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Burgers And Fajitas

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RedRaider11    0

I was diagnosed this week with celiac by a routine blood test and am trying to wrap my head around going gluten free. I've seen a lot of posts about cross contamination that make me believe some of my doctors advice about eating out might be a bit lacking in accuracy. I was told "just take the bun off the burger" or "order the fajitas and just eat the meat and veggies out of the tortilla." From what I've been reading, it seems as if the meats have touched the buns so to speak, they are no longer safe? I don't (extremely thankful) have much, if any "noticeable" reaction to gluten (although I now know whats going on inside my body) so I don't know if I would have any idea if I was glutened. Sorry if this is an obvious question. I'll be learning quickly I'm sure! Thanks in advance for your responses.

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kareng    1,992

Sounds like your doctors don't know much about Celiac. Look up " celiac centers" and see what the experts say. They will all tell you that no gluten, even the small amount that sticks to a burger or is in the soy sauce the chicken is marinated in, is safe. Here's one to get you started.


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Hopefully, soon your body will be warning you when you make mistakes. Mine took about 4 days of a gluten free diet before it really started bellyaching when I goofed. Other than that you can learn alot here, and in time you will know how to handle it.


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Juliebove    93

Yikes! No, no. You can never do this. Once I got a burger patty to go for my daughter. I told them that I wanted just the patty but they put it on a bun. This was not long after she had been diagnosed. Thinking I could be smart, I took the bun off, rinsed the patty in the sink and reheated it. She got sick as a dog.

You also have to ask about fajita meat in a restaurant. I know it sounds silly but some places use a marinade that contains soy sauce and soy sauce usually contains wheat. You can get gluten-free soy sauce but most restaurants won't have it.

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Hi RedRaider,

I am in the same boat. About a week ago I started on the gluten free diet because of those symptoms.

I've learned so far that you need to be *SURGICALLY* clean about avoiding gluten. Even a crumb of bread will have a reaction.

It makes for dining at a burger place difficult. I guess you could ask them to change their gloves before making your burger, but cross-contamination in that environment seems likely.

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DB12    0

(1) please find a doctor who has more knowledge about celiac. They are out there.

(2) you should not "just take the bread off," as it will still be contaminated by gluten. Even if it does not seem to make you sick, it could be damaging your intestines.

(3) There are places to eat out, but you have to do your research. As far as chain restaurants, "Five Guys" burgers is great because they cook the burgers and buns separately and have a dedicated fryer for the fries. Plus their kitchen is open so you can watch and make sure everything is done properly. They automatically change gloves when I request "no bun," and I bring my own gluten-free bun to use. I know people also like Red Robin for good gluten-free practices, but we do not have that in my area. I am fortunate that there are two local burger joints that offer gluten-free buns and have a separate prep area, so I feel safe eating there, too.

(4) Fajitas are tricky, because a lot of them are marinated in soy sauce--again, you'll have to do a bit of research. I learned when going to a work function that the "Uncle Julio's" chain marinates all their grilled meats in (wheat) soy sauce, so I ate at Chipotle beforehand for my mexican fix. I also learned the hard way that some restaurants make their margaritas with beer! Good luck, and you will feel better, I promise.

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    • I know this is an old post but I was happy to see it here!!  There have been numerous times lately that I swell up (like 3 to 4 lbs heavier) the morning after excess salt (chips, salted nuts, pickles, etc...). This happens even when I know I haven't been exposed to gluten plus I don't have the emotional side and GI issues that come with gluten.  I deflate typically within a day or two and have just recently figured out that seems sodium related.  I am now wondering if the sensitivity to salt is related to a decrease in magnesium.  I quit taking my calcium/magnesium supplement not too long ago (not for any reason... just ran out/got lazy)
    • Ok so is this really true?!?! Conventional? Remember, the fecal transplant was first described in the 1950s, but took decades to catch on as a conventional treatment for gut disorders, such as c-dif bacteria, partly because it was seen as crude and somehow objectionable. But it proved to work. Really well. So much so that it's now a fairly conventional treatment.
    • You are super sweet. I'm sorry your extended family isn't great about get togethers and cards. My family is the same. Once my parents died I don't have anyone who really cares about me except for my husband and kids. My parents started getting really weird about stuff as they got older, and my sisters are way older than me and we didn't grow up together, so we aren't close at all. In fact one sister hates me. They didn't even come to our parents funerals. Families pretty much suck so you gotta appreciate whatever you can put together for a support system. I come here every day looking for a smile or laugh, an encouraging word, or an opportunity to give advice. You guys are definitely part of my extended family   for what it's worth I would be up for secret santa.
    • Wow everyone my memory lane stuff just keeps popping up on this forum!!!! Thanks for sharing the post op and Audrey the pic. I had what looked like this on my inner left ankle in my late 20's!  It never got diagnosed at the time. I was seeing Dr's at time early pregnancy and then missed miscarriage.  dr's I had at the time I asked didn't know what it was. Period of time I had some of the worst headaches of my life etc. I didn't know if I had been bitten by a spider (brown recluse not in my area though) , the miscarriage, or picked up something from the hospital during my follow up miscarriage stuff-stirrup /ankle. I don't have a pic of it to share. Dr's didn't know, my mom a nurse didn't know , that left my husband who is a bit more holistic based and helped me on healing it  at home. I am really shocked to see see posts and all too often say wow! That's my .... from whatever decade  I'm newly recognized/diagnosed too so this was 15 years ago! wow if any one has any active pg I wish you comfort and swift healing . Been there but didn't have the puzzle piece until you gave it to me now. so many puzzle pieces....finally .....start making an image since I joined this forum.    
    • I can guarantee you that once you get your weight back up to normal, your period will come back.  You sound really malnourished and if your weight gets too low, your periods will stop.  Don't panic.......I was down to about 92-94 pounds at diagnosis so you will be able to heal if you do the diet correctly and don't cheat. Once you start to feel better and your other problems are under control , you will find it easy to stick to the diet. Nothing beats health!  Good luck to you!
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