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    • Hi!   The old AGA (anti-gliadin antibodies) tests are no longer in use, but I am not sure what country you are in.  These AGA (IgA and IgG versions) were replaced by the better and more accurate DGP tests.  I think you need to confirm with the lab as to which tests were run.  The EMA is even older.  While very specific to celiac disease, it is less sensitive.  It also is a more manual lab test, so it costs more.  A positive on the EMA is like 99% celiac disease, but it misses a little more than 10% of celiacs.   The DGP is best for kids under three (and elderly people like me).   But he is barely in the age range for testing.  Kids do not have antibodies well established yet.  You might have to wait and have him retested in six months or a year.   Some celiacs are seronegative which can complicate getting a diagnosis.   All the IgA version tests should be accurate as long as he is not a seronegative celiac because he is not Immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficient.   You could run the genetic test to exclude a celiac disease diagnosis.  Some 35% of the population (that is a tone of people) carries the genes that could develop into celiac disease but only a tiny few do.   Talk to the lab and your doctor.  She might be right in waiting. What are his symptoms?  
    • A few small mistakes means that you’ve reduced gluten. To truly heal (which can take 2 years, sometimes more) you must be completely gluten free. You should continue eating gluten until you have the endoscopy to verify blood lab results. Going gluten-free before that than give you a false negative, same applies to blood lab work, you’ll have symptoms while you heal, they won’t just go away overnight. It was painful for your body while being damaged, there will be pain (not as often and severe hopefully, while your body heals. ANY amount of accidental gluten consumption will cause damage.  So, going gluten-free must be 100%, not “mostly”.  You may also have other food related issues, most ppl with an autoimmune disease have more than 1 issue. My daughter has celiacs, she is severely lactose intolerant, doesn’t tolerate legumes, corn, carrots and more. She even had to remove all gluten in cleaning supplies, hygiene, makeup and perfumes. She can’t even kiss a guy that eats gluten until he beushed his teeth and flossed.  She may be extreme but I’m telling you because you need to understand that if you are celiacs, keep eating normal until you’ve had the endoscopy (unless doc says your antibodies are thru the roof, no confirmation necessary, they’re doing endoscopy to see how extensive damage is). Once it’s been confirmed you must commit to being 100% gluten-free, no cheating!!! Also, educate yourself about cross contamination and gluten”stacking” with gluten-free products. Gluten free does not equal gluten free for celiacs patients!! best of luck to you!!!
    • Hi! I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. 😏 We are currently testing our 3 year old for celiac.  My main questions are about which tests were run and which are missing from the full celiac panel.  From what I understand, the full celiac panel is ttg iga, ttg igg, dgp iga, dgp igg, Ema, and total iga (to check for iga deficiency). My son’s bloodwork came back and these were the tests run: total iga, ttg iga, ttg igg, ab gliad iga, ab gliad igg. He tested in the normal range for all but his total iga.  It was slightly high at 117 - reference range 21-111. His doctor wants to retest in 1 year, but now that I’ve gotten my thoughts together I would rather finish the full celiac panel now as well as have the genetic testing done for rule out. My question is this this: are the ab gliad iga and ab gliad igg different names for dgp tests?  I don’t want to ask for the dgp iga and dgp igg if those have already been done.  Trying to get a solution for my buddy the fastest possible way, and unfortunately our pediatrician (while awesome and so sweet) is not very familiar with celiac and how to test for it. Thank you so much for any input you have to give! ❤️
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