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    Every 2 years or sooner if symptoms present and they will have to do a gluten challenge for the testing if they have been eating gluten free.
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    If it were me I would accept the original doctor's diagnosis. If he says you have celiac you have an official diagnosis. It will be in your health records so if you ever need to go to the hospital or whatever, they will have to give you gluten-free food. (Although I have heard from some folks here that they don't anyway. ) And even if it ISN'T celiac and is "just" NCGS, you still need to be just as strict. You can get neurological damage from NCGS if you continue to eat gluten. And also, you should get your kids tested, and your parents and siblings. All first degree relatives of a celiac should be tested every two years because it runs in families.
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    I've been trying to manage things on my own for a while, but sometimes I feel like giving doctors another try. I felt great and the intestinal problems stopped when I first went gluten-free 6 years ago, but symptoms returned after 2years. Can't seem to get the problem figured out on my own. Has anyone had success with a similar problem with help from a good doctor in my area? I don't mind traveling a bit. I know the University of Maryland has a good clinic. My insurance is for in state.