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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Toes Burn At Night

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porkchop60c    3

Every once in a while I get woken up by a feeling of burning in my right toes. It only lasts for 30-60 minutes. I thought maybe it is from eating a food that I may be sensitive to but not sure why I get that. Does anyone get this and could it be from getting some gluten by accident?

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cavernio    9

I have what I and doctors have assumed (never been tested) to be peripheral neuropathy. I have no reason to believe that's not it, plus I took some medication that's supposed to help nerve pain, and it did help a lot. B vitamin deficiency or overdose can cause it, and I figured that's why I have it. However, if that's the case, then I'd expect it to have gotten better, but it hasn't. It was better for a little bit, but then got as bad as it was when I found out I had celiac disease.

Other things cause peripheral neuropathy too, like diabetes or (I think) any other problem that makes your blood thick.

Usually I get tingling, not really burning, that's pretty much constant. But then when it's bad I'll get almost shooting/stabbing that comes and goes in, the vast majority of the time, spurts that last less than a minute. (Thankfully)

I think it might be caused by gluten ingestion but it's too hard to say, especially since once you get nerve damage, there's no saying it will ever get better. Nerves aren't like the rest of our body that seems to automatically heal itself once damged. I may be getting CC from eating at relatives homes or simply eating too many products that are labelled gluten free but in fact have trace amounts of gluten...I'm still eating a ton of food.

You may also simply be experiencing some sort of physical nerve pinching. You may notice when you wake up and the burning's there, that you tend to be sleeping one way but other mornings when it doesn't burn, you're sleeping differently. Carpal tunnel is far from the only place where physical pressure causes nerve damage; I've got issues in both ankles, my elbows, and my shoulders. My husband, if he sleeps on his back, can get burning in his thigh from a pressure point on his back, despite no other nerve problems. If I'm not careful how I sleep, I'll wake up multiple times at night with extremities totally numb.

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