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    Loey, reputation is earned or lost, when members click the + or - under your posts. You basically earn reputation by being helpful. So for example, you could click the green + on my post, for my invaluable advice haha!
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    What determines your reputation? Loey
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    Just got back from our big family vacation to the Outer Banks. We rented a beach house and loaded up the car. I was a bit nervous about CC with my grandmother and dad in the kitchen, but my daughter and I did not get glutened one bit!!!! I used the pots and pans there, although I did bring my own cutting boards, can opener and colander. Success! AND we even went out to eat!!! Wonderful time - just thought I would let every one know that it can be done!
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    I've been gluten free for 4 complete days and this morning had my 1st normal stool in months!!! I've been very restricted in my diet so it's still possible that something else is causing the GI issues but I'm so happy would u expect a reaction this quickly if it was celiac?
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    So forewarnin, if ye cant stand ramblin, ye might now wanna read this. Anyway, I just wanna say, I love the new me. I have so much more energy and strength. I am finally able to get back down to my normal weight again. Exercise is fun again. I dont lose my breath walking up one flight of stairs no more. My GI problems are essentially GONE! My anxiety is gettin back to a manageable level. I dont get sick all the time anymore. I have energy to actually do housework. Cookin is fun again. And truth be told, food has NEVER tasted so good to me. I ate an apple and a larabar and some soymilk last night, and I could not help but moan how good it felt to be eatin real food again. I love my bed still, but in the mornin I can bounce right out. I have normal sleep habits again. Oh, and that sensitivity to anythin that touches my skin? As long as I use gluten free products, its GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I discovered this intolerance. I actually feel human again. I feel like me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This restaurant is where we went to celebrate my dad's swearin in into the Utah bar. (I am so proud of him by the way) Anyway, insanely good food. They not only have gluten free options, but vegan as well. Anyway, I did not get sick at all from the restaurant. Just make sure that you order a sampler plate, and get a few items from the starter menu. Anythin that is fried, dont trust. My server told me to avoid the sandwiches (for gluten-free they serve the sandwiches on a bed of lettuce) and entrees. And anythin that would normally come with pita comes with lettuce, and trust me, its delicious with lettuce. I prefer it over pita I discovered. The people there are very well educated on their menu and what is safe. I had the hummus B'Lahmeh, Basmati Rice, and Mujaddara. Delicious!
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    For travel, I bought myself a frying pan and a saucepan. I also got a folding colander, a big spoon, spatula. I got those thin cutting boards that are about the size of a big placematt. I even got 2 dish towels since condos never seem to have enough of them.
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    Oh, I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease Oct. 14... thank god, now I can move forward. The worst part of going through the diagnosing process was learning I had it and having to eat gluten anyway for 2 MONTHS while I waited to get in for the biopsy... blah... Anyway, I went gluten free Oct. 1st, right after the biopsy. I've just started my 4th week. I've felt absolutely terrible, and I think it's due to a soy allergy I developed. I've been reading about GAPS, and I'm going to try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Sounds like a healthy way to start at square 1 and heal my body.
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    Hello! I don't think I can manage opening my own business right now, in the middle of university and everything... but maybe someday. In the meantime I will be experimenting at home for sure. I have sent my resume off to every gluten free bakery I could find in the North Vancouver area... haven't heard anything back yet though. Tomorrow I will be making pumpkin pie from scratch... roasting the pumpkin and everything... making a crust from gluten free cereal.
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    If you haven't tried this recipe, I advise you to reconsider: 36-hour chocolate chip cookies. I need to make another batch of them. They were easy and SO good: buttery, just crispy enough, lots of vanilla and melty chocolate- my gluten-eating husband and coworkers scarfed them down. I think the only change I might make to the recipe is to sub in millet flour in place of amaranth (I'm not a huge fan of the amaranth flavor). I think they were better than the gluten cookies I used to bake.
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    If you can eat peanuts, these are good: Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (scroll down for recipe). Last Christmas I made these with chocolate chips (maybe 1/2 cup? I can't remember) and they were a big hit. If you can't eat peanuts I don't see why they wouldn't work with other nut butters.
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    I did it! Yesterday I made sugar cookie dough, and seperated it into uneven 3rds. then i died one part of the dough orange, the other green and left the rest white. When I went to bake it i flatted out the cookie part and put a little blob of orange and green then baked it, and they now have little pumpkins in the middle. I was so happy! And for grain free things, i dont know much but the first thing i thought of was finding the raw recipes. There are a lot of raw foodists and you can find recipes online for things and most have no grain at all. Heres an example and the things on this website look pretty good to me! http://www.therawdessert.com/
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    Julie, at the risk of sounding like an ogre, can I suggest that you just give the child money and let her buy something that she might like herself, or can deposit in a savings form of her choice, or take you to lunch, or do whatever she feels like doing with it? It sounds to me like this would be the best thing to do for this child - give her control over her present so she does not have an opportunity to reject it or object to it??? This is not meant to be hurtful, but merely an option to ensure that she is not dissatisfied with her gift. She could even then donate it to a charity if that would make her feel better, but it would give her the opportunity to handle the gift a she sees fit.
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    I know a lot of people here who simply go gluten free, just like you. I believe the philosophy is: why should I hurt myself just because we don't have the medical know-how to diagnose anything but celiac damage? Kind of like cutting ourselves for the doctor to prove to him that we bleed. As for any issue following the diet, no, it shouldn't hurt you to keep gluten from your diet, as long as you eat healthily. The things to watch out for that I know of/have heard of... 1. Get tested for vitamin deficiencies now, if you can, and then again in about 6 months. Most adult diagnosed celiacs have some deficiencies. If you still have them later, then you may not be healing completely, might still be getting gluten in your diet, etc... You'll need to take supplements if that happens and perhaps cut even more gluten from the diet. Probably a good idea to get your thyroid tested, too. 2. Many celiacs take gluten-free supplements anyway, because most gluten-free products are not vitamin fortified like many wheat breads/products are. Vitamin D can be an issue for Celiacs, in that area, so getting some sun with your rock climbing should be great. 3. watching your carbs can be an issue. I know some people go on low carb diets, but it's obviously up to you whether you want to go low carb, or just switch carbs. There's differing opinions about both. :-)
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    And I did just that for your helpful advice Loey
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    You don't have to take out the processed foods forever, just try 3 or four weeks without to help heal and get a baseline "wellness" before you add anything processed. Turns out, every gluten free bread I've tried (all three of them) give me mild stomach aches. Maybe yeast...? Not something I would know if I had been eating it all along. It definitely reduces variables and lets you control what you are eating. Make up a few pots of food and freeze portions for a couple of weeks if you don't have time to cook more often. Eating away from home is something that I would avoid if I were to do the first two months over again. (I do now, but it would have been better to avoid it then.) Going low fiber (meat over beans; white rice over brown; no fruit or veg skins; etc) can help a bit temporarily but it's a short term solution to situations like travel. Early on, sometimes it's easier on your system to eat only cooked fruits and vegetables. Again, if you still have issues, try cutting out the dairy completely. It's another variable, and fewer stressful variables may help. Buy some flowers. Pet the cat. Take a walk (near toilet facilities ;-) ). In terms of weight, make sure you're getting enough fat and starch. Olive oil, nuts, avocado, etc. Rice, potatoes, corn, etc. Protein drinks are okay (except for their inherent "eww" factor), but real food is better if you can pull it off. I'm still not totally stabilized months out, so just understand that it may take a little time. I was crazy hungry for maybe the first three weeks, so eating enough was not a problem. Good luck...!
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    Like previous posters (great advice everybody) I have a problem with breakfast but find that if I make myself eat something decent in the morning, I have fuel for a better day. Drizzle or spritz a glass bowl with olive oil, whip a cracked egg or two with water or alternative milk of your choice, and s & p & microwave for a minute. Meanwhile cut up a piece of fruit, and safe peanut butter if desired. I pack a lunch 365 days a year, and pack one if going to a party. Check the camping sections at discount stores for one with a washable, removable insert. You can search the forum for excellent snack and/or lunch ideas. I have a huge container of protein shake that I purchased and is supposed to be gluten-free/Soy Free/ Dairy Free, but haven't tried it yet because I'm chicken about trying something processed. Lifetime Life Basics. Hope that helps...I researched quite awhile before buying it. Real food is starting to taste so much more delicious. Whole cashews might be a good snack for you ... I haven't had a problem with Planters Whole Cashews, and they're delicious. Now that I'm finally on an even keel, I'm ok with having to prepare every meal myself or with someone I trust. I feel like my cup isn't turned upside down, it isn't half empty or half full, I feel like I've come to terms with my cup, and don't want to upset it, so I stick with whole foods and experiment with new dishes and cuisines that involve trusted ingredients. My experience was that at first this was overwhelming, going to a grocery store was a hideous experience, but became better. Now I can breeze through a grocery store, because I make a weekly trip to the meat market and vegetable stand, so I don't need much at the grocery. So.. I started getting better and feeling hope, then started developing/or finding more food/additive intolerances. Then I started getting angry about it. I think that's normal. Tonight we had grilled salmon marinated in tangerine juice and crushed (almost rotten) strawberries with EVO and S&P. The salmon was the best I ever had. My DBF asked me to write down the recipe because it was so good. You're in a discovery period. I hope that you discover that it all becomes second nature and you discover a better world. You know the old cliche'... a door closes and a window opens.
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    interestingly (and strange maybe)- BOTH my General Practitioner AND my GI AND some of their nurses- were totally sympathetic to and in complete acknowledgement of NONCeliac Gluten Intolerance. i was surprised- cause they're both still traditional docs who didnt know as much about Celiac as most of us do- and also didnt want to diagnose me without the Biopsies- YET- they were completely open to people having gluten intolerance or sensitivity.
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    It really doesn't bother me so much because a lot of people are gluten intolerant and don't know it; therefore, even non-DXd celiacs or gluten intolerants -- people who'd never have entertained such an idea -- are getting better, too (as long as they stick to the diet). Also, as a few others have mentioned, it raised awareness...*and* it makes stores start stocking more gluten-free items (though I don't eat a lot of Frankenfoods).
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    I love spice cake too There are gluten-free spice cake mixes (Gluten Free Pantry, Namaste) but I avoid them due to the tapioca. What I do is add a teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves, and a quarter teaspoon of ground nutmeg to a Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix and make as directed. Frost with buttercream or caramel frosting--delicious!
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    I try and get protein and fat at breakfast (in the form of peanut butter on my rice cakes, eggs, cheese, whatever) so that I'm off to a good start. Lunch is almost always leftovers from the previous night's safe and usually homemade dinner (e.g. last night's was gluten-free pasta salad with canned tuna, canned beans, diced cucumber and garlic-red wine vinaigrette). When I was first gluten-free and suffering from months (years, probably) of nutrient malabsorption, I was craving things like avocados for the fat and vitamins so I would often bring a whole avocado in my lunch and slice it up on my food (in fact I did this today since it went well with the tuna-pasta salad). I always make sure I bring a yogurt and piece of fruit or a Kind or Lara bar for an afternoon snack. If you're limiting dairy, So Delicious makes a good coconut milk yogurt. I ate that and soy yogurt for the first couple of months until my gut could handle dairy again. I like to have a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon and find that ginger or peppermint tea help settle my stomach. I'm currently addicted to Tazo's Spicy Organic Ginger and Refresh (mint) blends.
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    • This is an old thread but I just need to get this out of my system! I am just so fed up with how every caregiver has been dealing with me case. My enzymes have been abnormal and my doc continuously asks me if I'm binge drinking - I literally haven't had a sip of alcohol in 2 years. and haven't actually been drunk since my early university days (which was long long ago).  She also tells me that all of my troubling neurological symptoms - sensory hypersensitivity, tinnitus, jaw/pain, headaches, fatigue, teeth grinding, nightmares, and EPILEPSY are "all in my head." ??? When I told her my symptoms had decreased on a low gluten diet and I was interested in being tested for celiac, she asked me "why bother? if you're feeling better, just eat less gluten" - not understanding that a formal diagnosis can significantly change my health behavior to be more strict with the diet.  I just wish I had some other disease that was more medically recognized and understood. Its so demeaning, and I try to see my doctors as little as possible now. I do my own research on PubMED and google scholar. And I don't even think I've had it the worst- I'm totally appalled by all of the crap I've read on this thread. Anyways, I'm done ranting.
    • Has your Dr mention Microscopic Colitis at all.  You mentioned taking PPI's.  I took them for over a year - 2 morning and 2 night.  I think that's how I ended up with Microscopic Colitis.  I don't think I have Celiac disease but do think I am very sensitive to gluten.  My GI dr. told me to eat whatever I want , but have learned from research, partly from microscopiccolitis.org that almost everyone with MC is sensitive to gluten and most to dairy and some to soy.  I know some on this site don't agree with some of what is said on that site, but they are really good people who want to help.  Just said all that to say, maybe you should ask your GI if you could have MC.  Hope you get it all figured out.  I know the frustration.  It can take over your life.
    • Yeah their shreds raw are nasty but melted in recipes they are decent, they make 2 different shreds a cutting board super stretchy version and a plain, they also sell that mac and cheese sauce by itself for use in other recipes. https://store.veganessentials.com/daiya-deluxe-cheeze-sauces-p5079.aspx The company makes a decent cream cheese and cheese cake also if you can stomach the xantham gum.

      I am going to copy and paste something from another thread thread and link you a list of alternatives. " Violife...makes vegan Feta...I have been dying to try their cheeses and hear good reviews. They also make other cheeses.
      Kite Hill makes great Ricotta, the truffle cheese from them....yeah you will eat the whole thing in one sitting stuff is addictive,  decent cream cheese if you can stomach xantham gum (only one they have that has it).
      Miyoko Creamery makes great mozzarella and even a smoked version I hear they make great cream cheese and wheels also but I have not gotten any. Leaf Cuisines makes the best smoked gouda, and a strong garlic and herb cheese

      Tree line Scallion is glorious, and their garlic and herb is milder then Leaf cuisines but decent flavor...the peppered is meh.

      Daiya Blocks flavor wise are better then the shreds, the jalapeno Havarti is one my my dads favorites and he loves their cheddar...again xantham gum so not for me. Their cream cheese is decent but noticeable artificial. Their shreds come in 2 formulations a high melt version (cutting block) and standard I they taste better cooked into recieps over raw.
      Daiya recently started offering cheese sauces...like the stuff they used to sell with their mac&cheese but just the sauce.

      Lissanatti makes the best "raw" shreds for cheddar and mozz.

      Parma makes great Parmesan sub...the better then bacon one is SUPER addicting.

      I heard good reviews on so delicious cheese....but corn makes makes me not even able to do a chew and spit taste without an allergic reaction.

      I recently found a creamery you can contact about getting cheeses...I found their sauce on a site and got it.....great Alfredo sauce.
        Dairy Free cheese products  NOTE CHECK FOR GLUTEN FREE ON THEM

      Other gluten free options for everything else  
    • Dairy is dairy on a elimination diet, your trying to void all the proteins, lactose, whey, casein, and the enzymes, hormones, pus, etc that could be setting off issues. I would even say wait at first on the dairy free alts. IF anything go with the fewest ingredients ones without starches or gums like the plain kite hills, tree line, leaf cuisines and miyoko. And completely sideline the crazy ones like daiya, or the blends of more then 2-4 ingredients.
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