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    A year ago (and for the 19 years of my life before that) I had very long, very thick healthy hair. Around this time last summer it started falling out - in chunks. It was really dry and brittle and my roots where thin and white. Within a few months more then half had fallen out and I had to wear hats and different hair styles to cover the thinning patch at the top. I switched to washing my hair with 1 part baby shampoo and 1 part sage tea. After 6 months my hair stopped falling out and it grew back, but not to its original thickness and health. Anyway, it was at this time that other symptoms started popping up, and doctors had no idea what was going on, but I eventually discovered celiacs. (*Note that I haven't been tested... cant see a specialist for 6 months, I'm also not sure that the hair loss is wheat-related, even though it seems highly likely). Recently I've been noticing that my hair is thinning again. My roots are dry and brittle and I'm loosing way more hairs then I should be. I first noticed this when I switched to a Revlon shampoo for two weeks and my hair was falling out excessively. When I realized that wheat was a listed ingredient, I immediately threw out the bottle and started using baby shampoo. My hair seemed to improve a little bit, but since then it's been getting progressively worse. I'm so terrified, I don't want to go through the anxiety of losing my hair again. I'm aware that I've been sneaking small amounts of wheat into my diet - a handful of non-gluten-free rice crackers here, a few potato chips there - foods that I know give me a small reaction but don't contain significant amounts of wheat gluten. Currently ive stopped "cheating" on my wheat-free diet. I hope that helps. Does anyone have any experience with celiac related hair loss? Any suggestions as to what else I should be doing to preserve my hair?
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    Well I took your alls advice and went back to my doctor. I said I'm still dizzzy, sweaty, blah blah blah. He looks in my chart - 2 ER visits, brain scan, bloodwork a plenty....he says, "are you eating gluten?" No, I'm not I say proudly. He says you first came here in January with these exact complaints, you've gone gluten free and here you are 8 months later with the same complaints. Excluding gluten has not resolved your issues one iota, and you've lost more weight than I'd like to see. Then we talk a while about the stores and the sweats and everything. And he says, "YOU JUST GOT DONE TELLING ME THAT YOU HAVE A REACTION WHEN YOU EAT ANYTHING!" Sooooooo........... he said that my muscle weakness and tiredness is because I'm popping valiums all day long and I told him they make me grouchy and give me a headache, but also calm me down for a short time. Then I told him I don't clean my house no more. I get my vacuum cleaner out, put it in the middle of the floor and go sit on the sofa and stare at it. We talked about work, about me missing work, about how I never missed a day in 7 years when working there, and he said I'm just not me. He said that since all these tests have been done and the only one that came back bad was the hormones, he's putting me on HRT for short term. He also put me on Prozac. I cried and said that's for crazy people! and he said that he thinks the hormones are making me panic, sweat and then my BP goes up so he put me on Endural (which he did in January but I never took it). HE also put me on Xanax that is timed released and you just take one before bed. I said what about the risk with my family history and the HRT? He said the risk of me feeling this freaked out is greater than the family hx risk. So now I'm on all these drugs, well, I haven't taken them yet. He said that he wants me to be very serious about this, I said maybe I'm depressed because I can't have a doughnut and he said 'you never liked sweets anyway' and if 6 months of gluten-free hasn't resolved the original complaint, it's not gluten. So now I feel like a druggy. But I do have to agree with him on it.......I know a lot of you told me to see about the hormones. he told me to quit listening to Rush Limbaugh all afternoon (it's the only thing I can get at work on my radio) he told me to bring some music CDs in and put them in my computer. He's a staunch republican and he likes Limbaugh and he said, "no one needs to hear that b%$@#in all day every day, especially you." Now I have all these bags and bottles of pills with all these different directions, but if it's going to make me feel better, I want to do it. What do you all make of it?
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    I work at a place that makes wraps and stirfries, and we have a gluten free menu. So a lady came in yesterday and said she needed to look at our list of gluten free sauces, so I was all excited ready to help somebody just like me. She looked at all the sauces then told me what to make...on a whole wheat tortilla. This is how the conversation went: Me: We don't have wraps that are gluten free but I can make you a stir fry in our dedicated pan Her: Oh, I can have a bit of gluten Me: The wraps have a high gluten content just to let you know, they are all made from wheat. I wouldn't want you to get sick... Her: I have had Celiac for 5 years, I think I know what I'm talking about. REALLY? Either she knows she is poisoning herself or she's one of those fad dieters. It made me mad.
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    First I want to say thank you for all the great information on this site. I've done a lot of lurking and have learned so much. My question is in regarding to my 10 year old son. He's complained of stomach aches/cramps for at least two years. We've been told by several doctors is was just stress/nervous stomach. I had him tested for wheat allergies, but not specifically celiac, and he was shown to have no allergies to wheat. Besides the stomach aches he's had crazy mood swings for over a year - giants fits of anger to the point where I've had to physically restrain him to keep him from hurting himself or damaging things. At the end of August I decided to try having him go gluten free to see if it made any difference. Within 24 hours his stomach ache went away - a miracle really - but even more amazing to me these crazy meltdowns stopped. About three weeks into being gluten free he ate a bowl of mac and cheese (with gluten) within about an hour and a half he threw up and had diarrhea. I thought I had it figured out. Since going gluten free about 6 weeks ago his stomach has been on the whole better - however (and this is where my question is) about once a week he'll feel really sick again and he throws up and has diarrhea. He rarely threw up before going gluten free, though he had almost constant stomach pains. A few times after he'd gotten sick we realized we'd accidentally gluten him, or there was the potential that he may have gotten some gluten accidentally. But the past two times he got sick I can't find anything he ate that would have had gluten in it. Any thoughts what might be going on? Could there be a second food allergy that's causing this? And why would be throw up now when he never did before? Any ideas would be great appreciated. I've scheduled an appointment with a children's GI specialist, but we can't get in until Sept.
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    A game allows computer users to figure out protein folding structures. http://www.youtube.com/user/NatureVideoChannel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foldit
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    Welcome Aderifield, I'm a new member also. I have been tested (blood) for Celiac & it was negative... But after 12 years of being sick I just don't care what dr's have to say anymore... So, I went gluten free & 99.9% positive that's the cause of all my problems. I personally wouldn't wait until October if I were you. A diagnosis is a wonderful thing! But I wouldn't wait any longer than I have to... Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands. Like I said, I'm a new member also & so far I've very impressed with this board! It's already helped so much! I've been researching as much as I can but I just couldn't get the answers I needed until I came here... After going off Gluten my stomach is sooo bloated! But I think it's because I keep eating things I shouldn't on accident... What I did was go 5 dauys eating no carbs, no sugar, no gluten & no dairy. I introduces cheese one night & had IBS the next day (after days of no probs). So, I knew milk was one of my problems. I eat jerkey a couple days later. I was bloated & crampy that night then IBS again the next morning. So, I found out there was a hidden Gluten I didn't see until I looked harder! I believe the dairy intolerancer is caused by the gluten intolerance. Since then I have also found that Avacados give my sinus pressure & headaches. I eat a hard strawberry candy yesterday & became bloated, crampy & slight IBS this morning. So,m there was something in it... Anyhow, the reason I'm telling you this is maybe you could try it also. I'm not saying to eat gluten, but like others have said, keep a food diary. Keep track of symptoms that appear, ect. I hope you start feeling better soon! Also... Unquenchable Thirst? Not to go off topic but I had that problem for months. I was tested for Diabetes & pre-diabetes twice thinking that could be my prob.... I have noticed I haven't had that problem lately! Well, I didn't actually notice until I read that! Is that a symptom of eating gluten? Wow, I just love these breakthroughs! After 12 years it seems like all the puzzle pieces are coming together!!!
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    Welcome to the board. I understand why you're worried. Unfortunately, there is no firm answer. Studies have been done and celiacs differ in their levels of intolerance to trace gluten. Doing as your doctor suggested and only avoiding obvious wheat is NOT going to let you heal. Do remember that your doctor can do a followup biopsy and double-check that the diet is working for you. You need to stick to the information provided by your dietitian. They're much better than doctors as far as managing celiac. You do need to be reasonably strict, and avoid all gluten ingredients in foods. As far as specific ingredients, keep reading and you will learn the ins and outs. MSG is usually made with bacteria in the US, and if it is from wheat the wheat has to be declared on the label. Wheat also has to be declared with dextran, food starch, MSG, and HVP. Malt is always gluten. Mono- and diglycerides are safe, as they are made from oils and fats, not wheat. Pure seasonings (like a bottle of crushed oregano) are fine. Seasoning mixes often contain flour and you have to read the label. This is a problem at restaurants. As far as liquor, beer and malt liquor are never safe. Most celiacs tolerate double or triple-distilled whiskey and other spirits, as gluten in the mash doesn't come through the distillation. A few find it makes them sick, though. Avoiding foods from facilities that process wheat is usually not necessary, but it depends on your body. For example, some people around here find they react to the gluten-free rice chex, while others eat them fine. As a general rule, the less processed food you eat, the less gluten you eat inadvertently. Eating out is problematic. After getting sick over and over again in small ethnic restaurants and "mom and pop" restaurants I've gotten very selective about where I eat. I only eat at places with a gluten-free menu or "high-end" places with a trained chef who knows what gluten is.
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    start asap - can't hurt. i agree with everyone else - dont wait until october. i've had severe neuro symptoms (muscle wasting, spasms, tingling, numbness, and extreme joint and muscle pain, etc) for the last 6-months and just start w/ no gluten (only week in right now). still feel the same, but i doubt this will be cured in a few days or weeks. i'm figuring 6-months and i hope to god i feel better. best of luck - these are easy changes to make with the hopes of big rewards... - chris
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    It is true what Dixiebell said about the biopsy. But, given how you feel, waiting until October may not be something you'd really want to do. Going gluten-free now will almost certainly mean a negative biopsy. However, if you are feeling better by then, you may not care. The symptoms you describe do resemble those of many members of this board. So it seems Celiac is likely, IMHO. For many, it does take time for the body to recover. For example, it was six months gluten-free before I noticed anything at all, other than not having the unquenchable thirst immediately after eating gluten.
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    Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. There are many others on here that know a lot more than I do, and they all say to not change your diet until after the biopsy. I'm sure others will respond soon.
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    I'm with GlutenFreeManna. GMO is unacceptable when the gene comes from an entirely different organism and is introduced into the crop plant using plasmids. Hybridization and breeding works with a fairly limited palette of genes, even though the organisms can end up looking quite different. Pollen from the Last Supper wheat could probably pollenate modern grain. There is considerable control of the way the DNA is arranged in hybridization, and plants with a lot of DNA damage are generally not viable. Genes stay under their correct promoters and expression levels of the various proteins are stable and under proper control. In contrast, the gene insertion in GMO crops is poorly controlled. The material goes into the genome randomly, disrupting or inappropriately promoting natural genes. Incomplete insertions can leave the GMO promoter in front of a natural gene. This means that GMO plants can have abnormal and poorly levels of proteins or small molecule products of proteins that may be carcinogenic or allergenic. It has also been shown in humans that fragments of the inserted genes can transfer to gut bacteria. (Nat Biotechnol. 2004 Feb;22(2):204-9) There is also a much broader palette of genes, which is not necessarily a good thing. Some of the proteins being spliced into our food today have never been "food" before. Our understanding of how genetic modifications changes allergenicity of foods is rather poor. Foods where toxins are introduced is another concern. The assumption that BT-transgenic grain is perfectly safe based on BT spraying where the pesticide can be washed off has not been adequately substantiated.
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    You are a wise woman, Lucia. I stopped vacuuming with the big vacuum many years ago. I do like this thing that is like a Dust Buster on a stick for the hard wood floors.. In fact, I hate vacuuming so much, I ripped out the carpeting in 2 rooms and the stairway. Also, kids can vacuum well by 6or 7. Got to keep those grankids busy, Connie!
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    I'm not going to start eating gluten again, even the thought of it makes me feel funny. I'm just going to take these pills and see what happens. I think my thing is a whole lot of things rolled into one titanic thing. No, he didn't say start eating gluten, and I'm not going to. I'm staying on my gluten-free diet, but he does want me to eat more of -something- he doesn't like my weight loss. I'm staying gluten-free. I've seen this doctor, well, when this guy went hiking and pulled his calf muscle, this doctor came out and told me to call 911 and get him to the hospital stat. I was like, "huh?" he had a blood clot in his leg that actually 'jumped' at the hospital and they barely saved his life. My own momma was going through menopause and was on HRT from another doctor, she went to my doctor and he didn't like the way her eyes looked. Sent her to the hospital. She had uterine cancer. My doctor is an amazing doctor. He didn't tell me to start eating gluten again, he just said to eat more and try this regimen and see what happens, if it makes me feel any better. LOL at "quit vacuuming - it sucks" LOL - was that intentional?
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    Whoa, that's weird.....I remember him telling me back in January that it's also used for stage fright, which made me disregard it.
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    I'll be darned. Check this out - Prozac and similar antidepressants are the latest non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes. http://www.healthyplace.com/depression/antidepressants/prozac-relieves-hot-flashes/menu-id-68/ http://www.aafp.org/afp/2006/0201/p457.html
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    A beta blocker partly blocks the effect of adrenaline and lowers the amount of sympathetic nervous system activity in your body. By doing so it lowers blood pressure and can lower heart rate a little. It blocks part of the "fight or flight" signals. Propanolol is particularly effective lowering blood pressure and slowing heartbeat in people who have increases in blood pressure and fast heartbeat caused by anxiety. I wonder if your Dr. is concerned that your blood pressure is getting too high when you panic? It's really hard on your heart and blood vessels to have rises in blood pressure all the time. Athletes and performers take also take doses of propanolol to lessen the effects of stage fright, because it stops the "shakes". It was actually banned from the Olympics. You might find that effect of it helpful as well. That could be another reason your Dr. chose that particular medicine. And yea, that song is amazing!
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    LOL! I was wondering how to word that! I came home feeling like the queen of all drugs! That song started playing in my head, so I used it for the title. That is exactly what I meant, which, BTW, is one of my favorite all time songs cuz her voice is just ..... it is what it is and no one can do it like her.
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    Well, I've never even seen a pit bull around here. It's an irrational fear I have, like the ceiling caving in at the grocery. I love all the animals. Although, there are some "tough guys" around here who like to walk their pits with no leash because these guys are so "tough" their dog will always listen to them...but I've not encountered that. And that fool michael vic, OMG! I never did watch any of that footage. disgusting and he got off just about scot free.
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    Connie, I stopped eating gluten 4 months ago now, and I still feel like crap. 1) If we've been putting gluten into our bodies for our whole lives but we can't tolerate it, the gluten is bound to have serious effects. Our bodies are really good at holding out, for years even, but eventually that s*#@ hits the fan. I know that I had symptoms as far back as 5 years ago, but I appeared fine - and even "really healthy for my age" according to the doctor - until January when my body just seemed to break down. WE NEED TO HEAL. And that takes time. 2) My doctor is now looking at issues secondary to celiac/gluten intolerance for me. In his eyes, that doesn't invalidate the gluten response. Dr. Green writes in his book about all the other issues that celiacs often face, particularly other autoimmune diseases. You can be sick from gluten AND sick from something else. In fact, people who have issues with gluten are OFTEN sick with other things. 3) I stopped vacuuming too. Too tired. It sucks. I know you love your doctor - and he sounds like a kind-hearted man - but I don't think he knows much about celiac/gluten intolerance. I'd even suggest to you that you get Dr. Peter Green's book, Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic. You can order it off of Amazon. Then, you'll have medical evidence (not just internet evidence ) that your issues with gluten are real. best, lucia
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    Are there really mean dogs or are you worrying? Put him in the car and drive to a park or a really expensive neighborhood and walk there. I like to see the big houses and perfect lawns. We have a couple of churches with nice walks around them. Also, some big retired people/ nursing homes with sidewalks, flowers and people who love to see a dog go by. (I'm trying Midnight!)
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    Well, I think a little round of HRT is a great idea. You might also really like the Inderal. When you get anxious, it will block physical effects of panic like the sharp rise in blood pressure and pounding heart feeling. It might help with the dizziness too. It's an old, safe drug and well worth a shot. Remember you can always go off it if it doesn't agree with you. He's right about the valium, you know. You really can't be popping that stuff all day! Out of curiosity, why is Prozac for crazy people and valium not? Heck, valium is addictive and more psychoactive than Prozac. I can't talk about Prozac objectively so I'm going to leave that one lie. Too mad at shrinks who gave me Prozac instead of figuring out that I was gluten intolerant.
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    Well, that's two good things! My doctor doesn't charge me a dime and all those prescriptions were a total of $8.61 with my insurance. Things are lookin up already! I really do that with my vacuum, most every single night. kareng, I can't take Midnight walking because I think a pit bull will come out of nowhere and attack him........well, that's embarrassing to admit, but that's just the plain jane truth.
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    I say eat what you want. If you want to eat gluten-free, do. It won't hurt you, just eat healthy and a variety. Take the meds exactly like you are told. Give it a fair try. What's the worst that can happen? You feel the same? Have you been walking Midnight? I know it's hot but 15 minutes at 8 tonight isn't too bad. Your dog needs to get out for his mental health and yours. (he wanted me to tell you that).
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    So sorry you're feeling so bad! From what you said, nothing stands out hugely, but I'll see what I can contribute for your search for the answer! 1. You could be really sensitive to gluten and that's what's getting you. You were saying you've replaced your kitchen utensils and pans and such, yas? How severe have you restricted your gluten to things other than food? Gone through your cosmetics and shampoos and such to eliminate anything gluten that might touch your mouth? Any CC possibilities at home from gluten eating pets? Any construction going on near you (many things used during construction have gluten, like drywall, for ex). Some of the 'gluten free' grains can be contaminated with gluten during processing, so if you are really sensitive, some of those could have been setting you off, too. I'm a sensitive celiac and I react to most things that are supposed to be gluten-free, so it's definitely possible. The shampoo has gotten me when I rinse it off and it dripped in my mouth, the mouthwash has gotten me, the soap with gluten contaminated a plate once, best we can tell, and got me. I've heard of people kissing someone and getting glutened. Oh, and as an aside - during a study, people had miserable reactions to gluten - felt awful - without major damage being done. I've wondered how that would translate into tests, you know? Like perhaps, as far as the tests were concerned, they would test 'gluten free,' but their bodies were still telling them that life sucked a lot, ya know? 2. I think you're on the right track on your post (following this) on ditching the soda. There's just so much stuff in it that could be potentially bad for you that I don't think your elimination diet has any real chance with that still in your diet, sad to say. 2. Re: soy and corn avoidance. Are you using iodized salt? That has corn contamination, so if you are trying to avoid corn, might be good to get some sea salt. White rice is sometimes corn contaminated too (they use a corn product to polish it, often), so it could be the rice is okay, and the corn is still the issue, possibly. Brown rice tends to be corn free, though. For your olive oil, what kind is it? Is it organic, from a reputable source? Was it processed with nuts or seeds (most oils are)? Sadly, in this recession, there have been reports of olive oil that has been tested and discovered to be soy oil with a dye and a couple things added. And if you happen to be sensitive to nuts or seeds, the oil might have enough to bother your body. Oh, also, for the corn? If you are using paper plates/paper cups, they often put corn starch in them to keep from sticking together, so it can get you there, too. 3. Have you looked at fructose malabsorption? I noticed you have a lot of foods that have higher levels of fructose in them, so that might be worth looking into to see if the foods might correlate? I don't recall that causing brain fog, but I've only researched it to a shallow level, sorry to say. 4. You could have problems with pesticides? Might help the diet to stick to organics for a couple weeks, just to make sure and rule that out a bit. Although if you are in the UK, I think it has stricter standards than we do here, so that might be less of an issue. 5. Also, it might be helpful for you to try and figure this out if you eat one set of foods for a day or two, and then switch to another set of foods for the next couple days. Not even salt or oil the same. That way, it might help narrow down the problem, if something you are eating is bothering you. You might be able to add a few foods in, too, if you did that, to see what has worked for you? Spacing stuff out has helped us trying to figure out what foods were messing with our family. We didn't eliminate much, just the 8 major allergens plus some family stuff, but it made a big difference. 6. Oh, the turkey! What kind of turkey are you eating? Whole pieces, or ground? Is it cut up at the butcher or at the factory? Does it have any retained water? If it's cut at the butcher, it can be contaminated with other meats, if you are sensitive enough. If it's ground, same potential issue. If it has retained water, that typically means it was brined in something and that's how much of the brine solution it's retaining. Which means that you might have something in there you react to, as well. Not likely, but possible (been there, done that, sigh). I ended up eating bison meat, which seems to be as 'hypoallergenic' as you can get with meats (so the hype goes). It's as low fat as chicken, but high in iron, so it's worked out well, aside from the cost. I've even been seeing small packages of it in the local grocery stores in the States, tucked away in the beef fridge section. 7. Re: grains - I react to all the grains, too, but have figured out that I don't react to 'non-grain' grains. Quinoa and amaranth are both not in the grass family with the other grains, as well as buckwheat, so they might be worth trying. You can order quinoa in bulk from ancient harvest, on-line, if that seems to work out. So sorry this has been so bad for you! I had something similar, at least re: going gluten free and still feeling awful. I actually felt worse, couldn't believe it. But I had a great doctor who has helped me a lot. Said I was hyper-reacting to nearly everything, so we just cut my diet to the bone and I've been eating what I can, working on increasing my diet. Some tips he gave me, in case they help? - he said celiacs tend to have more trouble with additives, preservatives, and dyes, more trouble with genetically modified food, more trouble with food allergies and sensitivities. All of these add up to bad soda pop, eh? Wishing you the best!!
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    I have the exact same problem. Everytime I eat chickpeas I get all bloated and feel that I cannot digest them. The same thing (to a lesser extent)happens with lentils. And it really sucks because I love them! My boyfriend is a horticulturalist, and he suggested this may be caused by the fact that those two crops are often grown right next to wheat, because they are complementary and help each other grow. We are trying to grow lentils in our own garden this fall, so I will let you know if that works
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    It may be that she's IgA deficient. They could test total IgA and tell you for sure.
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