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    • Kareng, I think you are fundamentally incorrect in stating that "the point of the (Fasano) diet is not to give someone lots of choices".  The point of the diet is to allow healing by eliminating all potential sources of gluten, not to unnecessarily limit one's food options for no good reason!  The fact that the diet IS rather limiting in food options is a secondary aspect of the diet, not it's primary goal. I do indeed want to follow both the letter and the spirit of the diet, in order to accomplish its intended purposes , those being the calming of my still-agitated immune system and attendant DH symptoms, and then allowing the testing of individually reintroduced foods down the road.  I am not looking for "outs" or to try to borderline cheat on the guidelines by any means!  But it would be pointless, counterproductive and just plain stupid to needlessly limit what might be fundamentally safe options for those already stressed by having to go on this diet.  I mean, the point of the entire program is not about draping oneself in sackcloth and ashes, self-flagellation and needless self-deprivation, but about healing. There IS a problem here with these dietary guidelines, and it that, at least as far as I have seen them (and yes, I have read Dr. Fasano et al's original paper), they are not exactly clear when it comes to beverages, and almost totally opaque when it comes to spices.  You may argue that spices are just a quibble, but I would strongly disagree, especially when one is on an already severely restricted, monotonous and otherwise rather bland diet. With that said, unless and until I learn otherwise, I am still planning on using essentially no spices while on this diet, aside from those that can be obtained fresh and unprocessed ---- garlic, ginger, onions, hot peppers, and fresh herbs.  I was able to find an online source for nutmegs in the shell (most people don't know that nutmeg actually grows inside a shell, like a pecan), so I HAVE to presume that those are OK --- and they'll be great to season-up what I see as a steady stream of sweet potatoes over the coming months.
    • The point of the diet is not to give someone lots of choices.  The point is to severely limit the foods for a short period of time to be absolutely certain no gluten can sneak in.   So the fact that some herbal teas are made with barley might be why they don't want to even chance that.   I would guess that the OJ you described would probably be fine.  The fact is, I have seen people who really are serious about the Gluten Elimination Diet and others that follow parts of it.  I suppose it depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  
    • Hello All, (I"m sorry if this is posted in an inappropriate location --- I was not sure just exactly where this subject would be most appropriately placed.) I have just started the Fasano Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet a few days ago, and I think I have a pretty good understanding of it, but I am still unclear about one aspect of it, and that is processed fruit and vegetable juices. In the Fasano Diet guidelines, it states that "100% fruit and vegetable juices" are permissible, but does that mean ONLY 100% fruit and vegetable juices that one prepares oneself, or does it also cover commercially made juices as well?  For example, I have a lot of orange juice frozen concentrate that I would often use, but since that was prepared in a commercial facility, would it be automatically off limits?  Likewise, what about V-8 vegetable juice, or other bottled or canned but 100% pure fruit and/or vegetable juices?  I'm getting rather sick of just plain water!  (I have to eliminate milk on my particular diet as well, so I don't even have that option). I did call the manager of the facility where they process the orange juice frozen concentrate, in Florida, and he assured me that they ONLY process products derived from oranges in that facility, not any other fruits, or even citrus fruits, much less anything that could potentially contain grains.  So would that be good enough to assume that this frozen concentrated orange juice is OK for me to use on the Fasano Diet? Similarly, there is a 100% Concord Grape Juice sold at Costco under the "Kirkland" brand name, which is bottled in a facility that handles only that one product and a few other 100% pure, not-from-concentrate fruit juices.  I would think that this would be sufficient guarantee that it should be safe for a gluten-free diet, even on the Fasano Diet, but is that an unreasonable assumption on my part? For that matter, I do not understand why plain tea (black or green) is considered OK, but ANY herbal teas are not. I just wish that Dr. Fasano and his team were more clear about acceptable beverages under this elimination diet, and gave the rationale for what they would consider acceptable or not in that regard (they are also very ambiguous on spices, as well, which is causing me lots of uncertainty and annoyance.)
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