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    My best guess is to say that celiac symptoms are never consistent based on my own personal experiences. It is often why I have had to ask my GI to check my antibodies to rule out a glutening. It is a reason why doctors have a hard time identifying and diagnosing celiac disease. So many symptoms and they often overlap with other illnesses.
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    Hello, I think the problem might be your dairy consumption, Ysali. Celiac Disease results in damaged villi in the small intestine. The damaged villi can't absorb nutrients well, and they can't produce digestive enzymes that break down the sugars in milk. Taking lactose pills may help break down the milk sugars a little, but the protein in dairy products, casein, can elicit a reaction just as if you've eaten gluten. You may want to consider going dairy free for several months in order to give your body time to heal. You may be able to reintroduce dairy after you've healed more. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17302893 Celiac Disease causes malabsorption which results in malnutrition. Damaged intestines can't absorb nutrients. One frequently deficient vitamins is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is extremely important in regulating inflammation in the body. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4070857/ Your doctor may prescribe D 2 (synthetic) if you're low, but D 3 is the most bioavailable form. Other vitamins that help with inflammation are discussed in this article. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-18353/9-inflammation-fighting-vitamins-minerals-and-where-you-can-get-em.html B vitamins are very important. They all work together, so if you're low on one, supplementing them all would ensure proper functionality of each. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26828517 I hope this helps us all on our journey towards health.
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    Plumbago has good advice. Several years ago I purchased an articulating bed for back problems and the reflux seems to have benefited from it as well. I have difficulty with not eating for 3 hours before bed. I typically get terribly hungry right before bed and can't sleep if I get in the sack that way. And I know losing about 30 lbs. wold help the GERD and other things as well. I often wonder if malabsorption of nutrients from Celiac disease increases our appetites. There seems to be a growing body of evidence that going gluten-free for many Celiacs doesn't arrest the SB inflammation as was previously assumed so that substantial recovery of the villi doesn't happen. At one point I considered the GERD lap surgery but the potential side effects scared me enough I just concluded that since the PPI worked so well I would just stay with that. Though as we all know, ongoing PPI use has significant long term risks as well.
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    Hiatal hernia is definitely a risk factor for GERD, and the gastro who did my scopes said that more people than not after a certain age have hiatal hernias. You're right that an "incompetent" lower esophageal sphincter is a primary etiological factor. And the factors affecting LES pressure include alcohol, certain drugs like anticholinergics, fatty foods, chocolate, nicotine, peppermint, tea, coffee. Other risk factors are obesity, as intraabdominal pressure is increased, cigarette and cigar smoking. So, obviously, avoid things that will decrease the pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter, including the above but also eat small frequent meals to avoid gastric distention, do not lie down 2-3 hours after eating, and don’t eat w/in 3 hours bedtime. People with GERD can sleep with the head of the bed elevated on 4-8” blocks to foster esophageal emptying. This is from Medscape: "In the upright position, the major stimulus for transient LES relaxation is gastric distention after a meal. This accounts for the increased amount of physiologic reflux after eating, especially following the large evening meal. Thus, a reduction of meal size alone has the potential to be of benefit in the management of GERD. If this meal can be low in fat and high in protein, then this will further augment LES pressure and decrease the amount of acid reflux. Eating a large meal immediately before retiring should be discouraged, as this increases gastric volume, promoting gastroesophageal reflux with associated poor nocturnal acid clearance. I suggest to my patients that they can have a healthy evening meal, but eat or drink nothing but water for 3-4 hours before going to bed." Plumbago
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    I had stomach pain for years at first even on an elimination diet. I had a dry gastritis not acid. Found drnking ginger tea after each meal stopped the pain but was also careful with my portions. All better now but it took 6 years. Wedderspoon makes a manuka honey ginger lozenge i use now once in a while. Hang in there. I found a food diary helped make some sense of the sensitivites i was having.
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    I have acid reflux, eat gluten free but I still must take PPIs regularly. If I try to go off them I start getting heartburn within two days. The old esophageal sphincter just doesn't seal like it used to. There may have been nerve and muscle damage to the sphincter from all those years of heartburn. Plus, I have a hiatal hernia. I've got some naturopathic stuff ordered that is supposed to help with heartburn. We'll see.
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    BTW, it's been over two years since I've been on here and I am doing MUCH, much better! Even slow progress is progress nevertheless. To all you newbies, may you champion self-care and HANG IN THERE
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    I just called - it is gluten-free!!! I was curious myself... Edited to add - that I also have never heard of any tonic or soda waters that contain gluten tonic is only quinine (sp?), carbonated water and sugar and soda water is just carbonated water and sodium you can get seltzer which is just like soda water, but without the sodium
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    I can't remember the name of potato vodkas. Smirnoff is made from corn. Don't know of any club sodas or tonic waters that have gluten. Seems to me Rose's was NOT gluten-free a couple of years ago but haven't heard recently. richard
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    • And he needs to be super strict in his gluten free diet! SUPER strict, not just low gluten. No cross contamination, NONE.  I am so sorry, there are no short cuts with the testing. It flat out sucks but there you have it.  Welcome to the forum!
    • Hi TDZ, My understanding is the same, a full gluten challenge is needed for the DH diagnosis.  The method the use for DH is to take a skin biopsy from next to a lesion, not on it.  They check the biopsy for IgA antibodies. I don't know of any way to shortcut the process and avoid eating gluten to get tested.  There may be a test some  day that doesn't require it, but for now I don't think there are any out there. One thing he might not have tried is avoiding iodine.  Some of the members with DH find iodine makes the rashes worse / longer lasting.  He'd need to look up iodine containing foods and avoid them. I suggest talking to the doctor and asking for a dapsone RX.  He may as well try it since it might help  Dapsone is a temporary treatment though and not a long term solution. Welcome to the forum!
    • Hello, new here and new to the whole thing! My husband has been battling this rash and assorted digestive issues for years. He was diagnosed with contact dermatitis by the dermatologist, had some steroid injections and various creams over the last couple of years, and then in November he went to the ER and they said eczema and gave him steroid pills. This was after a huge bloom that pretty much hit him from head to toe, where it had been mostly arms and legs before. He finally concluded he was having problems with gluten and dairy, and made an effort to drop those from his diet. It wasn't perfect, but we got him mostly gluten-free and dairy-free.  Then he finally went in to the doctor for a food allergy test. Celiac came back negative (although a pretty high negative, over a hundred points higher than my own and I'm not allergic to anything), and the food allergy panel came back with everything lit up except the fish -- and "highly allergic" on wheat and cow's milk, along with a high "moderate" on shellfish. All the nuts, all the proteins, everything.  However, when I started looking at the celiac test yesterday, I realized it says a gluten-free or low-gluten diet will normalize it -- and he'd been mostly gluten-free for at least a couple of months. So I started digging, and suddenly came up with this DH thing. I cannot imagine why we've never run across it before, because we've googled everything to do with rashes that anyone could imagine, over the last year or so. But lo and behold, there it is -- everything about it is exactly what he has. You all sound just like him, with the cold water and the ice packs and every other thing that everybody is doing to try and stop the itching.  Now the problem is how to get the diagnosis -- I'm assuming it takes a diagnosis to get the Dapsone prescribed, and he would apparently have to go back on gluten for two or three months to get the skin biopsy test to come up positive, which he REALLY doesn't want to do, because it has been getting better with this experimenting. Still a lot of infuriating bits that aren't going away and keep flaring up, but he doesn't want to blow up again and have to start over. I work in the doctor's office, and I did put a note through to the doctor to ask him to look into it, but that's always risky because doctors don't like when patients say, "Hey, I did your job for you, here's what we want." But there's a chance he might be willing to try the Dapsone, and it appears that we'd know pretty quickly if it was working.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to mining this place for tips and advice in figuring out where we go from here and how to accomplish it. Sorry you're all suffering from this hideous thing, but thanks for being here!
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