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    • Hi,  The anemia was most likely caused by celiac disease damage to your gut lining (villi).  The damage caused by celiac disease affects absorption of nutrients including vitamins and minerals.  So your body will begin to decline as it won't be able to properly function without adequate amounts of many vitamins and minerals. Also your immune system will begin working overtime to produce antibodies to gluten on a continual basis.  That's a bad thing as a ramped up immune response may develop reactions to other foods you eat.  I can't eat dairy, nightshades, soy, carrots, celery, and other foods.  All these other food intolerances most likely developed because my gut was irritated and inflamed from eating gluten for years and not knowing I had celiac disease. The forum software used to have a signature footer that under posts.  Many members listed their additional food intolerances in the signature footer.  There are a lot of celiacs who had additional food intolerances develop. Since your immune system is going to go crazy trying to "fix" the problem, you can expect your other AI condition symptoms to get worse.  That is not good. Just because it is hard to do doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.  Eating gluten-free does get easier over time if you stick with it.  You can get used to eating different foods and even like them.  There is plenty of naturally gluten-free food out there.  It does take some adjustment and maybe a little adventurous spirit to eat and live gluten-free.  But the payoff is great in health and wellness.
    • The gluten challenge is 12 weeks of eating gluten for the blood antibodies tests and 2 weeks for the endosocpy.  There is also the test for DH (dermatitis herpetiformis) which is a skin biopsy.  DH causes a rash on the body, often in a symmetrical pattern.  The IgA antibodies are deposited in the skin and cause the rash.  They test for DH by taking a small skin sample from next to a lesion, not on a lesion.   Going to a dermatologist who is familiar with celiac disease/ DH could be an option. Check around your area to see if you can find a dermatologist that other people with celiac disease and DH have seen.  Sometimes hospitals have celiac support groups and you might find some doctor recommendations from them. Celiac disease is not easy to diagnose but if you aren't eating gluten it is pretty much impossible to diagnose.  That may change in a few years as there were new tests being talked about that may be able to do diagnosis without a gluten challenge.  But they aren't available yet.  
    • Might be your new regular, if you went to a whole foods diet with plenty of veggies, etc. And less processed crap your getting more fiber. I used to get constipation before going gluten free....yours could be a similar issue but just 2 months is a rather short time. Many times constipation is brought on by magnesium issues, healed gut, etc. can fix this,

      Other thoughts, are you consuming a lot of fruits, juices, taking vitamin C. Frequent bowl movements could also be your getting your upward threshold of vitamin C. You could be getting more fiber then your used to.

      Or you could be getting a light gluten exposure from a condiment jar/butter tub with crumbs, or a pan with scratches you did not throw out. Ate outside your own house? Do check the newbie 101 thread to see if you missed anything.

      Any other information you can tell us? Like what you eat, Do you see pieces of undigested food? This could be a enzyme issue or a gut biome issue.
    • Sure.  That could be normal for you.  2 months isn't that long to heal and get everything regulated.   It may be different 2 months from now.
    • I have been recently diagnosed with Celiac's Disease.  I have changed my diet for the last 2 months.  I am finding that I have to go to the bathroom about 3 or 4 times in the morning.  It is not diarrhea. I used to go once a day. Is this normal?
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