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    Went and bought frey wine..its very nice to have a glass without fear! Wish it wasnt so hard to find more..but ill take what I can get! #havefreywilltravel
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    I spent 2 weeks in the American south last month, and I had a terrible time too. Travel has historically been very much about eating for me, and having to manage frustration and anxiety every time we to went to eat was exhausting and depressing. +1 for fancier restaurants. It's not a practical solution for everyday, but if you can save up for a pricier place every few days, chances are they will be much more knowledgable and patient around your needs. Especially so over the phone if you call ahead to inquire. We kept safe meat, cheese and crackers for lunch times on the road and we got by ok. It was far from ideal, but at least it took away the frustration around mealtimes and let me enjoy the non-eating parts of the trip. Consider also looking for menus/menu items with dead-simple ingredient lists, essentially facilitating a whole foods diet. My one success with southern bbq was plain smoked chicken on a baked potato. Certainly was at risk for cc, but given the base ingredients, they would have had to go out of their way to put it near gluten-free ingredients. That was a memorably safe meal. Also, you might post a thread about an upcoming destination city on this forum. I did that for a few spots near the end of my trip and folks were most helpful with suggestions of places they visited.
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    Tonight is breakfast for supper. I'll slice off some ham, make eggs, hashbrowns and if I get ambitious there will be pancakes. If not, we'll be satisfied without. I finally managed to find a pair of Rainbow Dash gala dress sandals today, and on sale for $5! Now I have my shoes for my dress and I just have to make my dress for comic con in the spring. I'm disappointed I didn't get it done for the fall but I'm so excited about my shoes I almost bounced out of the store. I've got a second retail store interested in my heating pads to sell in their local stores and I'm applying this weekend to the local craft vendor store too. Life really couldn't be any better unless the tomatoes in my garden started to get ripe. Apparently that's an issue this summer for some people around here and not just me. At least I'm not alone and I know I didn't screw up. Hope the dog things works out. Dogs are loads of fun and I wish I could have one.
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    • Did the do the full panel? How long were you eating gluten, as you have to be eating it every day for about 8 weeks (6-12 depending on source of info) There are several blood test, and some celiac test negative on them but test positive on the biopsy via a endoscope.
      Post your results if you can, with ranges.

      Did they run scopes on both ends checking for other conditions, crohns, colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD, etc? 

      Could be many things, floating is just a sign that the fats in the stool are not breaking down completely more of a intolerance issue related to enzymes not breaking down foods OR foods passing through the system too fast and not breaking down.
    • I've been  getting  gluten intolerance/celiac   symptoms    and  I was so certain  it was  from gluten and  whenever I cut out gluten   I feel better . I  had my blood tested (I was eating  gluten at the  time)  and i just got  a  call that it come back clear ,today is  a bad  day  all around as I had been incredibly careful what I ate  but have had dirrahea  today .I cant seem to  go more than  3 days in a row   having normal stools then I'm back to  where I started.  I know this sounds stupid but I was hoping with everything  it came back positive as I'm absolutely terrified that its something more serious like cancer.  I'm 35 and  am pretty healthy (or so I thought  )  I'm not bloated all the time  my stomach is flat in the  morning  but it for sure  seems food that is causing the  issue  .I don't  really eat dairy . It may be worth knowing that both my grandma and mother  suffer with occasional  "poop problems" such as dirrehea  , Could  we all have the same illness that hasn't been diagnosed? Can people suffer from loose bowels with no real cause ? My  poop sometimes floats  I've read that can be  due to an intolerance  but I just don't know what  😕 I'm not really sure why I'm posting here giving the fact my test come back negative but I'm absolutely beside myself over what else it could be  . Any advice ,suggestions or guidance will be very much appreciated 
    • Glad you took it the right way :), sometimes the internet makes tone hard to convey. I think it is tough because people with other medical dietary restrictions (eg. anaphylactic peanut/nut allergies) tend to be able to eat out pretty normally. I know many people with such nut allergies, and honestly some of them don't even mention it at restaurants/catered events (not something I would recommend - just reporting what I've seen). I think this sets a precedent in the mind of many newly diagnosed celiacs, as well as the general public about the ability of restaurants to deal with allergies/celiac. I think the thing that is forgotten is that peanuts are not used in the same way that wheat is, making it a lot easier to minimize risk of CC in most types of restaurants. That, and because awareness of peanut allergies has been "a thing" for ~25 years, there is a lot less superfluous use of peanuts/nuts in foods. When I was a little kid, you'd find bowls of peanuts at the bar, but that is not a thing now. Hopefully celiacs will get to the level of being automatically thought of in food/restaurant situations, but today is not that day.
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