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    Hi everyone. Although this might sorta fit the "coping with" forum, I think this is a more appropriate place for it. Anyway, I put together a little WordFind, using Celiac related words. Perhaps it'll help someone who's feeling a bit stressed out. If you have suggestions for additional words to include, go ahead and post them. I can make another puzzle if there's enough interest. The list of words includes spaces so they're easier to read, but the spaces aren't included in the puzzle itself. The words may be diagonal as well as backwards. Hope you enjoy it! C H R I Q Z C B E E W H I T E R I C E F L O U R V F F M I O K A D W R L D H J E L L Q J Q S J R U O L F H T N A R A M A T A P I O C A F L O U R G U Y H P O R T A S U O L L I V R Y L O N F C V C G M D G I I N H C R A T S T O O R W O R R A Z N Y A O Q I E W K G C N V C S O R G H U M F L O U R I L P E J F D X H C R A T S O T A T O P H O Y G V W J Z J M L F B Q V M B I S M P E Q A B U C K W H E A T F L O U R T Q T F S G K D H F R E I Q F X J R R U O L F O T A T O P T E E W S X V Y M I Z Z U T L Y C O E X R U O L F A V A F R A G R H S B D R F P P F C O Q L F F A C P A J N L A L I E J V J V H X R T P R I T P U W L G E N P L N V S O G C V V P I O U I O E U W J U N U R I M E F T T B D M A L W V X C B J K F E F K S O G T O T T V Q S I H N F F T I O R U O L F T U N O C O C O L K O L E V P X S A K N A S L Q Q N E B K V Y N W G Q T L Y F B P F S O I J N O K B Y E W O X N D L R P H Z Z Q E U H F N R O E T L V G A D P A Y R B S U B H M O D G W D F J L T L A O T C I O U D C M B I U X C A D R I B E T R L S H G O I O E W A I N M H H D C Y O M O G T V U M A O A N M Y O P X X U B N T R A E H S Y O L D R B K P U A R D G N L I Y M H C W R O R O T L K U Q L F N N Q Y F C T T F U W N C D N E S W N R Z I F E M K L F F X M F E C E L I A C D I S E A S E K M H C N C L E U R U F T E O B R C O R N S T A R C H N H K T K R R A E O W C T E G A K F N C F U Q M Q O R X B O P I W P U N D B F U S O T N L P X I C R N S U N Y L A E M D E E S X A L F R L R H S V P W I D R Q D O G G H X D U I R K T K W S K I G A O K T A R C G Y A V P M R S Y E L L O W P E A F L O U R M G U R O B E P J Z J Q H A Y R X U J L K W B J O G L Q J P S Y R W M B L U N K B G U S Z U V F T U Q Y T O E S P W M U M F F N J G H R I Y M G B M E M P M G F Q C O R N F L O U R L N U N S L Z B X S I M R O F I T E P R E H S I T I T A M R E D S Word List: ALMOND MEAL AMARANTH FLOUR ARROWROOT STARCH BROWN RICE FLOUR BUCKWHEAT FLOUR CELIAC DISEASE COCONUT FLOUR CORN FLOUR CORN MEAL CORN STARCH DERMATITIS HERPETIFORMIS FAVA BEAN FLOUR FLAXSEED MEAL GARBANZO BEAN FLOUR GARFAVA FLOUR GLUTEN INTOLERANCE GUAR GUM INTESTINAL MUCOSA MILLET FLOUR POTATO FLOUR POTATO STARCH QUINOA FLOUR SORGHUM FLOUR SOY FLOUR SWEET POTATO FLOUR SWEET RICE FLOUR TAPIOCA FLOUR TEFF FLOUR VILLOUS ATROPHY WHITE RICE FLOUR XANTHAN GUM YELLOW PEA FLOUR
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    Today is a typical december weather in the Netherlands: dark all day, gloomy and stormy. Upside to this is that it can produce great pics. I shot this one today from our living room window:
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    Theoretically, one would expect both ranges to drop on a gluten free diet. However, of the two tests the tTG is the more important/specific one and the one to rely on. I cannot explain either why your IgA made such a huge jump unless it was lab error, although my (limited) understanding is that this one can be "unstable". The important aspect is that they were both positive and you should be gluten free.
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    I know you are frustrated....I think we've all been there at one point or another after being diagnosed. You will find that you will still be able to have most anything you want. You will just have to use gluten free products and I have to say that most of them are just as good if not better. I make the bobs red mill gluten free pizza mix and bake it on a pizza stone (after I initially bake it on a pan to get it firm) and my kids and husband like it better than theirs with gluten. I also found that I can make just about any cake recipe with gluten-free plain flour & it comes out wonderful. Hang in there & try to stay positive.....
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    Keep in mind that you may not be the only one in your household that may have an issue with gluten.. BTW, You may not have Crohns Disease....
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    Skylark you clearly haven't used Nylabone products before or at least not the bone I am referring to. It is covered in a BBQ flavored coating which is what I was worried about so no, i dont have plans on chewing on my dogs bone. If you are truly such a sensitive celiac (as I am) then you should have some experience gettig sick from some pretty odd circumstances ad I would think you'd be a little more understanding. I've gotten extremely ill from mascara that had wheat starch in it! And no, i dont eat my macara purposefully but when you are a sensitive celiac you realize just how many things make their way into our digestive systems. So I'm trying to be as careful as I an be to prevent contamination because getting glutened SUCKS. Puppies lick EVERYTHING and my hands are so dry from constant washing that thu are literally cracking. I am vigilant but still can't see purposefully exposing myself to something that could make me sick if there are better alternatives. I'm nt sure why you would bother to post such a negative and judgmental response?!
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    I think sometimes there is a lack of communication between the kitchen staff and wait staff that contributes to the problem too. And even between management and the staff. We went to one of my favorite local chains for a hamburger a couple of weeks ago because a friend of mine saw on Facebook that they were doing gluten free burgers now. When we got to the restaurant and I talked to the waiter about it, he had no clue what I was talking about. My friend pulled the facebook page up on his phone and showed the waiter. The waiter asked the chef and the chef knew exactly what he was talking about. The chef cooked my burger separately from the others and put it on a lettuce "bun." He was very serious about cross contamination. The waiter apologized for not knowing about it. But I couldn't blame him. It was obvious that management hadn't communicated to all the staff. It ended up being fine because I got a very delicious burger without getting cross contaminated and the waiter now knows what to do the next time someone orders the gluten free burger. But it easily could have gone a bad way if I had gotten a waiter that didn't care. Or a chef that didn't have a clue.
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    Your results indicate Marsh IIIB. The Marsh scale measures the degree of damage to the villi. It ranges from I (minimal damage) to IV (total destruction). You have (or had) severe damage to your villi. The probable cause is celiac disease.
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    Chad, Not sure how long you have been gluten-free, but the bloody nose/fatigue can still just be from celiac, too. It may resolve soon enough. I had sinus congestion & pain, swollen throat & puffy face, difficulty swallowing, sneezing, swollen eyelids, a swollen, burning tongue and lips, headaches...I was a mess for 2 years with that stuff. Was it dairy allergies? lactose or casein intolerance? Dust or seasonal allergies? my cat--suddenly I am allergic? Extensive (and expensive)testing said NOPE!!! IgE, IgG, etc. Allergist looked at me like I was crazy, yet there I was, eyes & nose dripping, raspy throat, exhausted and ditzy in the head. All gone now. What was causing it? Gluten. I agree with you totally. The only way to know what food may be causing the problem is TO REMOVE IT from your diet. I would say give it a month or two. Best wishes!
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    Most of us do, some of those here keep throwing the term gluten intolerant out until they get a positive biopsy like they have to guard the celiac club.
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    Haven't checked out any online dating sites but they should start with a preview of what it might be like to date someone with food sensitivities.
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    But we know that it's not true that a neg biopsy doesn't mean you aren't celiac:)
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    False positive blood results are actually extremely rare. False negatives are quite common
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    The sections through the duodenal biopsy show fragments of ducdenal mucosa with marked villous atrophy. I believe this means you have blunting of the villi. Congrats sounds like you have Celiacs! Go off gluten. I think the second biopsy is to prove that your celiacs has started to heal. I read bout how they used to diagnose celiacs: positive biopsy on gluten, negative biospy off gluten(6 months later), reintroduce gluten and have another positive biopsy 6 months later. Sounds like your doctors are either old school or I am misunderstanding what they want to do. If you are out of high school and out of college you don't need a diagnosis. If you already have one then you don't need one. Either way go off gluten and if you feel better stay off gluten. Might need to go off dairy for a while to. (I am currently struggling with this one). If you trust your doctors then do it. The biopsys aren't too bad (though I was in pain the next day after mine). The cost is what hurts. Your decision. This is just my knowledge. Good Luck
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    Although I thought I had lactose intolerance and used "Lactaid" drops, tablets and/or milk for several years before my celiac diagnosis, I was diagnosed with casein allergy along with gluten intolerance (and celiac markers). So I realized I was not digesting the casein protein in dairy products, not just the dairy sugar 'lactose'. From then on I abstained from all forms of dairy, anything which contained casein, rennet or whey, because I hated those waves of cramping pain, sinus infections and constipation reaction symptoms from dairy. To answer your questions: Yes, you need to find a safe casein/dairy free butter substitute. If you tolerate soy, Earth Balance (yellow container) is a great substitute. If not, the red carton Earth Balance product is equally good. Cheating sometimes with dairy just means you'll get more intense reaction symptoms than if you never stopped eating dairy. The longer periods between consumption cause even stronger (more painful) reactions. If you're going off dairy, find good substitutes so that you won't feel tempted to cheat. I went off dairy in July 2004. Since then I've found more and more great (soy free) substitutes for all my former favorite dairy products. YES, you'll have to abstain from products with contain small amounts of dairy. Read labels. Shop at stores which carry allergy free products. You will find dairy free products. However, you can make your own brownies, cookies, pancakes for much less than you can buy them. There are gluten-free pancake mixes to which you can add either rice, soy, coconut, hemp or any nut milks. I cook with rice milk (because it's cheap) unless I want a higher fat content in my end result. Then I'll use either coconut or hazelnut milk (I don't have nut allergies). Yes, candy corn is gluten free.
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    I think the thing is that people who have no problems with gluten (i.e. not celiac, no wheat allergy, not non-celiac gluten intolerant) who normally eat poorly (i.e. a lot of processed foods, fast food) see gluten free as the answer to loose weight because they view it as less carbs, cooking from scratch, etc. But I bet they could just as easily lose the weight by eating whole grain (with wheat bread), cutting out fast food, exercising, etc. My mom eats super healthy, but she still eats gluten! A gluten free chocolate brownie is still a chocolate brownie!
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    I'd add depression, brain fog, fatigue, apathy and hair loss.
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    Doesn't bug me too much. Don't let the little things put a cramp in your day. IMO I love sitcoms and TV, and it's wrong and I know it but I love mean humor. Picking on people is just good laughs. I am not a mean person. Its just what my family finds funny. Family guy makes fun of jews and people with downs syndrome. I love my butt off every time. My best friend is jewish and I help special needs kids 2 times a week. Love them to death. We gotta have humor in our lives, though I never particularly liked this show I prefer Big Bang Theory or The Office
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    I normally lurk here, but I wanted to chime in with agreement. I've been gluten-free for about a month and had I not been in pain and so completely miserable, there is no way I would have stuck to it even this long. To be perfectly blunt, it sucks. It sucks to be the one who can't just grab a sandwich or wrap on the run. It sucks to have to read every single label looking for hidden allergens. It sucks that I can't have stuffing tomorrow and it sucks that I won't get to have Christmas cookies in a month. And yeah, there are gluten-free alternatives, but they are so expensive and they rarely taste just right. BUT What sucks worse is waking up with horrible cramps an hour after falling asleep, sitting in the bathroom thinking I'm going to pass out from the pain and dehydration, the anxiety that controlled my life for so long, the constant fatigue, the hair loss, the horribly aching joints (I thought at 35 I was getting arthritis in my knees), the anemia (I have ulcerative colitis, too) and on and on and on. I'm not some super disciplined health fanatic and I don't think I'm better then anyone else. IMO, breaking the physical hold gluten has over us is easier then breaking the mental hold. So many of our celebrations, get togethers and family time revolve around food. Almost every party in most cultures could be called, "Come over and let's eat!" I just decided that the pros outweigh the cons a million times. It sucks being the only one at the party who passes up the cake, but if I do have that cake, the only person who has to deal with the consequences of eating it is me. That's not to say I'm not tempted or I don't have freak outs every once in a while. A week ago I had a really bad day, was tired, and didn't feel like cooking. There was literally NOTHING I could eat in our kitchen. I think I ended up (angrily) having a popsicle. Someone in our building was baking bread yesterday and it smelled like heaven. It made me so sad and a little angry thinking, "Why can't I be 'normal'?" But these are the cards I've been dealt and I just have to deal with it. It's not a situation I would wish on anyone (okay, maybe a couple people hehehehe), but it isn't going to change. You deserve health. You deserve to be pain free. You deserve good things. We all do.
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    There have been some threads about cheating lately and I feel the need to share this. I have a new GI doc who is really informed about celiac and all the little particulars of the diet. He urges his celiac patients to be really vigilant about everything and avoid CC as much as we can. He has been treating a patient who had a celiac crisis and almost died. Her whole house was gluten free but she was using some sauce or bouillon that had a hidden source of gluten in it. Not sure if it was a yeast or what. She went into a crisis where her immune system went crazy. She was hospitalized for an entire month while they kept her stable. Now she is on massive steroids and immunosuppressants to stay alive. The doc said he tells his celiac patients about this to impress on them the seriousness of what can happen if you aren't 100% gluten free. You cannot cheat on this diet or you could end up really sick!! Like life and death sick. We have a poster on this board who has been in a wheelchair because of damage to her brain and severe gluten induced ataxia. We have a poster on this board whose colon exploded and she nearly died. Last I heard she still had an ostomy bag. You have an autoimmune disease. When you eat gluten it reacts as if it's poison. I think some may take offense as if I'm lecturing you, but I am sharing this because I don't want you to hurt yourself. I don't want you to end up like that lady in the hospital and on immunosuppressants who has very little quality of life right now. If you have gluten intolerance or sensitivity I think the same rules apply. The tests are not that accurate. There are lot of false negatives. So I think you don't really know if you have celiac or not and now that you're gluten free you never will. But don't take the chance that it's "just" intolerance and cheat. Take this as you will. If you get offended I'm sorry, but I don't want to read your posts from the hospital and I feel like I have to share that story that the doctor told me.
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    I do have another pet peeve actually. I would like to go to the store and buy some gluten free cookies/bread/cereal/cake mix/snacks/frozen meals. Not gluten free, corn free, dairy free, egg free, organic, vegan, fat free, peanut free, seed free and fair trade. It's not that any of those other things are bad but I get annoyed when all the "special diet/allergy" groups are lumped together into one really expensive and substandard product. I like eggs and dairy and nuts and meat and fat in my food. Same goes for cookbooks.
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    Just wanted to share something here to give everyone hope... Last week my neighbor came over and needed a cup of flour. Ironically, I still had a new bag (that I would never use) so i gave him the whole bag, laughed and said "take it, I'll never use it - apparently I have Celiac Disease". Well, next thing I know his wife comes over with some Betty Crocker gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. She put them in a disposable plate, in a freezer bag, with the Betty Crocker label cut out so I could see what they were. Since im sick and desperate (and I figured it can't be any worse than eating at a restaurant) I've been munching away. So far so good... So, as you can see not everyone will second guess you or make fun if you or give you a hard time!
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    I think the real reason to be upset with CBS's portayal here is that it reinforces the stereotype that people just choose to pick up the gluten-free diet for whatever reason, be it as a fad or a coverup for an eating disorder. It's these kinds of things that reinforce in the public's minds that gluten-free doesn't have to be taken seriously. If the joke had been something more in the context of expecting gluten-free in a greasy-spoon diner is impossible, then it would be acceptable.
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    A family history of celiac is definitely something that should be taken into consideration. I think a specialist saying "I don't know" is a good thing. They are admitting they aren't ruling anything out. No, a negative test does not always mean NCGI. It could certainly be a false negative. However, I do feel that people are scared of the NCGI label and our society only makes them be more afraid of it. Everyone has seen the "gluten-intolerant eye-roll." Contrary to SSG's opinion of my opinion (meant in jest ) I don't think every case is cut and dry. I also feel that some people are more trusting of doctors than others. I'm not debating this as right or wrong, just putting it out there. Perhaps, at times, some of us are too trusting.
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    Considering that you have to ingest wheat to cause a reaction, a Celiac would have to feed their dog wheat, then have the dog lick them and somehow would put the licked body part in their mouths?????????? This is how a reaction would happen unless you have a topical allergy, which I could totally understand to be a problem. You people really worry about this? I have owned dogs for the vast majority of my life and have never, ever had any type of Celiac reaction from a dog. I am about a sensitive as a Celiac can be, take mucho precaution with everything I do but do not worry about or have ever gotten sick from anything dog related. Nylabone is a hard product...not powdered like flour. I mean, unless you are sharing your dogs Nylabone treat, I really can't fathom anyone would have a true Celiac reaction from this. I've been doing this diet for almost 7 years so am pretty well versed in it. I might buy into the dog food issue if there is a lot of dust which billows up when pouring it into the bowl or a storage bin but Nylabone? Good grief!