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    I orderd it from iHerb, thinking maybe it woult help me feel better sooner. But I am starting to suspect that it is actually upsetting my stomach. Some days I get really bloated, nauseous and have D, and other days I feel so good, better than ever. I think there is a pattern, that the days I feel so good is the same days that I forget to take the supplement in the morning (it is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach, so I take it early in the morning). Has anyone tried this stuff? Is it any good, or is it actually making me ill? If so, why? I'm sure you'll find the ingredient list if you google it, I don't have it with me now
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    I also have some problems. I think it is a while in the making tho. I have lost one toe nail and another is falling off, I have the rash on my back and my hair ughhh falling out and not the shine it used to have. But I think would be worse if I wasn't on a Gluten Free diet. Ittakes time for the Villi to heal just take some good vitamins. You can have a test done to see what vitamins your lacking or falling short of. Good luck...
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    What about her other measurements? Head and body length. Are they on target? Have they changed? I'm a little confused. Is she 16 months old and weighs 18 pounds? I think I probably mentioned this before, but my daughter weighed 6.5 pounds at birth. At one year she was 17 and it took her until she was 24 months to hit 20 pounds. Doctor was concerned but I pointed out that her head and body length were growing during that period. She did not have celiac disease or any issues at all. I'm just pointing out that kids all grow at a different rate and that people are being coming accustomed to seeing big babies and big people! It took her until she was four to finally get of out of 5% weight bracket and hit 25%. At 12 she's now near 50%. This last bout with diarrhea may just be viral like the doctor said. I hope this helps.
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    Welcome to the board. I have celiac disease and a poorly functioning thyroid, and your symptoms sound very much like mine were. Headaches, constant constipation, stomach aches and bloating, confusion, and hair loss. Based on my own experiences, I think you should get tested for celiac disease. The panel you listed looks really good. Many doctors will run the same ones for you but I understand wanting to get it done yourself. Don't stop eating gluten until the testing is done or it could affect the accuracy. Most doctors seem to recommend about two slices of bread per day for about two months ( if you were previously gluten-free or gluten light) before testing is done. It sounds like you need to re-address your thyroid treatment too. Many patents with poor thyroid function find they need their TSH to be close to a 1, and their free T3 and free T4 to be in the 50-75% range of your lab's normal reference range in order to feel well. T4 meds alone (Synthoid) isn't right for everyone either. I tried synthroid for quite a while before giving up on it - I just never felt well and it couldn't get my FT3 above the bottom quarter of my lab's normal range. I needed to switch to natural desiccated thyroid before I felt truly well. I don't know if it was just the extra T3 or if it was the T2, T1, T0, or calcitonin but it worked for me. It got my FT3 to 75% of the normal range, although it did drop my TSH to 0.01 ( appears hyper but I feel fine, and I have been hyper before. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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    I home schooled my youngest the last 2 1/2 years of high school. We pulled her out of school in the middle of 10th grade. Best decision we ever made.
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    jaundice would have the yellowing of the eyes. In Addison's there is a build up of Potassium. This causes the body to not store sodium. There is usually salt cravings involved. (ie this can be a craving for salty things like pickles, bacon, or just plain table salt. But who doesn't crave bacon!!?)
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    Gonna take more than that to get me upset but I don't want/need anyone giving any newbies or oldies any bad advice that could set them back and make them miserable.
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    Don't let a troll get you this upset.
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    I think with friends like that, who needs any damn enemies. And anyone that would suggest that is an idiot and has no idea what this is all about.
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    At the risk of being warned or even banned, I'm going to say that this has to be about one of the dumbest things that I've heard. Just because it's the wheat husk, it doesn't have any gluten?! That's like saying an orange rind doesn't have any vitamin C. All I can say is that if it works for you, go for it but I wouldn't be recommending it to a Celiac sufferer.
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    Wheat bran is not safe for celiacs, simple.
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    Crazy - I always considered that stuff in the "plastic cheese" category, and would never even consider buying it. But lately I have had a craving for plastic cheese! There is a burger joint locally that had the best tasting, greasy burgers with plastic cheese on them, and every once in a while I would stop there in the old days. Yesterday I wanted one (along with their greasy fries) for lunch. Of course I would never really do it, but I was dreaming! I can't have Cheese Wiz even though it's gluten-free because of the corn intolerance, so please, enjoy some for me!
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    Looks like you were never diagnosed with Celiac disease? Just having the genes does not mean you have Celiac. That might be why you can eat small amounts of wheat and get away with it. Even if the bran didn't have the protein Celiacs react to in it, the processing would certainly leave some.
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    It is NOT SAFE for those with Celiac or intolerances or allergies. That's great that it doesn't give you any ill effects but it isn't safe for most in this community. http://www.livestrong.com/article/404265-does-wheat-bran-contain-gluten/
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    it is gluten free...a processed gluten-free food.
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    RFJ, have you been eating gluten all along while taking Dapsone? You say it's impossible to eat gluten-free with your work schedule. How so? Do you realize that every time you eat gluten your villi are being damaged among other things? I'm not honking on you; I just want you to understand what you risk & maybe we can help you figure out how to eat gluten-free with your work schedule.
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    • If celiac disease is the cause of your reflux, it can take weeks, to months or a year for healing on a gluten free diet.    I have celiac disease but only was anemic when diagnosed.  Last year, I developed reflux for the first time.  Another endoscopy determined that I  had healed from celiac disease, but stomach biopsies revealed chronic autoimmune gastritis which slowly went into remission on its own after a many months.   I assume my Gastritis will flare up again in the future.   Unlike celiac disease where gluten is the trigger, the trigger for AI Gastritis is unknown.   To cope, I would sleep elevated and avoided eating late meals giving my stomach time to empty long before bedtime.  I also reduced coffee and ate a bland diet.  Reflux is awful.  I am so sorry that you are ill.  
    • Hi, how fast after starting with gluten free diet did you notice any improvement with heartburn or reflux? I am 4th day of diet and reflux seams to be worse than earlier. So I am a bit concerned. Please, help!!! Aya
    • OK good to know. Thanks for the tip
    • This is an old thread but I just need to get this out of my system! I am just so fed up with how every caregiver has been dealing with me case. My enzymes have been abnormal and my doc continuously asks me if I'm binge drinking - I literally haven't had a sip of alcohol in 2 years. Never been a heavy drinker.  She also tells me that all of my troubling neurological symptoms - sensory hypersensitivity, tinnitus, jaw/pain, headaches, fatigue, teeth grinding, nightmares, and EPILEPSY are "all in my head." ??? When my GI symptoms first started, she tried pushing acid reflux medications on me, even though Ive never dealt with heartburn. She was confused and aggressively asked, "Then what do you want!???"... um, to figure out the root of my issues? Some diagnostics? Gosh... When I told her my symptoms had decreased on a low gluten diet and I was interested in being tested for celiac, she asked me "why bother? if you're feeling better, just eat less gluten" - not understanding the value of a formal diagnosis.   I just wish I had some other disease that was more medically recognized and understood. Its so demeaning, and I try to see my doctors as little as possible now. I do my own research on PubMED and google scholar. And I don't even think I've had it the worst- I'm totally appalled by all of the crap I've read on this thread. Anyways, I'm done ranting.
    • Has your Dr mention Microscopic Colitis at all.  You mentioned taking PPI's.  I took them for over a year - 2 morning and 2 night.  I think that's how I ended up with Microscopic Colitis.  I don't think I have Celiac disease but do think I am very sensitive to gluten.  My GI dr. told me to eat whatever I want , but have learned from research, partly from microscopiccolitis.org that almost everyone with MC is sensitive to gluten and most to dairy and some to soy.  I know some on this site don't agree with some of what is said on that site, but they are really good people who want to help.  Just said all that to say, maybe you should ask your GI if you could have MC.  Hope you get it all figured out.  I know the frustration.  It can take over your life.
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