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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Random Patches Of Skin Pain

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cavernio    9

I've had this issue for a very, very long time. I woke up this morning with it and I thought I should ask the celiacs out there if this is a symptoms you've had. I haven't told a doctor because it is so intermittent and well, pain is 1 or 2 out of 10, so not really a bother and I've, quite frankly, never thought about it when going to see one. Happens maybe half a dozen times a year, maybe more. Tend to come together, like I'll get a few of them in a couple weeks and not again for months.

So what happens is that I seemingly randomly get patches of skin, (not clearly defined), where even slight brushing or touching is painful. It's an odd sort of pain. It's definitely topical pain, and kind of burning. It's always uncomfortable, not sharp or throbbing. Visibly there's absolutely nothing wrong with the skin, ever, and since going gluten-free I've developed a couple mild rashes that seem to be gluten related. When I woke up today, the area was side of my wrist, a fairly small area, maybe an inch or 2. It's moved a little since this morning, moving up onto the base of my thumb joint. Again, it's not noticeable unless something touches it. And if it's light enough, it's not even painful, just feels...different. Touching it now when it's pretty mild, the usual sensation of feeling isn't the same either. Almost like the pain/burning/uncomfortable has taken over what I would usually feel.

I think the most common area I would get this are my thighs, and the area is usually larger, maybe 5 inches or so. And they can be more or less sensitive too.

I've had peripheral neuropathy for quite a few years now, and it's looking more and more like it's just, fully, another facet of celiac disease not B vitamin related. So it wouldn't surprise me too much if this were just another aspect of neural damage. But I've experienced this much, much longer (possible since a child) than my hurting hands and feet. And it feels quite a bit different.

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