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    Hi, DQ8 is not just moderate risk, it is the other one of the main celiac genes. The mild villous blunting sounds like celiac.
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    I have been told by doctors that I should not be alive but, I am still here. With all the seven disorders and illnesses I have, I was told most people do not make it to their 50th birday. I am 57 years old now and still here. Yes, my weight is way down low at the bottom but, I am still here and alive. I have beaten the odds and lived when the government doctors expected to me die. All I can say is live each day until you die however long that takes.
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    I'm no expert but I think I read that the risk returns to normal after five years gluten free - that is, it is untreated coeliac disease/eating gluten which carries the slightly higher risk. That said, I would expect someone with coeliac disease who knowingly continues to eat gluten to also be neglecting their health and lifestyle in other ways which might also affect well-being.
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    OK Jason, it's time for an intervention. Now I say this with care and concern, but YOU HAVE GOT TO GET SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP NOW. This is interfering with every part of your life. You're in a place where you can't see the forest for the trees. People here are really trying to help, but you can only see why the advice won't work. You've got to spend the energy you currently spend "awfulizing" everything into therapy. Please, don't come up with all the reasons you can't or won't go. Just do it. If you haven't realized by now that this endless worrying is affecting your health, consider yourself told. Go. Get. Help. Now. It's time to do this for yourself.
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    Jason, you asked, "Is cancer inevitable for me?" I don't really know. How many packs a day do you smoke? Oh, wait, not every smoker develops lung cancer. A celiac who continues to eat gluten is at a higher risk for certain types of cancer. Higher risk does not equate to a guarantee. A celiac who follows a strict gluten-free diet is at no greater risk for cancer than a non-celiac in the long term.
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    Thank you, I appreciate all of the advice and support you have given me!
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    Thanks for your reply. My anti-thyroid antibodies are normal (with ANTI-THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES of 39.2 when less than 60 is negative). However, TSH level is high at 5.10 when normal range is 0.27 - 4.10. T3 and T4 are normal. When anti-thyroid antibodies are normal, can high TSH level be the reason of high ttg-iga level ? It would be nice if one could tell me the cause of stool frequency of 3-4 times and fatigue along with rising ttg levels despite 'VERY' strict gluten free diet for last 2 years (celiac detected at age of 27 in Sep-08). I have been only on home made food (gluten is not brought at all in my home) and medicines have been suggested by Gastroenterologists. Can it be Refractory Coeliac diseases wherein healing does not occure even after gluten free diet? Also, if some one can sharem what happens in Refractory Celiac Disease... After taking gluten free diet in Refractory Coeliac disease patients, does ttg level remain high OR "only villous atrophy remains present but ttg levels reduce"? In addition to high TTG-IGA, high TSH; I also have high EOSINOPHILS at the level of 10% when normal range is 1-6%. I also have low Vitamin D3 (25-Hydroxy) at level of 10 on a normal scale of 27.7 to 107. Besides, I suffer from Asthma since the age of 4 years. Please share your views on my above test results and symptoms...thanks!!
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    Absolutely! Thyroid disease, Hashi's to be exact, will raise tTg levels. If you know your TSH levels at last testing, please share because if this is elevated, then your thyroid could be out of whack and producing antibodies, which will raise your tTg. I have to say that your tTg is very high.....mine was very high also at diagnosis. I would think you would have to be ingesting large amounts of gluten to get it that high, if this were the sole cause of your tTg elevation. Are you symptomatic? If you are eating mainly at home and are strict about the diet and meds, then I really doubt gluten ingestion is the problem. Have your doctor run a full Celiac panel again, as discussed in some of the above posts. Going by tTg testing only, for dietary compliance, is incorrect. Have him run a thyroid antibody test also to see if those are elevated. If they are, then you may have the answer for your high tTg. Replacement hormone therapy for thyroid hormone is easy and works well. I have been taking it for years and my thyroid is happy and in the normal range for function.
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    NO they are wheat. My kids thought they were made of styrofoam. The church says that Jesus used bread with wheat at the Last Supper so a host must have wheat. There are so many ways I could argue with that but the Pope's not taking my calls or Facebook friend request. So I guess we have to accept it.
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    As far as your thyroid is concerned, if all numbers are normal except for the TSH, I am not sure and would tend to doubt if your high tTg would have a link to the thyroid problem. Your tTg is extremely high yet your thyroid antibodies are in the normal range. That is a little puzzling to me. Either that, or your thyroid problem is in the early stages of dysfunction and will get progressively worse with time. If you had autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashi's)as a result of your Celiac problem, I would think that your numbers would be higher considering what your tTg is. However, I am not a doctor and Celiac disease can do funny things to one's test numbers! You ask some very good questions here! Were you extremely symptomatic pre-diagnosis and what about now? You have been eating gluten free yet your tTg is really high so I would think you would still be sick physically. I don't know that much about refractory sprue so don't know the answers to some of your questions but would be interested in knowing more myself. From what I understand, with refractory, you don't improve and are still sick. You may be eating gluten free but do not get better overall. Your tTg is showing autoimmune activity so is it possible that you have another underlying condition that is driving the number upwards? tTg corresponds to intestinal damage so those numbers may not come down if you have refractory sprue but I am not 100% sure. I am sorry that I can't be of more help but it sounds like you need to see someone who could address whether you do have refractory sprue or one of the other autoimmune diseases that would elevate tTg levels. You do need to supplement your thyroid NOW, though, so please make sure your doctor helps you with this. A TSH of 5 is high and you are not going to feel well until this is addressed.
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    • If celiac disease is the cause of your reflux, it can take weeks, to months or a year for healing on a gluten free diet.    I have celiac disease but only was anemic when diagnosed.  Last year, I developed reflux for the first time.  Another endoscopy determined that I  had healed from celiac disease, but stomach biopsies revealed chronic autoimmune gastritis which slowly went into remission on its own after a many months.   I assume my Gastritis will flare up again in the future.   Unlike celiac disease where gluten is the trigger, the trigger for AI Gastritis is unknown.   To cope, I would sleep elevated and avoided eating late meals giving my stomach time to empty long before bedtime.  I also reduced coffee and ate a bland diet.  Reflux is awful.  I am so sorry that you are ill.  
    • Hi, how fast after starting with gluten free diet did you notice any improvement with heartburn or reflux? I am 4th day of diet and reflux seams to be worse than earlier. So I am a bit concerned. Please, help!!! Aya
    • OK good to know. Thanks for the tip
    • This is an old thread but I just need to get this out of my system! I am just so fed up with how every caregiver has been dealing with me case. My enzymes have been abnormal and my doc continuously asks me if I'm binge drinking - I literally haven't had a sip of alcohol in 2 years. Never been a heavy drinker.  She also tells me that all of my troubling neurological symptoms - sensory hypersensitivity, tinnitus, jaw/pain, headaches, fatigue, teeth grinding, nightmares, and EPILEPSY are "all in my head." ??? When my GI symptoms first started, she tried pushing acid reflux medications on me, even though Ive never dealt with heartburn. She was confused and aggressively asked, "Then what do you want!???"... um, to figure out the root of my issues? Some diagnostics? Gosh... When I told her my symptoms had decreased on a low gluten diet and I was interested in being tested for celiac, she asked me "why bother? if you're feeling better, just eat less gluten" - not understanding the value of a formal diagnosis.   I just wish I had some other disease that was more medically recognized and understood. Its so demeaning, and I try to see my doctors as little as possible now. I do my own research on PubMED and google scholar. And I don't even think I've had it the worst- I'm totally appalled by all of the crap I've read on this thread. Anyways, I'm done ranting.
    • Has your Dr mention Microscopic Colitis at all.  You mentioned taking PPI's.  I took them for over a year - 2 morning and 2 night.  I think that's how I ended up with Microscopic Colitis.  I don't think I have Celiac disease but do think I am very sensitive to gluten.  My GI dr. told me to eat whatever I want , but have learned from research, partly from microscopiccolitis.org that almost everyone with MC is sensitive to gluten and most to dairy and some to soy.  I know some on this site don't agree with some of what is said on that site, but they are really good people who want to help.  Just said all that to say, maybe you should ask your GI if you could have MC.  Hope you get it all figured out.  I know the frustration.  It can take over your life.
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