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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Has Anyone Else Taken Lupron Injections? Trying To Pinpoint What's Going On.

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Any other celiacs out there have experience with Lupron? I just started injections for my endometriosis last Monday - 8 days ago. A few days later I started having issues with sort of loose stool (sorry). I wouldn't call it diarrhea but its definitely not solid the way I'm used to. I am trying to figure out if its a side effect from the Lupron or if its because I also started eating foods with xanthan gum in them again. I had removed those last year because anything with xanthan gum or guar gum definitely caused me to poo way more. I don't remember it making my stools looser necessarily but it definitely made me go so often I couldn't stand it.

I guess the only thing I can do is take all the products with xanthan gum back out and see if it gets better. I'm just wondering if any other celiacs have had experience with Lupron and side effects? I don't seem to have any others. I think its sort of wishful thinking on my part because it is so difficult to avoid the gums for me. Sometimes you really just want some dang sandwich bread!


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    • I think it depends on how severe the damage was. I know from reading other accounts that it can take months to "heal". My two year old had immediate improvement (like two weeks), but we were very lucky to have our pediatrition catch the celiac quickly (within two months of noticible symptoms). It sounds like you are doing an awesome job keeping him safe. The only things I can think of off the top of my head are play doh and shampoo. Those were two things we were warned about by our nutritionist based on age. Play doh is made with wheat and shampoo poses an issue because they don't always keep their mouths closed. Maybe check lotions, soaps, toothpastes, lip balm? It's crazy where gluten is hidden in things like art supplies too. Our guy is now three but still puts hands/toys in his mouth frequently enough to cause worry, so we carry baby wipes in the car and use constantly. Hand sanitizer (in my opinion based on similar peanut protein studies) doesn't kill the gluten protein. If he attends daycare or preschool I'd check there for sensory tables full of oats, play doh, art supplies, etc. If you feel comfortable that there's not cross contamination, I'd say he just needs more time to keep healing. We had our little man's celiac panel ran again after three months and then another six months gluten free. His ttg levels drastically improved each time. Good luck!! I hope he feels better soon; it's misery watching your kiddo feel sick!
    • My 4 year old son was diagnosed with celiac nearly 2 months ago (confirmed by endoscopy). He has been off gluten for at least 7 weeks. We have made our entire house/kitchen gluten free, I pack his lunch, snacks, etc. I don't know how we could be any more careful. He's also off lactose.  The severe pain and sleepless night have definitely improved but he still has daily abdominal pain, with fairly bad pain a few times per week. Is this typical? I feel terrible for him and am hoping he just needs more time to heal? Curious how long it took for your children to feel better?!  
    • I am trying to figure out what is happening to me as well. Here are my symptoms: As long as I can remember I have had stomachaches. Severe constipation (no bowel movements for anywhere from 2-3 weeks).  Then Sept. 2015 I had to have my gallbladder removed and that is when the real symptoms began: -Anxiety increased significantly -My bowel movements became more regular but varying to 3 to 4 times a day  to once every few days. Frequent stomach pain and nausea -head to toe hives, usually my back starts itching first -Dental health fell apart -feet swell significantly when I eat wheat (usually only eat wheat) -Regardless of change in diet and increased exercise I continued to gain weight. Really the only time I can lose weight is when I basically eat once a day.  -Fatigue I had my doctor check my thyroid and for celiacs.  I just got my test results back and all blood work looks normal except low hdl She tested my IgG and IgA, they look normal (these are the only tests that were given so far unless other tests have not come back yet)  Is there more I need to ask her to do? I have gone back and forth with eating gluten and did cut it back prior to the testing but it was not obsolete (I ate it for the last few days prior to taking the test). I notice a huge difference in the pain when I go gluten free, any advice for someone just trying to figure out what is making me miserable?  
    • I believe it is ~$20-25 CAD for the standard jar (600g) at Whole Foods here, so more expensive. This is however, a bargain compared to most other protein powders I see (upwards of $50 for similar amounts!). Packaged food, animal products and alcohol in Canada are stupid expensive, especially if you're off the "main line" (ie. Great Lakes/St Lawrence corridor) as I am. I'm probably a little less affected by this as I never did purchase much packaged food even pre-diagnosis... and now I buy almost none. Luckily in-season veggies are super cheap in most of Canada except the far north, where veggies don't really grow haha.
    • So I'm still learning. We buy harvest land ground turkey because I like their company, but today in the ingredients I saw vinegar. It doesn't say on the package if it's gluten free. So I went ahead and bought a different brand that doesn't list vinegar as an ingredient, just rosemary extract.  I know that not all vinegar is "bad" for us. Has anyone contacted their company to know if their vinegar is derived from grains? Their turkey has never bothered me, but I was a silent celiac before I was diagnosed so I'm afraid that I'll never know for sure if I'm getting gluten. That's a whole other topic....haha thanks!
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