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    Were the pork chops cut and wrapped at the Safeway store or did they come prepackaged? If they were packaged in the meat department at the local store, they could have gotten cc.
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    If I remember right from research several years ago; secondary sources are not required to be listed in detail on an ingredient list. What this means is if a manufacturer buys a product - say a spice mix - from another company and then uses that spice mix to make their product they are not required by law to list what's in the spice mix; it's a secondary ingredient. The same would go for things like preservative mixtures and flavorings. This is why most but not all root beers on the market contain gluten but you may not find gluten listed in the ingredients. There are less than a half dozen makers of root beer flavoring, and every root beer maker, large and small uses one of those flavoring mixes. Roughly half of those flavoring mixtures use barley to make the flavoring. The root beer maker is not required to list the barley in their ingredients, and in fact they may not even know what is in the flavoring they buy. So yes, "hidden" gluten is possible in any processed food, even if it's not specifically listed in the ingredients. This is why many of us shy away from anything processed that lists things like "Spice Mixture" or "Natural Flavorings" in their ingredients.
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    There really is no such thing as hidden gluten. This subject has been addressed in many of the books I have read by medical people on Celiac Disease. I eat a lot of chicken and have never seen any brining solutions which contain gluten. I do buy all my meats from Whole Foods so maybe they are the exception but brining solution is plain old salt and sugar....no gluten. I have also never seen preservatives with gluten in them either and I am a label reader. Then again, pretty much nothing I buy have preservatives in them so maybe I am out of touch with regular supermarkets. Since wheat is one of the established allergens which has to be listed on an ingredient label, if present, where would gluten be hidden if it came from wheat? It would have to listed as an ingredient. Barley is not one which has to be listed but that's easy enough to figure out if you have been doing your homework on label reading and ingredients. Companies generally list all ingredients in a particular product and not leave any out. Unless a product is heavily processed or breaded/sauced, it should not contain gluten.
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