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    We found a great GI doc and saw her yesterday. She said my daughter's total IgA of 49 should be high enough for the...
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    This is obviously just a publicity release from General Mills and picked up by the newspapers. The Canadian Celiac organization...
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    I think you're smart to go for a 2nd opinion. Thanks for letting us know what happened. We really do pay attention...
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    For those of you that are curious of the outcome of all this, my daughter's genetic test came back positive for DQ2 gene...
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    Then there is no point in you keeping that doctor appointment & getting the serum celiac panel.
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    Heck no! I'll keep going and see what happens. If I do have celiac disease, what's the "solution"? Don't eat gluten....
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    Thank you all for your thoughts and assistance. I'm more hopeful knowing there are supportive people out here!
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    Having only one positive (DGP Iga and I was not even IGA deficient, but the opposite high out of range) on the celiac...
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    I feel really sad that your family are not supporting you or your health. Accidentally ingesting gluten can make you...