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    Different protein, it does not trigger celiac disease. Corn Gluten is different than wheat, barley, rye gluten, the amino acids composing wheat, barley and rye are very similar (oats are close), but corn and rice gluten has a different structure. Some people also have issues with it but the gut and autoimmune damage is not present. IE I got an allergy to the corn protein, but that is different them a celiac reaction that attacks my organs, many get food intolerances or sensitivities and corn is a semi-common one.
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    For those just starting out, please see this article: And this post, which is rather old, but mostly still useful:
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    your friend should definitely see a doctor. period. that amount of pain = he/she needs to rule out things that others have suggested. diverticulosis <sp) is the 'diverts' that exist and will get seeds and stuff stuck in the holes then get infected. my brother has this and the doctor gives antibiotics (which wrecks his gut flora)- less, though, since he was diagnosed with celiac and adheres strictly to gluten-free diet. so, they should check that, as well... funny thing - i had been having the exact thing happening every now and again. the last time my husband was home and he rushed me to the e.r. (i was crying bc pain was so bad. i don't cry. he knows this.) they did bloodwork and a c.t. scan - everything ok. sent me home with a pocket full of scripts and i followed up with my g.i. doc. he said either i got glutened OR i had an intestinal spasm. made sense to me - i was nauseas and puking, nothing could move, i couldn't even keep water down!) one of those magical drugs (i don't take the others he gave me - don't need 'em) was called dicyclomine - it's an anti-spasmodic. at the first sign of it, i try to drink a ton of water and sometimes i can get it to move along. but, i have the dicyclomine that i will take and it works like a charm, just makes me really sleepy and my day will be spent close to the bed and bath (not beyond <haha see what i did there ask your friend if, after these episodes, their stool looks bright yellow (like you could see it from outer space) bc my g.i. doc told me that your body will try to make soft stool to try to move things past the spasm. definitely they should go to the doc to rule out other potential separate problems, but this is something i really never heard of and it helps not to panic when i know what to do about it. i hope they get some relief. you are a good friend. everybody forgets but i'll quote dr. fasano: "your digestive system is a VITAL ORGAN." and if ya had a heart attack, ya wouldn't put off prioritizing the problem. it's the same with your guts. you need them!! every. day. good luck
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    I am sorry that you are still not well. The good news is that you have healed on the gluten-free diet. It sounds like you may have had a gluten exposure or you could be developing another autoimmune disorder. The most common thing would be a gluten exposure. I can tell you that just having one positive on the celiac panel means something. Do not discount it. You do not need a positive for every test on the celiac panel. I test positive (with gluten) only to the DGP IgA even in followup tests. I have never had a positive TTG or EMA and I have two other autoimmune disorders and am biopsy confirmed. What to do now? Consider trialing the Fasano diet for a few months. It is strict. No processed foods. Only rice is allowed. No canned or frozen veggies or fruit, etc. No eating out! If your symptoms dissipate, then you know gluten was probably the cause of your elevated TTG IgA. If symptoms do not improve, your GI and you should rule out SIBO, UC, Crohn’s, etc. I trialed this diet a while back. It did not work. A repeat endoscopy showed healed villi, but that I had autoimmune Gastritis (unfortunately, the gluten-free diet does not help it). https://res.mdpi.com/nutrients/nutrients-09-01129/article_deploy/nutrients-09-01129.pdf?filename=&attachment=1
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    • Thanks Posterboy, that was interesting information.  I believe that I had read something elsewhere about tetracycline, at least, being used instead of, or along with, Dapsone for severe or refractory cases of DH. Unfortunately, even if I had medical insurance (which I do not), and had a regular doctor who was even willing to recognize and accept my condition for what it is, I don't know what kind of luck I would have in persuading that hypothetical doctor to give me a particular and non-standard treatment for the DH.  Thankfully, due to the (conventional) gluten-free diet I've been on for the last almost 14 months, I have had significant improvement with the DH that to that point had only been getting worse with each passing year .  And now being on the Fasano Elimination  Diet for the next few months, I remain quite hopeful that I will see a complete or near-complete remission of my symptoms by the end of this year, if not sooner.  I am just enormously thankful that I was finally able to figure out, on my own (and after a great deal of research), just what my slowly-worsening condition actually is.  I have very little expectation that had I gone the traditional, medical-industry route, and tried to get a diagnosis and treatment from doctors, I would now just be thousands of dollars lighter, vastly frustrated and depressed, and much itchier and rashier than ever, after having been told that I have scabies, or bedbug bites, or "atopic dermatitis", or any number of other incorrect and snap diagnoses from medical practitioners who really don't give a damn or can't be bothered to consider every angle or every possibility.  I've already been down that road, twice, in my much-younger days, and to say that I little respect for most doctors is a significant understatement. My one big fear now is that, in the future, should I ever have to be admitted to a hospital, or become unable to cook and care for myself, I will be utterly unable to convince the functionaries and staff who will be responsible for providing my food that I DO suffer from the condition which I do (Celiac disease with dermatitis herpetiformis), and will be refused the necessary strictly gluten-free diet that my health and sanity demands.  I'm not sure what I'd do in such a case.
    • Healthysquirrel,  Please have your doctor check your Vitamin D level!   Vitamin D deficiency is related to vertigo https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27386060 Vitamin D can help with high IgE https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5263170/ Low vitamin D and low ferritin are tied https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29385099 Dry eye problems including blepharitis can be helped with vitamin d and vitamin a https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4726745/ And chronic pain can be helped by vitamin D https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3319727/ Vitamin D is needed for repair of plantar fasciitis I used to suffer from all these things, too.  I was found to have terribly deficient vitamin D level.  I've supplemented and keep my vitamin D level above 70 nmol/l.  Vitamin D is a fat based vitamin which may not be absorbed properly by people with Celiac Disease.    Hope this helps!  
    • He's still going to have to eat gluten even for an endoscopic biopsy. 2 weeks minimum. Plus guidelines say no dx on an endoscopic biopsy alone - you have to have the positive blood to go with it. Even that 2 weeks will deposit more antibodies under his skin if he's got dh.  Let me put it this way. The gut damage is the gut damage & if he's celiac & it sounds like he is but we don't have labs to prove it, then there is a treatment for it. Only 1 treatment for it. A very strict gluten free diet. Period. No one is going to give him any special meds to heal his gut --- they don't exist or we'd all be on them.  Unless your hubby is willing to do all the gluten challenges then my advice would be to go absolutely, pristinely gluten free and I mean be rabid about it. No eating out, no eating at other people's houses unless he's brought his own food. No exceptions! I don't care if your daughter made it. Friends & relatives mean well but they do not know all the rules & it's super easy to screw up w/o knowing it. Take ZERO chances. DH is ultra sensitive to the tiniest amount of gluten. If you haven't already, then I would highly suggest you take the household gluten free. That will keep him safest. 
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