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    I'm one of the Pepto Bismol people. It really helps with the pain for me.
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    There are no 'genes for celiac disease', or 'genes for gluten sensitivity'. Period. There are genes that are associated with these conditions.
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    The Raven is right. I do 'gene science' for a living and there are very few genes that have been found to directly correlate to a disease state. celiac disease is not among them. You can restate your question as many ways as you want, the bottom line is, there is no absolute answer. You can have none of the studied genes, and still have celiac disease, or you can have both of the studied genes and not have celiac disease. Gluten intolerance is so poorly studied, that any speculation on associated genes is purely just that, speculation. I know you want answers, but right now, the hard answers you want don't exist.
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    Ask your doctor for Mebeverine also known as Colofac. I also find medicine form is better than tablets. My doctor gave me Mebeverine when I first started gluten-free diet seemed to work if I accidentally eat gluten.
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    Welcome and congrats on heading down the road to better health! I too had a lot of 'mental' symptoms. I was a manic depressive. Highs were high, lows were low. I was told I was bi-polar, had an anxiety disorder, and suffered from depression. I was on a myriad of pills including prozac and xanax. I started to really feel out of control after my last hospital admittance. I had to go in because I was so sick I could no longer hold down just plain water. I was vomiting, in extreme pain, my tummy was so distended I appeared to be about 4 months pregnant, and I was a lunatic! The whole time I was in there, I felt out of control mentally. I hated everyone. I hated the doctors, nurses, my mother, my boyfriend....tried to rip the IV out and walk out twice... I mean, I was losing it! I knew I was acting nuts, but I couldn't stop myself. Very scary and strange feeling... Anyway, my GI doc who performed an upper GI with biopsies and blood test for celiac while admitted said that last year he had performed another upper Gi (I was also in the hospital with unexplained symptoms, but that time I ended up having my gall bladder out) my biopsy results showed "borderline Celiac Disease". I never knew about the results, because once I leave the hospital, my insurance won't pay for me to see that particular GI doctor. So I left the hospital this time with the order to try a gluten-free diet. (BTW, my biopsies and blood work were both negative for Celiac, but through a long talk with my primary doctor, being on these boards and living life gluten-free, I have diagnosed myself with Celiac! I have researched those tests they do, and most admit they are not sensitive enough, and often give out false negatives. They require the patient to be very sick and/or the GI doc to be very lucky in where he grabs his biopsies from in your GI tract. I never was able to talk to the GI doc I like so much that I can only see in the hospital regarding the results, but with my regular doc's blessing, I am living life as if I have Celiac Disease.) Once I started (actually my mother and BF started to do research while I was still "out" from the procedure), I realized that I was a classic celiac!! I had almost every symptom of Celiac disease! After going gluten free for over a month now, I feel back in control of my body! I am not taking the as needed xanax anymore, and I am seeing my doctor next week about weening off of the prozac. I'm me again! YAY! Having the psychological symptoms go away for the most part has been the best! Feeling crazy and out of it and not in control of your body is a very scary thing. I was considering suicide on an almost daily basis! Now, I am optimistic and ready to face life again, even if it's a less than perfect life! LOL! Good luck to you, and I hope you notice the extreme changes that I did after going gluten-free!
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    So sorry you feel cruddy! When I'm glutened I tend to start a regimen of gas-x (for the bloating), pepto (because someone told me to...lol), lots of water (cause it flushes you out), and a pretty darned liquid diet (because I can't really handle "real" food anyway when I'm that bad, so boost shakes are my friend.) Good luck to you! Get well soon!
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    Sorry you are in such misery. Some people advise to drink lots of water; others say pepto bismol helps them. Hope you feel better soon.