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    It has little if anything to do with weight. A substitute is usually best chosen based on performance, in this case baking performance.
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    I know this post hasn't been active for a week but I have to say, I have been quite swayed by reading "Wheat Belly" (can't recall the author - a physician - but it is a current NY Times best seller so it shouldn't be hard to find). He discusses the changes in wheat through selective breeding etc and how in the last 50 years wheat has changed *dramatically*, and illnesses that appear to be linked to wheat consumption have also risen dramatically during that time. We are NOT eating the same wheat our grandparents were. The author had a gluten intolerance, and discusses a test he did on himself; he got ahold of some "original" wheat, apparently very hard to find but he found a source, and ate some bread made with that, and had no reaction. Then he had bread made with identical ingredients except for regular current-day wheat, and he got totally ill. Anecdotal, yes, but I will assume he wasn't lying for the purposes of dramatic effect. I highly recommend the book, it has changed my perceptions of how we are handling our food supplies in this country... I can't remember the sub-title to the book, but it really makes it sound like a diet/weight loss book - I guess he did that to sell more copies - but it is an excellent read and should not be mistaken for diet fad fluff.
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    It's a long road to recovery for us coeliacs. I agree ditch the herbs. To the shock of my naturopath I couldn't tolerate any of her treatments that I needed to swallow. I gave up on her for a while but she dx me with blastocystis which is a parasite. A course of dr prescribed flagyl cleared that up. I had nausea and D for about 1 yr before the $10 course of tablets. Ah sweet relief! I still have lots of problems almost 2 yrs after dx. I was dx with fibromyalgia 6 or so months ago. I still have depression that I was hoping would go away after going gluten-free (I am on AD which works very well). I have had to halve my working hours. I have sensitivity to lots of foods and am on a diet too now to lose the 12 kg I put on after celiac dx. (too much chocolate and too little exercise and too much testing all the gluten-free foods available). Keep investigating other food intolerances such as fructose malabsorption and keep up your supplements. Whole food diet. Stay clear of gluten-free substitute processed food (keep just for occasional treat) Keep it simple. Good luck.
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    I hate to tell you this but that trapped feeling could be the source of most of your issues. Stress has a profound effect on both autoimmunity and your resistance to illness. It can directly cause depression too - look up "learned helplessness". And of course your adrenals aren't working well in a chronic stress situation! Remember that too much cortisol is almost more likely than too little, and high cortisol directly causes depression. Unless you had an abnormal 24-hour salivary cortisol test, the herbs you are taking for adrenal fatigue (assuming that such a thing even exists which is questionable) may be pushing you in the wrong direction. I am finding acupuncture helpful for depression. You could also try some of the milder remedies like 5-HTP or St. John's wort (either/or, not both, and not if you're on a prescription antidepressant). It's tremendously important to get enough B-complex in a high-stress situation becasue you will use up your reserves. If you tolerate citrus, have an orange a day for the natural vitamin C too. Make sure you are getting enough omega-3 fatty acids for proper immune function. A couple fish oil capsules a day can work wonders for your state of mind. Also ask your doctor about vitamin D testing as low D can make you feel worse and lower immune function. Sometimes doing little things for yourself can make a difference. Buy flowers, have a nice soak in a hot epsom bath, get a massage (particularly helpful as it will release some endorphins), or splurge on something small that makes you happy. My favorite little treat is an expensive bar of super-fragrant soap for my morning shower. You must exercise, no matter how tired you are. Get out of the house and take a 15 minute walk every day, ideally after dinner so it helps your digestion. If you crank up the pace and walk quickly or jog, you will get more endorphins into your system but I know how hard moving fast is when you are tired. Even a moderate paced walk will help. While you do this, look at how you can get out of the trap. Remember that whenever God closes a door, he opens a window. It may be that the solution will present itself if you can treat yourself kindly and clear your head for a bit. If you can get clear of the stress you may find all these health problems melt away. (You wouldn't believe how sick some Ph.D. and medical students get - this is how I know about the effects of chronic stress on health.)
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    I love that paper, but, as a person with the ataxia & brain damage and the initial lack of gut symptoms that Dr Hadjivassiliou is writing about, I just read the thing quickly, and.... I don't think it says what you think it does. But it should be REQUIRED READING for any neurologist and gastro doc. For anyone who feels faint and queasy after reading that, (the pdf has kewl pictures of brains with celiac damage, and the premise is that it should not be thought of just as a gut disease ) think of it as motivation to stay on a gluten free diet, because at least in my case, some of the symptoms eventually did resolve. ______ Things regarding cross contamination that sound implausible until it happens to you~ edited to add: as a person who lives with someone who does business travel, and eats out while doing so, d*mned right he can bloody well get cleaned up before coming near me, I can not count the number of times I have gotten SICK 24 hours later after the Return of the Germ Vector from those filthy airplanes. Mandatory clean up helps prevent these episodes of the Curse of the Returning Traveller. And I wipe down my steering wheel on the car, a lot, because Men Eat Sandwiches When Driving. More of you should try doing this and see how dirty the moist paper towel comes up - you'd be appalled. And, as an outdoors person who at times is completely covered in dust and detritus of things that I am allergic to, I also don't let my previously worn clothing back into the bedroom, and it's not unusual for me to go thru 2 to 3 changes of clothes a day. I was several years into the gluten free diet before we started banning gluten bearing animal/pet feeds from the premises, and only because we had a very sick horse, who it turns out was vet diagnosed with a lot of allergies, some of which were grass/hay products which were technically related to the rye grass family, and that is, after all, RYE, like in the triticum family. And that ban subsequently helped my overall health. Except I am also allergic to certain other grasses. Then we adopted the dog which turned out to be wheat/soy allergic, and very sensitive. I still do not let that dog into the main hay storage area because there is no way to really completely decontaminate the entire thing, and he can also be a dust carrier that will affect both of us. If he then licks his paws or sides, after laying down in it, which we've all seen dogs do, he could get a reaction. Ever had to rinse and dry a 130 lb hairy dog before it can re enter the house so it won't puke and scratch itself raw later ? Wanna play ? I've seen the hay guy bring 2 kinds of hay and straw along with our load, for other customers. I am certainly not going to look at the hay trailer, and tell anybody I can't take those hay bales because it was "touching straw" - but you get the idea. I've also cracked open bales and gotten a surprise. I did this last night, cut open a bale of grass hay and it was solid alfalfa in the middle. I try to avoid generic mystery type grass bales. I don't want to be breathing this stuff, and hay is notoriously dusty. Our septic contractor was pulling into the driveway with a load of wheat straw when I caught him and politely refused it - we sprinkled "safe" hay, instead, on the new lateral field with the grass seed- the last thing I wanted was that trash blowing around, or the birds carrying it and dropping it, where that horse could possibly get it. Or the dog would roll in it. Remember that drywall contains wheat starch, also. It is perfectly possible for construction work clothes to contain a lot of gluten trash. I was hanging laundry on the line recently, but this week it goes into the dryer, because there is so much tree pollen going off that there is no use exposing wet clothing to it. At least I don't live near a wheat field....
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    I wish I could tell you WHEN it would get better- but I CAN tell you it will! Myself and my two kids were all dx last April, and our individual recovery has gone very differently. I have had Celiac for 30+ years and was so used to feeling awful I didnt dare imagine what it was like to feel good. Chronic fatigue, interstitial cystitis, no immunity to viruses, frequent bouts of what I thought was "IBS" and ZERO energy, ever! But around the 7-8 month mark, I started noticing I didnt feel so awful anymore. Now, at 11 months, I feel pretty darn good most days- and I have energy to get through the day without even needing a nap, let alone the 4 naps a day I used to take! My daughter, who was asymptomatic at time of dx, has felt awful since the day she went off gluten. She has had one weird immune issue after another flare up, her eczema is worse, she is constantly sick with every virus imaginable and has developed hypersensitivity to gluten to the point that I almost DO think she belongs in a bubble! I keep[ promising her she will feel better soon--but I wish I knew when too! It is hard when she felt good BEFORE she went gluten free! My son, who is 8, was the reason the rest of us were dx- he was the one with the tummy issues- as well as major depression and anxiety. The stomach aches improved right away, the depression did not improve until we started major nutritional supplementing a few months ago. Anxiety is still persisting, but I suspect there may be other food intolerances at work as well. So, if you are sure cc isnt an issue, and you have ruled out additional intolerances (dairy and soy are big ones) then it is probably safe to say it is just going to take more time. But it will happen. And when it does, it will be such a blessing to have your life back that I cant begin to describe it. Hang in there!!
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    I've never bought gluten-free waffles as I figure anything I make myself is so much better than any processed gluten-free product. Have you ever thought of making your own? They're really simple. Thus far I've used gluten-free Bisquick and Pamela's Baking & Pancake Mix. Recipes on the box/bag. Unless you go all out for something fancy schmancy, a waffle iron is a pretty inexpensive investment. You could double the recipe and have a nice stash in the freezer. Much cheaper, and I'm sure much better, than anything you could buy. Edit: I've used both of those mixes for pancakes, too. They also freeze well.
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    Have you read the FDA analysis I posted above? Is the FDA not reputable? I got the impression from the original post that she is getting medical attention, and I didn't mean to discourage that. I felt sorry for her since it seemed to me that you were telling her that she must have lymphoma. That is very worrisome. I also wonder how you think that you are better qualified to give her a diagnosis than her own doctors. I thought that it would be reassuring for her to know that others react to the foods which are giving her diarrhea. I should add for her sake that I have noticed that my son and I seem to be getting sensitive to lower and lower levels as time goes on. That seems relatively common. It recently mentioned here in this thread in pages 2 and 3.