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Carl's Jr. - How Do I Get Them To Not Cross-Contaminate While Making My Gluten Free Order?

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Went to Carl's Jr. last night and ordered 2 items that were listed on their webpage as gluten free:

* Low-carb 6-Dollar Burger (instead of a bun it has lettuce wrapped around it)

* Natural Cut Fries

I watched closely as the lady on the grill in the back made my order. She used the same gloves, same place on the surfaces as where "bunned" burgers had been...

What do you say, at the time of order, to get them to avoid this casual cross-contamination?

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You can ask for fresh gloves, etc. Around here, most of the fast food workers don't speak enough English to get them to understand.

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I've eaten at many Carl's Jr. restaurants in the past nine years, and I've never been glutened. Their policy is that you should request to speak to the manager. Explain that you have an extreme wheat allergy (this is something they understand) and that you would like to be ensured that there will be no cross-contamination. It's been my experience that the manager him/herself will either make my order or supervise an employee during the entire process. I always thank them and say that they're the only fast food restaurant I trust to serve me safely (though, Wendy's, Chipotle, and a handful of other places do a decent job, too). They always seem to take special care with my orders. I don't go out of my way to eat at a Carl's Jr. restaurant, but when I'm on a trip down a lonely highway with no chance of a gluten-free meal in sight, I know that I can receive safe food there.

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Make sure those fries are done in a dedicated fryer. They aren't at Hardees, which is pretty much the same as Carl's.


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I only trust 2 fast food restaurants so far. Carl's is one of them -- but I only have experience with ONE of their restaurants. They were around the corner from my office. They were often an easy answer to a harried work day. (We have now moved so it has been 3 months since I ate there.) The first time there I was very nervous. We asked for fresh gloves -- explaining just how very sick I can get from cross contamination. Thereafter, Maria (the manager) would see us walk in. She has been CONSISTENTLY careful with my food amd she trained at least one other manager.

Unless something has changed, Carl's does not cook buns ON the GRILL but the area AROUND the grill is no man's land. It is necessary at the onset to impress upon them that your food cannot touch the counter. I would get the lettuce wrapped burger with tomato, lettuce, onion, and cheese. Maria would get my meat cheese, onion, and lettuce from the cooler -- not using what was readily available. Coca Cola is normally safe but I was not impressed with the cup handling so I provided ny own beverage. DO NOT eat the mayo. I also had them omit mustard, catsup, and relish as unidentified. (We stocked such things at our office.) I was NEVER brave enough to try their fries. Most fast food restaurants cross handle and use one fryer for ALL foods. I hope this helps.

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    • That would be awesome! We could go out for coffee or round each others houses and play some games or just chat like Ennis said. By the way I suck at most games except a few so you or Ennis are almost guaranteed a win! But I have fun anyways, haha.
    • Yeah, it's when too many things happen at once and you suddenly have to take all this time and thought to deal with them, plus the stress on top of it. That's a LOT you had in a very short time. I hope things settle down for you soon but I know it takes time to figure everything out. Omg, a vacation in Hawaii or something, lol, then I'll be okay! But I think what I'm figuring out is that you have to MAKE your own mini vacations every single day or you go insane. So the suggestions people made above are really good I think to redirect your attention to goals and actively DO something towards them. Even playing games and things like that can be a goal. There's goals inside the game and also the goal of giving your mind a break and treating yourself well. I don't do this at all lately and I'm feeling it. Just spinning round inside my head and I need to STOP that now. lol. Even though you have so much going on I hope you can find time in the day too to be good to yourself.
    • I react to any product derived from cows milk but i can eat small amounts of  goats milk cheese,yogurt and kefir. However i cant drink goats milk.I think you should try goats milk kefir, it has a good amount of fat,bilions of probtics  And butter! Contains small amount of lactose (especially when you make ghee from it)  i buy goat butter  from a certified gluten free brand ( I live in Turkey , though, I dont which brands are gluten-free in your country)
    • Had my biopsy yesterday. No formal results yet but dr said there was a lot of inflammation and thickening of the wall. So he is sending me for a CT scan with IV contrast. He said he wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything “pushing” on the intestines. This has panicked me. Anyone have similar issues? He also said I had Duodenitis which I have read can be caused from Celiac. Thoughts?
    • If it is a lactose issue it will probably still bother you, early on over 10 years ago with my lactose intolerance I tried the goats cheese, it was not as painful but it still caused issues.
      You mention nuts, tried nut butters? I tolerate nut butters and cheese made with nuts very well. Homemade cashew cheese is wonderful but being not a true nit it can be iffy with people. I also make a coconut cheese that is much cheaper, but grainy but works in a pinach. I love a few different cheeses from the store. I have a list of cheese products that are non dairy on the gluten-free food list I composed.

      Avocado is also another fat, some people have issues with it but I find it very easy to digest. I love it in all forms and just finished off a big bowl of homemade guacamole, and a batch of avocado icecream I made up. >.< I have a recipe for even making frosting with it. Pairs well with eggs and the grain free toast I use.

      Many celiac have dairy intolerance at least starting off due  to damaged villi and not being able to produce enough of the enzymes to break it down, some like me it is life. I talked and convinced myself that dairy is evil with various reading, I meal really why would we suck on another animals teat for its milk for ITS babies ....just does not make sense logically.
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