowed to eat. Any tips on coping?

I had symptoms of IC as well. I used the Inflammacore shake, available on Amazon, which brought down my inflammation by a lot. I seldomly have my symptoms now. :)

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I had a doctor tell me I had IC based on the potassium test - catheter, water, potassium, comparison of pain - but every step hurt like hell which, to me, is no clear diagnosis (if even water hurts there's something else going on, like the dang catheter scraping up my insides!). He then scoped me (without hydrodistension) and didn't see any damage or inflammation. I was there because the sensation of having to pee never ever went away, after coming on suddenly with what I thought was another bladder infection. My mom has IC, and I've read a lot about it. I don't have bladder spasms or pain, and I also didn't see any results - at all - from the IC diet, aloe pills, or the different meds that doc gave me (for overactive bladder or for IC, though the IC drug made my hair fall out).


I had other doctors tell me it could be endometriosis, and talked me into getting an IUD since that would be the first treatment anyway and I'm not looking to procreate. I've had it for about a year and will get it removed soon - terrible acne, night sweats, trouble sleeping, cramps at any time and especially during and after exercising (though not getting a period has been nice). I have not tried the endo diet, but have seen a lot of criticisms of it.


The sensation of needing to pee all the time started to wane nearly a year after it started, not long before I had my upper endoscopy. I was continuing to eat gluten but I think I'd cut back. I'd also started to exercise again. None of my doctors agree with me, but my suspicion is that my bladder problems related to Celiac.


I guess I'll find out when I get this IUD out!

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    • When items have multiple ingredients it can be hard to tell to which we are reacting.  That gluten reactions can be delayed can also make it difficult and at times confusing. I would have random reactions at first and keeping a food and symptom diary helped a great deal. For myself the common item was soy but it took a few weeks to realize that was what was making me ill and I never would have been able to pinpoint it without the diary. I know this wasn't very helpful but I hope you are feeling much better soon.
    • They do a breath test, in some cases they can identify it in extreme cases visually if it has spread to the mouth like thrush or viewable on a scope.
    • Keep a food diary and record everything you eat, condiments, how it is fixed etc. You might have a CC cuplrit and find it this way. Also with this disease it is common to develop random intolerance issues and allergies to foods. If you get glutened depending on your symptoms you can do some things to get over them faster. They make a enzyme to break down gluten, will not stop the antibodies and not cure bit it helps with some of the gut issues to pass faster.  Teas, bone broth, plenty of liquids, and easy to digest foods, everyone is different on what these might be (for me nut flour/butter porridge as I have carb/grain issues). Pepto bismal, for most issues, Imodium for D, Magnesium Calm for C. You might want to help your supplements a bit, as during a glutening your going ot have more issues with absorption. Doctors Best and or Natural vitality Calm magnesium. Calm is a citrate and can be a bit rough on your gut so you have to start off at 1/4 tsp and slowly up the dose. Under times of stress your magnesium levels can really drop so this works wonders. Look up Liquid Health Stress & Energy and Neurological Support try 1tbsp each 3 times a day....that and hte magnesium will really work wonders with making the old happy guy you normally are. Under extreme issues I also turn to CBD oil and eat plenty of hemp and pumpkin seeds from GERBS allergen Friendly foods.
    • So sorry you are going through this set back. You say you are getting glutened from random uncontrollable cross contamination.  What are the things that you think you are getting CC from? Are you consuming oats? If so you may want to drop those for a bit. Are you drinking distilled gluten grain alcohols (safe for most but some of us will react) or some of the gluten removed beers? Some of us are sensitive to those. Do you have a significant other who is a gluten eater? If you are then do be aware they need to brush teeth before you can kiss. If you can tell us a bit more about what you think is getting you and what you are eating on a regular basis we may be able to help you find ways to avoid CC. Have you had a repeat blood panel to see if your antibodies are down? If not it would be a good idea.
    • Hi guys, I had a really bad reaction to a certain brand of kefir yesterday. The reaction was neurological and I think it must have been an accidental glutening or an allergic reaction to an additive. The problem is I don’t know which ingredient had caused it. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a negative reaction to any of the following ingredients:      Locust bean gum E410 Apricot puree (further unspecified) Glucose fructose syrup Citric acid E330 Sodium citrate E331 Paprika extract E160c   I haven't listed the rest of the ingredients because they seem to be ok: e.g. milk, sugar.  Thanks
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