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    I'm not sure if this is the right thread to be posting this in, but I was wondering if I could find employment and job opportunities in the gluten free world. For instance, working in a gluten free bakery, or working for a gluten free food company. I've googled "gluten free jobs" and "gluten free employment" but have got few helpful links and results. I'm willing to relocate to other places in the United States. Any tips?
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    I am currently 10 1/2 weeks pregnant with our 4th child. My history of pregnancies includes 7 pg's, with 3 children now. I had some sort of hyperemesis (extreme nausea and vomiting) with all of them. I've also had 3 miscarriages in a row, all following the births of our 3 children. With one of these, I was so sick I was sent to the ER twice for iv's, and then admitted to the hospital for 6 days, as well as given a picc line, and fed with tpn. I was sent home after the 6 days, with the picc line in place and a backpack to wear that contained my tpn and iv liquids, 24 hours a day. I lost that baby at the beginning of the 2nd trimester. I also experienced 2 years of infertility during this time. Now that I've been diagnosed with celiac disease, this pregnancy seems to be totally different! For one thing, even the fact that I GOT pregnant is a surprise and a miracle. It has been 13 months since our last miscarriage. And, after our 3rd baby, my husband had a vasectomy because of how sick I get. We later had it reversed, and all 3 of my miscarriages happened after that. Also, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER this time! I am able to FUNCTION, not spend all day on the floor throwing up and hoping to die. I am still nauseous and I am taking zofran every 4 hours. But, I am not vomiting, and I am able to eat, and even prepare meals and take my kids to the park. I'm very hopeful that this pregnancy will make it, though not too hopeful yet since I've had so many miscarriages. I still worry a lot. But I wanted to post my experience, in case some one out there with hyperemesis or repeated miscarriages might benefit from exploring Celiac Disease as a possible cause. I have really NEVER felt this good pregnant in my life. And we've seen our little baby 3 times so far, and my doctor says everything looks PERFECT! I'm praying it all works out with a healthy baby in the end this time!
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    Some lunch meat has gluten? Starbucks sugar free sweetner also? I had no idea! And I thought it was the caffeine that was irritating my stomach all this time! geez. I have lost 3 pounds and cannot afford to keep loosing weight. I am thin as it is. I downloaded the gluten free deal for my iphone but it is not a complete list. I am so frustrated and hungry, but at the same time happy to be done with most cramp episode. It was ruling my life. I did eat about 3 chocolate bars, and I never eat chocolate, I was trying to find something with calories because I am starving myself on this crazy diet. I hate to cook, and I love couscous, bagels and pizza.
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    Hey there, thanks for your post reply. Sorry it has taken a while to respond, I never got the email notification because the question got moved. I am eating like crap and have lost 3 pounds. I cannot afford to loose any more weight as I am thin as it is. I live in Oklahoma and have gone up and down the grocery isles and found not to many gluten free products. The ones I found taste awful. I am hungry and frustrated. I love my wheat bagels and ritz and cheezits and I miss them really really bad. I also love bread and pizza and cereal. I know there are recipes out there, but I have three small children and am very busy- I am a Radiologist, so my work is intense and busy. Is there a book with practical ideas? What kind of meal is there that is gluten free? I hate meat, esp red meat. makes me want to puke. I did force myself to eat a hamburger patty last night and felt much better going to bed and I ate some almonds. This whole thing is so frustrating to me. Part of me wants to go off the diet and eat whatever I want to again- but the diarrhea and cramps are so debilitating-- sorry for ranting. Thanks for any comments in advance. crampy girl.
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    Udis is based in Colorado. Bob's Red Mill is located on Oregon. The website says they need a bakers assistant.
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    I have to endorse the low carb approach. It works very well. I think most guys would find the animal proteins, full fat dairy and fats satisfying. I still manage just fine on low-carb without the dairy. It seems that many people's cholesterol numbers actually improve in low-carb. I know mine haven't suffered a bit and are still very good despite considerably upping my consumption of saturated fat. I have permission from doc to eat all the bacon I like. The ADA does allow refined carbs but for most they do spike the blood sugar. ADA accepts that as a necessary evil but patients don't have to ;)There are some forums for lowcarbers with diabetes. The diet I follow is more restrictive than most and was developed by a doctor with diabetes. A Paleo diet works well for some. Personally I tried the glycemic index but my blood sugar readings did not match up at all with the index so I found it completely ineffective. As for the coconut and almond milk, I wouldn't rule them out so quickly. Nuts are hard to digest for people with a variety of GI troubles. I have a parent with diverticulitis so nuts are out-too hard to digest and the bits get stuck in places. However, the almond milk is processed enough that it would be tolerated. Now for me, I found out that my problem with almonds is an allergy so I would react to the almond milk with D perhaps, as would someone with an intolerance. Same for the coconut milk. So I would let him try it and see.
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    I hope things work out for you this time. One thing you may want to pick up is a book that deals with the glycemic index of foods. That may help him with his food choices for meals and may help the diabetes. A consultation with a diabetic educator and dietian may help with that also. Be forwarned that some know nothing about the gluten-free diet. Going gluten free may also help with keeping his diabetes under control. As for the smoking issue. Some of the brands have many more addictive ingredients than just the nicotine. Some even have wheat based additives. What I did was switch to a brand called Natural American Spirit. I started with the rolled form and cut my smoking in half without even trying. I then switched to the 'roll your own' loose pouches. I did this long before my state raised cig taxes which increased cig prices to almost ten bucks a pack. With almost no effort I have gone from a pack a day smoker to only smoking about 4 to 5 a day. He will still get his nicotine but without the other additives. Some of the brands of cigs make me want another one as soon as I put one out so I know the additives were getting to me and increasing how much I craved another cig. I can't say if he will be able to decrease of eliminate his heart meds. There are a lot of factors involved with heart disease. If he is heavy getting his weight down will help as will decreasing his smoking. Celiac inflammation can also play a role. Keep in touch with his doctor on that issue. Good luck, give him as much support as you can with the withdrawl. You will need almost as much patience with it as he does.
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    LOL! Maybe the third time's the charm. The mix of diabetes and smoking is really bad news for his heart. It's really hard to say if he'll be able to get off the meds, but I suspect he won't unless he quits smoking and even then he may need some. As for stopping smoking, nicotine cravings are fierce. If he couldn't handle gluten withdrawal, the smoking will be hard. Maybe you can get him to swap some gum for some of the cigs? I thought you were allowed some carbs on a diabetic diet as long as there is protein with them. The nursing home always gave my type 2 diabetic grandmother pretty balanced meals. For example, eggs, sausage, a cup of fruit, and a single piece of gluten-free toast.
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    How exciting! Another pregnancy on the board! I'm almost 17 weeks. This was a surprise too!! I'm really excited. You can start feeling them pretty early especially if they are active little ones! Mine is a total spaz!! I got a heart rate monitor and baby is always kicking it hard and hurting my ears when I try to listen LOL! Good luck with this pregnancy!! I'm happy for you!
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    Thanks to all of you. I'm almost 17 weeks now and off the zofran! The nausea is gone and I'm doing great! I get to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl on Sept 20th and I can't WAIT. The baby is very active and I can feel it moving a LOT now. It's very exciting since I never got this far with my 3 miscarriages and it's been 9 years since I was pregnant and this far along! I don't know for sure if I had Celiac Disease when I was pregnant with my sons. I sort of think I did for at least some of them. I had a miscarriage in between 2 and 3 also. I did have postpartum depression after number 3 and that is what led to my insisting my husband get a vasectomy! Once I recovered from it, I regretted that! Thankfully he agreed to get it reversed and it worked! I'm still worrying some but I'm so hopefull that I will get to meet this baby!
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    Hmmmm.... Here's the thing. I was having all sorts of allergic reactions to dairy, shellfish, soy, and wheat. Mouth itching, asthma, rashes, GI trouble, plus delayed reactions to wheat, rye and barley. If I ate gluten-containing grains other than wheat I would have low-level GI trouble the next couple days. Wheat is just plain unpleasant, with an instant stomach-ache and big GI trouble. Once I got off gluten, the rest of the allergies improved dramatically over the next 6-9 months. I did a little research, and people with damaged villi do not break proteins in food down well. That means there are more allergens left in the food. People with celiac also tend to make a lot more antibodies to foods in general, so the combination of bad digestion and lots of antibodies leads to intolerances. I had food allergies as a child, so my body has plenty of antibodies! Going completely gluten-free seems to have healed my gut, I digest food again, and all the food allergies/intolerances went away. I can even eat shrimp, which really surprised me. You mention losing natural desensitization, and yes I'm pretty sensitive to wheat now. My childhood wheat allergy seems to be back and I get rhinitis, asthma, and sneezing now along with the GI problems. For me it was a pretty good trade though, once I figured out how many problems wheat and gluten were causing for me. I have one food (gluten) that really messes me up, but I can eat ANYTHING else happily. By the way, I should add that I had a LOT of celiac symptoms, like GI trouble, canker sores, thin tooth enamel, ridges in my nails sometimes, fatigue, depression, autoimmune thyroid disease and carpal tunnel on top of the allergies.
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    I would be surprised if there's a website only for gluten free company job positions. I would start by going to each company website individually to see if they have any job openings. The bigger ones probably don't advertise it as a "gluten free job" they probably just use the usual job opening ads and other methods for announcing openings. Some only announce it via their websites. The smaller ones may only hire people via word of mouth, but you may break your way into them if you have some idea of what you can do for them and send a good cover letter with resume. My DH found his job by going to every single company we could think of that could have positions in his field and searching their website for job openings as well as sending out resumes to companies he was interested in but didn't have any job openings posted (some companies do not advertise or they may not have openings but will keep your resume on file if it is impressive). It's a full time job to find a job. Good Luck.
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    You might check some reputable diabetic sites. If you live near a hospital, the nutrion service- dietian may have free brochures you can pick up on diabetic diet. Breakfast doesn't have to be " breakfast food.". My SIL was just dxed with diabetes and the doc said to do the first part of the Atkins diet ( must be ultra low carb). Make scrambled eggs with 1 full egg to 2 more whites. Saut
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    Thank you so much for sharing this. I was just asking a question about carrying babies to term with untreated celiac disease. I wasn't sure if it was possible. Looking back, at 16, I started having most of the symptoms that were resolved with a gluten free diet, but I had a hard time believing I could carry a baby to term if I had celiac disease, and I had two babies. But my pregnancies sounds so similar to your own. So, so sick with hyperemesis for both of them. Knocked flat, could barely function. They wanted to put me on fluids, but I managed to just barely keep hydrated enough if all I did during the day was sit there and try not to vomit for as long as possible. I hated wheat products during both pregnancies and ate mostly corn and rice; I've wondered if that helped. Did you suffer from depression at all after your pregnancies? I had horrific post-partum depression with both of mine. So, so sorry that you've had to suffer through the loss with this disease, but so very happy that this pregnancy is going so well! Congratulations and here's wishing you a wonderful, enjoyable pregnancy for the rest of the way.
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    I've found absolutely no credible source of information to back up this statement. Nothing on PubMed, nor any other authoritative source. A few odd & end sites/forums make similar statements, but no credible, reliable sources to back them up. Do you have a link to something on this subject that is trustworthy?
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    You might call ahead of time and check the hours of Against The Grain because they are not open like regular grocery stores. It is in a strip mall, in the corner, but easy to find. There is a lot to do in SLC, and the canyons and mountains are beautiful, so hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck!
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    We're going to be near Taylorsville and West Valley City area for 5 to 8 nights with a family of 5, 2 of us gluten free. We will be staying in a hotel, and we'll be eating all our meals either in our room (lunch) or out at restaurants (dinner). For breakfast, the 2 of us that are gluten-free will just bring gluten-free cereal and eat that while the others eat at the hotel breakfast. I also plan to bring my toaster, so we can make toast in our room. There is a microwave and a small refrigerator. I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions as to safe places we can eat and also some stores we can shop at to get things to make in our room! I have never been to Salt Lake City before! This is a business trip for my husband. Thanks so much!!
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    YAY Darissa!! Thank you SO much!! I am so excited. I found out there is also a Chipotle there and I love that place so much!! You have given us a GREAT list and I am so excited to visit that store!! I have never been in a completely gluten free store!! This is going to be great fun Thank you VERY much for taking the time to reply!
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    Your in luck for buying gluten free food in Taylorsville. There is a completly gluten free grocery store in Taylorsville: Against The Grain 2292 West 5400 South Taylorsville, Utah 84118 Phone: (801) 955-4418 We shop there when we are in town. We travel to SLC about 2 or 3 times a year, and here are some places we eat at while we are there. Of course you have your standard places Like ChickFilA (there was one realy close to our hotel and we ate there several times) and Outback and PFChangs. There is also a pizza place we like Pier 49 Pizza; Here are the sites for the resturants; Pier 49 Pizza http://www.pier49.com/locations.html Outback - The one we visit is in Sandy, but thats not too far from Taylorsville http://www.outback.com/restaurant/locations/UT/Sandy/Sandy/index.aspx I haven't eaten at the ZTejas in SLC, but the ones in Phoneix are good, but limited menu. http://www.ztejas.com/locations.html#utah Great place for Hamburgers and French Fries and there is one close to Taylorsville http://fiveguys.com/locations.aspx?fAddress=salt+lake+city+ The PFChangs we visit frequently when in SLC. It is downtown, and they always do a great job of having our meals completly gluten-free... http://www.pfchangs.com/locations/Locations.aspx Also, if you are down in the Provo/Orem area, there is a good BBQ place we like.. Wallaby's Smokehouse http://www.wallabyssmokehouse.com/location Hope you have a great trip. I know traveling can be daunting when trying to find gluten-free places to eat...and you want to feel good on your trip! We bought the Udi's bread at Against the Grain and kept it in our fridge at the motel and had sandwhiches alot. Also, the people at that store might be able to give you a list of the resturants in the area that have gluten free menus. When we visited last time, they gave us a list. Have fun! Darissa
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    Thank you for sharing your history and please keep updating this thread. I had three miscarriages in three years. I have strongly suspected gluten. We have stopped trying and won't try again until I am at least a year gluten free. I'm glad to read you are doing well with this pregnancy!
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    Today I have my 14 week appt. I bought a cheap fetal doppler thing, so I can hear the heartbeat every day. This eases my mind so much. I'm still amazed at the difference in this pregnancy compared to when I was eating gluten. No one can believe it!
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    Congrats on the pregnancy - wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months I'm 39 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first baby (due Saturday!). I was diagnosed with celiac right at the time I got pregnant, and went gluten-free two days after finding out. I've had a very good/easy pregnancy, and until recently (when I got huge lol) felt better pregnant than I ever did before pregnancy. I have no doubt that's the result of removing gluten from my diet. Hubby and I tried to conceive for almost 5 years, including unsuccessful fertility treatments. It wasn't until we were exploring celiac and I started to reduce the amount of gluten in my diet (before even being diagnosed) that I got pregnant. I have no doubt that celiac disease was the cause of my "unexplained infertility". I also have no doubt that if I hadn't gone gluten free I either wouldn't have gotten pregnant or would have miscarried.
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    ANA has nothing to do with celiac disease, except perhaps that autoimmune diseases are often present together. ANA stands for anti-nuclear antibodies, meaning that you're making antibodies against nuclear material. There are different types of nuclear antibodies dependent upon the exact material you are making an antibody against, or the manifesting autoimmune condition. ANA speckled pattern may be suggestive of one of the following autoimmune states: systemic lupus erythematosus Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Sjogren Syndrome This website may be helpful: http://www.clinlabnavigator.com/Tests/Anti...Antibodies.html RA is associated with the presence of rheumatoid factor, an antibody against antibodies. This many interfere with the results of many immunoassays, including ANA. They need to test you for rheumatoid factor.
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    I have a new one to add to this list. Denny's has a "Fried Cheese Melt". Just looking at the picture makes me want to run loose my lunch: fried cheese sticks smothered in American cheese, between two pieces of toast and served w/ fries. *urp*
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    • I say that's proof enough that gluten or at least wheat hurts your body, and that you shouldn't eat it anymore. If you want, you can do what I did when I first thought I might be gluten intolerant or Celiac, go another 3 weeks without eating any of it, being really careful, and then try a piece of bread or even just two bites like you accidentally had at that dinner. If you feel sick again, you know that's what it is. I'm like you and don't have the means to get an actual biopsy of my intestine. I was able to get blood test, but I took them while I was eating gluten-free, because the doctor didn't tell me I should be eating gluten. So that was pretty much useless. But I know my body, and I know that I feel horrible even when I have a tiny bit of gluten. So I just never eat it. I told restaurants that I either have Celiac or at least an allergy, they seem to react to the word allergy, and usually treat me well and treat it like it's serious. While I won't go into anaphylactic shock if I eat it, I will be sick for days, even if that doesn't mean actually throwing up or anything, it will just generally mess up a lot of systems in my body. I used to be just generally gluten-free, never eating bread or noodles, but always being okay with french fries and sauces and Seasonings, I mean just eating that without checking ingredients. Ever since I learned more about celiac, I started to avoid sauces, seasonings, and french fries and the like unless I knew for sure 100% that they were gluten free. I've been asking restaurants if they use shared fryers or not. Anyway, since I started being even more careful, like someone with celiac, I felt even better. I have way less bloating, I'm more regular, and generally I have more energy. It does take time and some trial-and-error, but I think you can definitely take care of yourself without having to go to a doctor. Maybe don't go around flaunting that you have celiac, but still definitely take care of yourself and tell servers, managers, cooks, even your grandma if she cooks dinner for you, that you have a gluten or wheat allergy, you're not lying. It really does negatively affect your body. So be true to yourself and don't worry about what other people say. I hope this helps.
    • Well first I want to say, I seriously sympathize with the OP. Dh doesn't seem to be my "symptom of choice", but in fact the farther I go in and maybe occasionally screw up after longer and longer periods of time... the worse the next reaction is or next withdrawal is. This is so bad ugh  hopefully we get through it soon.   Now... regarding the post I quoted... do you know of a gluten free / soy free brand of Vitamin D? A I suppose too but I don't think from my research that I'm deficient in that one.
    • Hey I know exactly how you feel. I recently came down with this and have had to deal with making others understand it. Also, the whole thing of foods that don't actually contain gluten causing me some kind of reaction. I think once you've loaded up on gluten in your past to the point of having a situation arise that lets you know it's time to quit... your body is so beat up and weakened and then you make this major dietary change... so it's bound to cause kind of a chain reaction and a lot of things will at least temporarily be too hard on your stomach and immune system, many of which will be the common food allergens, aka things that are commonly hard on one's stomach and immune system. At this point I too am tempted to freak out, but I keep telling myself that most of it besides gluten is probably temporary. Do you consume a lot of soy? That's another one I think might linger for me, and if you read much, the overwhelming consensus is that it's lingering in everything and slowly destroying us all haha. That might be a good one to strictly avoid for a longer period of time. Anyway, best wishes on getting through this. We're in the early stages and yeah, it really sucks.
    • I found improvement when I excluded iodine (as in iodized salt and shellfish). Vitamin D and A supplements help, too.  Hope you find relief soon!    
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