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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Babycakes In Downtown Disney

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I recently went to Babycakes in Downtown Disney. I became violently ill. I contacted the bakery to make them aware that I became sick. They suggested it was from something other than gluten.

No, it was gluten. I have very specific symptoms to gluten only. For example the only thing that makes me break out with dermatitis herpetiformis is gluten. All my symptoms are gluten specific.

Some where and some how someone made a mistake and cross contaminated the food. It was the ONLY place I had eaten other than my 100% gluten free home. I only had a bottle of water to drink. I even made sure to not touch the table before eating the cupcake from Babycakes. However, I became so ill that we had to leave Downtown Disney.

I called a friend of mine, also celiac, and she told me that she has also gotten sick after eating at Babycakes in Downtown Disney. Unfortunately for me she forgot to tell me as her experience was a year ago. She never contacted the bakery though.

I wonder how many other people have gotten sick. I imagine most people don't contact the place they've eaten to let them know.

Anyway, that's my warning. I will not eat there again. I do not consider it safe for celiacs. I am, however, a very sensitive celiac. Your level of sensitivity may differ, but I wanted to post because if I had found a warning post about Babycakes in DTD then I would not have gotten sick and missed the Cirque du Soleil show I had already purchased tickets to see. I also wouldn't be sitting here with the blistery rash that some celiacs enjoy.

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I'm sensitive as well but they make their gluten-free stuff offsite. Maybe it would be ok if we ask for still boxes stuff. Also contact Disney itself

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I'm so sorry that you got sick! We go to Babycakes a lot as we live in Orlando. But my son has a gluten intolerance related to his autism and not celiac. Cross contamination doesn't seem to affect him.

I wonder if they use an unusual flour or other ingredient that you are reacting to.

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I don't think contacting Disney would help as I don't believe they are anything other than a location for the vendor.

I know many many people as well who have gone to many of the Babycakes stores with no issues. I know they are pretty strict with things from calls I have made.

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We've eaten there once before & did not get sick thankfully.  That's such a bummer to hear of others getting sick though.  Frankly, I was less than impressed with their cupcakes anyways - I mean it's pretty darn easy to make gluten-free cake that tastes like & has the exact same texture as "regular" cake so I was kind of "meh" with their cupcakes. 


Did they just keep denying it or did they at least offer to comp you another cupcake or something?  (not that of course I would take them up on it!)

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    • The first study linked above by knitty kitty is indeed legit!  Mexican Conacyt is like our National Science Foundation - a prestigious and heavily peer-reviewed federal funding source.  I react to corn and corn flour but not to tortillas and chips.  I wonder if the processing (which I think includes lyming) de-activates the protein?  I have used corn occasionally in cooking, and tend to treat it like a condiment, not a side, but this has me re-evaluating.  
    • I make my old recipes all the time.   The only thing you have to be sure of is if your flour mix has xanthan gum or not.   If it doesn't then you will need to add a bit per cup.   Don't use too much or it will get gummy or spongy  (it's powerful stuff!!!)  Xanthan gum (or guar gum) is used in gluten-free baking because it is a binding agent that gives baked goods elasticity.

      Add 1/2 tsp. per cup of flour blend for cakes, cookies, bars, muffins.
      Add 1 Tsp. per cup if you are making yeast bread, pizza dough, other baked goods that call for yeast.
    • Try using the gluten-free blends in a about 1 to one replacement, first start off with about 1/4 less then add by the tbsp til the texture is about right, as gluten-free flours sometimes cause the end result to be a bit drier. I honestly make a sugar cookie with almond flour that works great for the holidays, I do not use dairy or creamy butter so mine is a bit drier and crsiper then those from my childhood (yes I miss those) But it helps a bit with that craving. I might dig up mine, they are grain free with a deep nutty flavor and drier PERFECT for dipping in coffee or almond milk.
    • Unfortunately it's too late for the blood test unless I go back on gluten again, which is not something I want to do.   Thanks for the link you shared. It is instructive.
    • Hi Jmg, and thanks for your response.   2 weeks ago I went gluten free without having tested for celiac. I know now that that was a mistake but unfortunately I did not know at the time. As I have been informed, to do a blood test one have to be on gluten for at least 6 weeks prior to the test.   In any case, by the end of the first gluten free week, I felt exceptional improvements in typical IBS symptoms. I had higher energy, and I generally felt much better. By the end of the second week, however, some of the symptoms began to recur, like fatigue and upset stomach.    I know I am a noob and probably I should wait longer for my system to stabilise, so, I apologise if my post is noobish.
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