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    My understanding is DH is caused by IgA deposits in the skin, not by lack of niacin in...
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    Lots of videos on making hominy at youtube. I made some using Mrs Wages pickling lime...
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    I agree. These theories are getting out of hand. I hope new people will not be put off...
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    Cross contamination: restaurants

    https://www.beyondceliac.org/gluten-free-diet/cross-contact/ Can I use the...
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    yes, you can have gluten withdrawal - I had it and it lasted about 2 weeks then every day...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    We just used plain tomato sauce comes in those small cans and then added black pepper and...
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    Unrefinedbakery.com they have great brownies and cranberry muffins
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    Testing First-Degree Relatives

    My MD brother goes very strictly by official guidelines published by recognized medical...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Mixed it up yesterday doing a egg bake with left over meat loaf for breakfast. Lunch was...
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    Here’s why you aren’t “ not absorbing nutrients”. You small intestine is 16 feet long ( ...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Pork chops. Chocolate rice cakes with peanut butter. And water.
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    I am not discounting food intolerances, allergies, leaky gut or even cross reactivity....
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    The “ positive biopsy” is the villi blunting. you should wonder why you have that. I...
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    Cross contamination: restaurants

    But the heat of the fryer doesn’t change the gluten protein. It’s still gluten. If it ...
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    Unique pain

    Never happened to me, but it might be related to a celiac flare up. Celiac disease is...
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    😆 it really gets to me when Mom is right!
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    Not really a discovery this week but - my air fryer. Love this thing. Makes the best...
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    William Stevens

    DH confirmation by Dapsone use

    I have DH, confirmed by biopsy, which cost over $1200 in the US. If you can find a doctor...
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    Celiac.com 09/02/2019 - A team of researchers recently...
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    I would say this is my best find for this week, but I can’t find it! Someone posted t...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Friday was grilled burgers - mushroom & swiss burgers, tomato, pickles - I get burger...
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    I was just using ataxia as an example of a non-celiac gluten-related neurological disorder...
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    Ok, So I'm still trying to figure out if I'm celiac and am in NO way an expert on the disease...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Kareng, I do it just like I did before Celiac (BC?) Soak chicken in buttermilk about an...
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    Hi Matt C, What you describe is known as "silent celiac" disease. Basically having...
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    Welcome to the board. What are you typically eating? It is advised that you start out with...
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    Hidden gluten in rolling papers!?

    Ok, but when I got celiac 10+ years ago envelopes were off limits. Haven’t looked into i...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Not dinner - more of a brunch today. Made this. Very tasty. We added a cup of...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    We grilled burgers - I like mine with cheddar on a bed of lettuce. Then we grilled some...
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    Hidden gluten in rolling papers!?

    The stuff sold is shops has a chance of CC. they mix flavors in various blends. Chances...
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    Celiac Blood Test Results

    Oh Laura, I can feel the frustration from SquirmingItch. I am a little confused...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Last night I chopped up some fresh tomatoes and simmered them with a little olive oil and...
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    Awww, I'm so sorry you're having to go through this!!! The only thing I can say at this...
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    Oh you poor thing. It's okay to come whine a little or even a lot. Stomp your feet, throw...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Chicken Shawarma on a big salad with a lemon TAhini dressing . So yummy and easy. We...
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    Possible Celiac?

    Thank you for your informative post. I did see there were blood tests for it but my doctor...
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    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/medgen/14368 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/303...
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    I am recently diagnosed with Celiac and I have CKD. CKD is due to the Celiac. High blood...
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    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Coffee cake makes any dinner exciting. We had Velveeta shells & cheese, corn on the...
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    I was never deficient in vitamins or minerals with the exception of iron which was blamed...
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    Food sensitivities or eating disorder?

    So glad to hear that she is gaining weight rapidly! Some doctors just don’t like to admit t...
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    All celiac disease testing requires you to be on a full gluten diet, even skin biopsies...
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    504 Plan for daughter with Celiac

    My daughter is now in high school and there isn't a 504 plan option anymore, so she is...
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    Pikakegirl, You might try taking some B-6 in the P5P form. Also try taking some...
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    A Abyssinian Hard (Wheat triticum durum) Alcohol (Spirits...
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    Aspie here (Asperger syndrome), also a side note, the gluten-free diet helps people with...
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    Cross Reactivity Confusion

    There’s a lot of confusing info, that’s for sure. I will say though, I couldn’t have done ...
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    Fructose Intolerance

    Hi Skittles, I think I am fructose intolerant (based on an elimination diet) but I am...
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    Burger King Tacos?

    I have to agree the CC would be through the roof. I loved BK in my pre-celiac days...
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    Fat digestion with celiac

    I wasn't celiac until after my gallbladder was removed, that was the stress that turned...
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