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    I didn't realize the horrible effect gluten has on a celiac brain until I was diagnosed and have seen the changes in myself. I always thought I was just a high strung, type A personality. I was intense about things and I blamed it on being a fiery Italian girl. I would watch TV and get all upset over politics or whatever and I thought I was just passionate. But now I have changed so much. I don't get upset about non essential things anymore. I am more patient with my kids. I just don't care about things I was so "passionate" about that caused me stress. Now I enjoy peace that I never felt before when I was on gluten. My husband says I'm like a different person and I feel like a different person entirely. I really have changed because there is not gluten on my brain. I used to always be on the go, running around and now I am able to enjoy nice relaxing days at home. And then there's a general lack of depression and anxiety. My anxiety got so bad for about 6 months before diagnosis I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. I would have full blown panic attacks on my way to a fun day at the beach with my kids or just hanging around the house. Now I almost never feel anxious. Once in awhile I get panicky when I'm trying a new restaurant. Anyone else find their personality changed for the better?
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    My sister's 20th birthday is Friday. So on Saturday, my grandma and one of my aunts thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Emily's (my sister) and my uncle's birthdays. They chose a pizza place. This is fine with me. At this point, I am not livid. I understand people like pizza and twelve people don't have to have dietary restrictions because I do. I went on the restaurant's website and see that everything is glutenous. Obviously, pizza - but of course pasta, sandwiches and fried food. That is it. That is all they offer (and, honestly, if they offered anything else, I don't think I would trust it. They are primarily a pizza joint, after all). Even this doesn't make me that angry. I figure, hey, standard American fare. So I call the restaurant with hopes that they let me bring a lunch box. This is what gets me: they actually said no. I have never, ever in two years of being gluten free gotten this response. Usually after I say "celiac" and "food allergies" and "I get really sick" they understand, sympathize, and are totally cool with me bringing in some raw veggies and a plain chicken breast. But no. The lady I spoke to actually said that they are worried that my family and I will use my freaking lunch box to feed twelve people and just use their restaurant as a meeting point. Think about it: a Laptop Lunch used to feed twelve people. If I weren't so angry I would probably laugh at that thought. So I actually said to the lady at the restaurant, "So you expect me to sit there for two hours and watch my family eat...?" To that she said, "Well yes. You would be breaking our policy". /end rant.
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    Thank You! I payed it forward to you..........
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    I upped her one. I'm much nicer without gluten.
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    btw - so sorry! thought the minus sign was for no quote and I lowered your reputation I think! so so sorry
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    It's so not your fault!!! You're not feeling better yet because you have a physical condition that has had serious consequences for your poor body. Your body has suffered through years of having to process gluten-filled foods when it's just not equipped for that. I'm amazed at the stories of kids who are diagnosed with Celiac at young ages. They'll have the bloated stomachs of kids who are starving because of the malnutrition Celiac is causing. Yes, your body has been under stress, but not stress from you - stress from gluten! I have to say these things to myself too. It's helped to see an acupuncturist, because Chinese Medicine, being holistic in outlook, recognizes the stress poor digestion can place on the body. I'm being treated for stomach issues, but also for issues with spleen, liver, and kidney. In Chinese Medicine terms, I'm a mess! That's why I feel like one! I felt better for a few days, and met some friends and did some walking. I was sick for days afterwards. My acupuncturist told me that, yes, I overdid it. My body is weak. I'm really frustrated too. I thought I'd stop eating gluten, and be back riding my bike and doing yoga in a few weeks. That hasn't happened. And yesterday, I got glutened and feel like I'm back at square one with stomach cramps, neuropathic pain, and depressive feelings. It sucks. It's difficult to have to be so responsible all the time, and still be sick. It's hard to look normal, but still be sick. It's hard to not be able to ever goof off the diet, without facing serious consequences. But you know all this. I did have a very wise woman in my life who used to say when I got frustrated: The one thing you can count on is change. She never specified whether it'd be good change or bad change, and I found that she was always right. Even our feelings change. Not being in a relationship definitely changes. : ) One more thing: if you haven't already, you may want to make sure you've looked for secondary intolerances and vitamin deficiencies, especially B12 deficiency.
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    If I can make a suggestion Try not to shop at Whole Foods. Their prices are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high. If you can get to a stop and shop their prices will be a lot better.