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    Thanks, cyclinglady. I have read your story on here. I went gluten free immediately on the advice of my youngest son's allergist too. Honestly though, I think if I relied on testing, and it all came back negative (which I suspect it would...
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    Also, be aware that you could have gluten in your diet for the required length of time, at it could still come back negative. From your perspective, that should mean nothing. Unfortunately, from the perspective of many in the medical community...
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    @healthysquirrel @Elliottohonedhome This was just published on celiac.com today, but this little girl was very ill. The gluten-free Diet was not helping. Turns out living where wheat is being farmed (Kansas) was the culprit...
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    Symptoms for many illnesses often overlap. So, it is impossible to guess what might be your issue. You can rule out celiac disease by getting tested. Ask your doctor. In the meantime, keep eating gluten or all the celiac disease tests...