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    I disagree, at least as far as my own system is concerned. I've had several reactions that were tied back to caramel coloring.
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    I was diagnosed with celiac about 2 months ago. Overall, it's been a great relief. The head fog is clearing, my sense of balance is improving, and that tiring sense of malaise and deep exhaustion is going away a bit more each day. I have also had almost no spring allergies. So onto my story -- because of an accident, job change, and a move, I spent much of the last 6 months feeling quite sick. In that process I gained about 8 pounds. I only worried about it because my weight is very stable (the same weight for about 20 years) so a weight gain is typically a symptom of something else. I hoped when I went on the wheat free diet that my weight and the feeling of heaviness in my stomach would go away or the symptom would lessen. However nothing has changed at all. In fact my belly continues to feel heavier. Before my "normal" weight was slim, but I always felt bloated. I was always hungry, always munching, etc. I believe that I have a sensitivity to soy, dairy, corn, oats, and all nuts except peanuts, but I can eat them in limited amounts. I'm completely baffled about what to do next. My other symptom (for the last 4 years) is shortness of breath in my lower lungs. The allergist said its scar tissue from childhood asthma - I suspect an allergy. I'm also in the process of sorting out dermatitis issues. So far a resin used in handbags is a culprit, certain sunscreens and sun exposure. And lastly I have some injury from the accident that has weakened muscles my core muscles. I hope to start working with a physical therapist next week. I'm missing something though. This heaviness really 'worries' me. Should I see an allergist and get blood work for more food sensitivities? Is there another type of doctor I should see? Is this just the process? Since so many seem to have soy/dairy/nut allergies is that what is the most likely cause? If so, why did it start before I got diagnosed with celiac? My body is confusing me! Thanks all.
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