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    And once you get your test results, post them here. You'd be surprised at how good the folks around here have become at reading them Hopefully you'll get a GI who is well versed in celiac. Just make sure you are well informed when you go, that way you will be able to tell if you want to continue working with that particular doctor.
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    Rita- i would also suggest you obtain a paper copy of your Celiac blood test for your own use. every doctor orders different tests for Celiac- and sometimes they're incomplete. OR they don't read them right, OR they're borderline numbers that still could be suspect. so, in addition to finding a good GI & Derm- def. start with having your own copy of your blood test for your file. good luck
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    Alba skin and hair care products and mineral sunscreens are gluten free. I also use Bare Minerals makeup, love them! I can't use chemical sunscreens, so I use the Bare Minerals as my sunscreen. They also have a powder sunscreen that works pretty well, although it washes off too easily.
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    Robyn Ryberg's "You Won't Believe It's Gluten Free" is also excellent.
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    I'm glad to hear the good reviews of "The Gluten Free Kitchen" by Roben Ryberg. I just ordered this book from Amazon...had to add something to my order of a muffin top pan in order to get free shipping. I know her flours are pretty simple with easy to find ingredients.
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    I gotta second "The Gluten Free Kitchen" by Roben Ryberg--very tasty recipes that are uncomplicated and made with easy to find ingredients.
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    We're 8 years gluten free and this is what we use (apart from mainstream cookbooks -- big Rachael Ray fans here!) Gluten Free Kitchen by Roben Ryberg (basic stuff but without the endless lists of funky ingredients or yet another gluten free flour blend) Incredible Edible Gluten Free Food for Kids Sheri Sanderson Gluten-free, Sugar-free cooking by Susan O'Brien (has some really inventive and yummy ideas not found elsewhere) Gluten-Free Quick and Easy by Carol Fenster (I wore out my first copy, and bought two more -- one to use, and one for when my son moves away) I started photocopying frequently-used recipes for a 3-ring binder. This way, I don't have to sort through a bunch of books trying to find a certain recipe (can never remember who wrote it!) and ones from Food Network, Living Without, etc. are all a standard size and in one place.
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    When I started reading your story, I thought to myself, "I'll bet she's around 12." How well I remember that age w/ my oldest. She was once hysterical and yelling at me and I said, "What's the MATTER w/ you??" And she fell into my arms sobbing, "I DON'T KNOWWWWWWWWWW." It's a FUN age. All that said... I've often thought that being diagnosed at a very early age would have been easier for me. I had 30+ years of cooking and baking (I loved to bake) under my belt when diagnosed. I've yet to taste/bake a chocolate chip cookie that remotely compares to the onces I made for years. I don't bake much anymore, 'cept for the weekly bread loaf. gluten-free bread isn't bad, but it sure ain't the challah bread or crusty country loaves I used to bake! If I'd always been gluten-free, I'd have had nothing to compare.
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    • He's still going to have to eat gluten even for an endoscopic biopsy. 2 weeks minimum. Plus guidelines say no dx on an endoscopic biopsy alone - you have to have the positive blood to go with it. Even that 2 weeks will deposit more antibodies under his skin if he's got dh.  Let me put it this way. The gut damage is the gut damage & if he's celiac & it sounds like he is but we don't have labs to prove it, then there is a treatment for it. Only 1 treatment for it. A very strict gluten free diet. Period. No one is going to give him any special meds to heal his gut --- they don't exist or we'd all be on them.  Unless your hubby is willing to do all the gluten challenges then my advice would be to go absolutely, pristinely gluten free and I mean be rabid about it. No eating out, no eating at other people's houses unless he's brought his own food. No exceptions! I don't care if your daughter made it. Friends & relatives mean well but they do not know all the rules & it's super easy to screw up w/o knowing it. Take ZERO chances. DH is ultra sensitive to the tiniest amount of gluten. If you haven't already, then I would highly suggest you take the household gluten free. That will keep him safest. 
    • Knitty Kitty, Here is the link to the Old research. I think you will find it interesting. ..I know you used Niacin to treat your itching with your DH. https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/82674034.pdf see Case IV but read them all when you get the chance. they review 12 case studies. I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advise. Posterboy,
    • Alaskaguy, Like Knitty Kitty I am one of the researchers on this forum.  she has provide you good links. So I wanted to chime in and share some research I found recently that might help you....entitled "Two Cases of Dermatitis Herpetiformis Successfully Treated with Tetracycline and Niacinamide." This is recent research too which can be hard to come by to find something directly that might help you. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30390734 Also see this thread about how this fact has been long forgotten and while I study/research a lot for my own health problems I was intrigued and surprised to find the issue of Niacin to treat DH had been studied before but now mostly forgotten. https://www.celiac.com/forums/topic/123806-old-research-on-dh-is-it-time-for-it-be-rediscovered/ New(er) research(ers) are now rediscovering this fact including as recently as 2018 as shown above. I like to say it takes a generation to pass this knowledge on to the next.  It is amazing how many times something has been studied and no one knows anything about it. ...I was actually very surprised this research is being applied today....the last research I found before this current 2018 research was circa 2000 yet here 18+ years later (which is a typical time to reach clinical practice) .. new researchers are now discovering this old fact that Niacinamide can be used to treat DH.  And the old research on this topic is 50+ years old and still doctors/researchers are not aware of it. ...I actually came across it by accident studying for some one else and my own curiosity when DH became associated with celiac disease. ..to my surprise DH as a distinct disease predates it association with Celiac disease by 20+ years. ..a fact long forgotten. Again, I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice. Glad to hear you are already showing improvement on the Fasano diet. I was going to post something else but this response thread is getting too long and I don't have more time right now so I wanted to post something kinda quick tonight. 2 Tim 2:7 “Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things” this included. Posterboy by the grace of God,
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